7000 Amex Points from Amazon Plus 20,000 Points for Authorized Cardmembers

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American Express has new offers and old providing big Membership Rewards bonuses — points worth more to you than they’ll cost.

Some months ago there was talk of a 2000 point offer for $50 in Amazon spend from American Express with cards that earn Membership Rewards points. However that offer wasn’t available on my account. It is now. It’s always worth checking back.

To me this is like a 72% rebate on $50 in Amazon spend, and most importantly it’s spend I do anyway.

And there’s a new Amex Offer of 5000 Membership Rewards points for Amazon Prime. (HT: Heels First Travel)

The offer says it’s valid through March 2 — but the terms and conditions actually say it ends January 31 — oops. Unfortunately my current Prime membership recently renewed so I won’t actually use this. For those that will it’s a big rebate, I value Membership Rewards points at 1.8 cents apiece making this a 90% rebate on one year of Prime.

  • American Express wants Prime members, it locks customers into future purchases. Certainly this isn’t being funded exclusively by Amex.

  • American Express wants cardmembers using their cards at Amazon, the bet is that cardmembers ‘set it and forget it’ and keep using their Amex as the default card for Prime and ongoing purchases.

By the way I also received a targeted offer of 5000 Membership Rewards points per authorized user I add to my Platinum Card by American Express up to 20,000 points total. Others reported receiving this offer about two months ago. I always at least scan marketing emails.

Log in here to see if your account is eligible.

Since you can add up to 3 authorized users for $175, and my wife is already an authorized user, I need to find two more people for 5000 points each at no additional fee. (After that each additional card is $175.)

Authorized users get access to American Express Centurion lounges plus two guests, access to Delta lounges when flying the airline same day, and Priority Pass membership with two guests. The TSA or Global Entry credit is available to authorized users. And so is Starwood Gold (matches to Marriott Gold, so club lounge access or breakfast), Hilton Gold, and National Car Rental Executive status.

The bet of course is that authorized cardmembers mean more spend, not just use of benefits, and that authorized cardmembers on a Platinum card could mean much better spend than on lesser cards.

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  1. I added 4 AU to my platinum but added gold cards so they were free. The nice thing is that all of them get the $100 Global entry rebate and we already used two of them and receieved the credit, they also earn the same 5MR same as the platinum

  2. So- it barely approaches .$.02 per point …. and I can’t find int’l biz class with MR points, in advance, on any of the participating MR programs, to someplace I actually want to go (negating the ME3) …. on a card that is decreasingly useful if you travel with companions …. and increasing in cost ….

    Meanwhile, I am guaranteed net effective $.02 on my Cap 1 Spark card, and domestic first class is cheaper than ever ?

    Ah, I’ll pass on this offer. We’ve really deemphasized this card