The 41 U.S. Airport Lounges You Can Get Into With Your Priority Pass Card

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Priority Pass is a card that gets you into lounges around the world. You don’t have to belong to an individual lounge program, this program works to have lounges in most of the places you go.

They used to have United lounges as part of their network, and Chase had exclusivity giving access to United lounges for credit card holders so they developed Priority Pass ‘Select’ which offered their network but excluded those lounges, and that’s the product which gets bundled with credit cards. United’s clubs are no longer part of Priority Pass, so there’s no longer a meaningful difference between Priority Pass and Priority Pass Select.

If you bought a Priority Pass membership directly, the normal price of unlimited lounge visits (but no free guests) is $399.

I have Priority Pass Select cards from several different credit cards, I actually write on the back of the card which credit card it came with because each offers different privileges.

  • American Express offers a Priority Pass with the Hilton Surpass card, but this doesn’t get you any free visits.

  • Platinum Card by American Express gets you unlimited free visits, but no free guests.

  • Citi Prestige gets you unlimited free visits, and two free guests.

  • Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card comes with unlimited free visits and free guests.

  • The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card comes with unlimited free visits and free guests.

There are over 900 lounges you get access to. You have lounge access in Baku. You have access to 7 lounges in Bangkok and 11 lounges in Singapore. There are lounges all over China and South America. There’s no airline-operated lounge in Barbados, but there’s a Priority Pass lounge. There are 5 lounges in Barcelona.

That makes it easy to think of Priority Pass as being ‘Alaska Airlines lounges and international lounges’ but there are actually more than 40 lounges in the U.S. which is more than any airline operates for their members.

Here are the lounges in the U.S. you can access as of this writing:

Airport   Lounge   Located In/Near
Anchorage Alaska Airlines Boardroom Gate C1
Atlanta The Club Concourse F
Baltimore Chesapeake Club Lounge Int’l Terminal
Boston The Lounge Gate C19
Boston Air France Lounge Gate E4
Chicago O’Hare Air France Lounge Gate M7
Chicago O’Hare Swiss Lounge Gate M7
Cincinnati The Club Gate A8
Colorado Springs Premier Lounge Gate A6
Dallas Fort-Worth The Club Gate D22
Honolulu IASS Hawaii Lounge Garden Court
Houston Intercontinental Air France Lounge Gate D12
Houston Intercontinental KLM Lounge Gate D8
Las Vegas The Club Gate D16
Las Vegas The Club Gate E2
Los Angeles Air Canada Lounge Gate 24
Los Angeles Virgin America Loft Terminal 3 Food Court
Los Angeles Alaska Airlines Boardroom Gate 64
Los Angeles Korean Air Lounge Tom Bradley Terminal
Miami Club America Concourse F
Miami Avianca Lounge Gate J4
Miami VIP Lounge Miami Gate J5
Minneapolis Escape Lounge Terminal 1
Newark Art & Lounge Terminal B Landside
New York JFK Air France Lounge Terminal 1 Gate 1
New York JFK Korean Air Lounge Terminal 1 Gate 3
New York JFK Wingtips Lounge Terminal 4 Past Security
New York LGA Air Canada Lounge Central Terminal Landside
Orlando MCO The Club Gate 91
Orlando Sanford Royal Palm Lounge International Departures
Phoenix The Club End of N4 Concourse
Portland Alaska Airlines Boardroom Gate C5
San Francisco Air France Lounge Concourse A
San Jose The Club Gate 15
San Juan Avianca Lounge Airside Entrance of Terminal B-D
Seattle The Club Gate A11
Seattle Alaska Airlines Boardroom Gate D1
Seattle Alaska Airlines Boardroom Gate N1 and N2
Seattle The Club Gate S9
Washington Dulles Air France Lounge Gate A22
Washington Dulles British Airways Lounge Concourse B Entrance
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  1. I tend to gravitate towards SkyClub or Centurion Lounges, when given an option, simply out of convenience (terminal I’m leaving from has one or the other). That said, I love that The Club a decent Scotch, even though their WiFi leaves a lot to be desired (in Boston and Atlanta, anyway – I haven’t visited the others, yet!). Their app is also nice, though the digital card doesn’t always work. Always worth having your physical card with you when you travel!

  2. Hello Gary, believe you’re the first one saying Ritz card also has unlimited guests. Can’t find this on the welcome kit or online…is it confirmed? Thanks!

  3. @Hans I did not say there’s UNLIMITED guests, I said there are unlimited visits and there are also free guests. I don’t want to say unlimited even for Sapphire Reserve, because individual lounges may limit guests. Yesterday I saw the Points Guy blog suggest that the Ritz-Carlton Visa’s Priority Pass benefit appeared to be the same as Sapphire Reserve. But again I suggested unlimited visits and also free guests, I do not mean to suggest unlimited free guests.

  4. Gary – your readers show know that some of these US-based clubs severely limit hours when PP holders can gain access. For example, the BA lounge at IAD does not permit any PP holders after 2:00 p.m. which is probably when they start getting busy with their own customers due to the afternoon and early evening departure times of most international flights.

  5. Hi Gary – something I thought would be helpful and hoped this post would do was describe what you feel are some of the better lounges here in the US that this program gives access to.

    Any real nice ones here?


  6. I was about to post similar to postnobills. I’d love to see this list updated with an asterisk indicating which clubs have limited access hours.

    As far as the difference between the cards, I have the Citi Prestige now and expect to get the Chase Reserve later this year. Both promise access for myself and a guest. Is there any reason to carry one vs the other, or to carry both? When clubs limit guest access due to capacity, is one card better than the other?

  7. The Priority Pass app includes the restrictions for each individual lounge, including the allowed staying time.

    Regarding postnobills post about Washington’s BA lounge, the app says “Cardholders will not be admitted to the lounge outside these hours” so I guess the app it’s pretty accurate.

  8. The Alaska Airlines lounges get crowded but are generally nice. The Air France lounges have nice design, and champagne. I much like the KLM lounge in Houston. The Club lounges are weak but do have booze. Air Canada lounges are a notch above their US counterparts. The Miami lounges are weak…

    Now, everyone has a different view of what lounges are worth spending time in. I don’t go out of my way to spend time in Centurion lounges, for instance, though I like them and think they do a nice job. So there aren’t any of these lounges I get excited to get to the airport early for! But they’re great to have when you’re in the airport, and some are nicer than what you’ll get from US airline lounges generally.

  9. I’ve been to nine of the lounges on this list. The one to avoid is the ASS Hawaii Lounge. It is the worst lounge I have ever been in. Dated decor. No food. No alcohol. And very limited drinks otherwise.

  10. The Escape Lounge in Minneapolis seemed fairly new when I was there, and was very nice (especially for a domestic lounge). I’ve visited many of these lounges and would put it near the top of this list in terms of experience…

  11. The problem with this list is that half of the US lounges can’t even be accessed on domestic itineraries.

    ORD comes to mind – the two lounges are in the INTL terminal, T5, and you won’t be able to get in there unless you are flying INTL. JFK comes to mind as well, and LAX to an extent (albeit TBIT is now connected).

    What I would rather like to see is a list of lounges that can be accessed when only traveling domestically (that would be, what airports are reachable airside no matter what airline you’re flying on).

  12. The Royal Palm Lounge in Orlando is at SFB Sanford International, not MCO. They do allow domestic passengers as well, not sure always though.

  13. I just got the Ritz Carlton card (yes I used your link!)

    I actually work for airport and have access to these lounge areas even when I’m not travelling. Can I pop in even when I’m not flying? I’m not planning on moving in…just curious about whether I can stop by on occasion.


  14. @Mimi Priority Pass lounges generally only take your card, not your boarding pass, but they can impose lounge-specific access requirements. Without knowing the airport you work at, the answer is likely yes — though of course I also don’t know if your employer has any sort of rule against it!

  15. I work at LAS so have access to 2 clubs here. Do you just show your RC card or must you obtain their membership card somehow?

    I don’t believe my employer would have an issueit as long as I do it I my own time. It’s not a conflict of interest since it was not give to me by the club.

    The RC card sxperience has been great so far. The welcome “tome” is impressive!

  16. The Club in Orlando is quite good for a USA airport lounge. It’s in the DL terminal, but you can also access it from the WN gates — which I did. Having a nice lounge before a WN flight feels so wrong — but is so right!

  17. It frustrates me to no end that there with my Amex Platinum card I get access to pretty much zero lounges now in Philly. No PP lounge here (even though it’s a major international airport and hub for several carriers), Amex dropped Admiral’s Club access, and I– like most PHL fliers– rarely fly Delta. Annoying, and with Citi Prestige dropping AA lounges too next year, not many good options left for lounge access on premium travel benefits card…

  18. We,have been to many of these lounges. We agree, Honolulu IASS lounge is terrible. Long walk to find, no food or alcohol . Basically cans of soda or water dispenser. They hover over you and make sure you do not leave with side in hand.. Does not even have restrooms. Must exit and go quite a way to common restroom on the garden level. Used Internet and then left.

  19. Watch out with the JFK Wingtips lounge. Have tried to use it twice when at JFK and both times they claimed the lounge was “at capacity” and wouldn’t let me in.

  20. The best Lounge is the Turkish Airlines Business class lounge at Istanbul airport in Turkey.
    Even Royal Air Maroc’s business class lounge at Casablanca, Morocco Airport is way better than any of the US lounges with their unlimited drink, food, fruit, desert and appetizer options. The bring your drink and coffee order to your seat. The Singapore has a nice First Class lounge in Singapore as well.

  21. The best Lounge is the Turkish Airlines Business class lounge at Istanbul airport in Turkey.
    Even Royal Air Maroc’s business class lounge at Casablanca, Morocco Airport is way better than any of the US lounges with their unlimited drink, food, fruit, desert and appetizer options. The bring your drink and coffee order to your seat. The Singapore has a nice First Class lounge in Singapore as well.

  22. Hi Gary- Any advice when departing out of Newark NJ? Almost all flights are terminal C and as I understand it, Platinum AMEX does not have access to the United Lounge. Will my priority pass gain me access?

  23. Perhaps there should be a contest for worst Priority Pass Lounge in the world. My vote would go to the lounge at GPS, which is the Santa Cruz Island airport in the Galapagos. WiFi is dial-up speed terrible, seating simply regular airport boarding area seats and they charge for Cokes. About the only things you get for free there are candy, terrible little white bread sandwiches and water (but not bottled water–you pay for that). Anyone who would pay $27 to go into that lounge would have to be nuts.

  24. My wife and I fly between Boston and West Palm Beach at least 6 times yearly. We have a Platinum AMEX PP membership. The Boston PP Club is just great for delays on that end, but there is no club in West Palm. Are there any plans to open one at that airport?

  25. I’m very disappointed. I purchased my pass last December and haven’t been able to use it once! It seems the lounge is either already covered by traveling Business class, or there isn’t a lounge available. We are leaving for a cruise next week out of Ft Lauderdale and I thought I could use it then. Nope! Although there are lounges there, not with Priority Pass! Guess I’ll pass on this when it’s time to renew.

  26. I fly out of Dallas fairly often and every single time have tried to use the Priorty Pass there over the last three years. And every time they have refused entry saying that Priorty Pass access is no longer valid. I’ve called customer service repeatedly on this and they maintain access is valid. The folks in the lounge continue to refuse access.

    Has anyone successfully used the lounge in Dallas?

  27. I used my Priority Pass in Dallas in early February. While the lounge wasn’t great, it was accepted at The Club at DFW.

  28. I don’t understand what it’s worth even having a platinum card anymore. I have spent over 2 million dollars on my card and it’s simply worthless.

    These airports don’t have much opportunity for any domestic flights

    Highly disappointed in Amex Platinum Benifits for travelers.

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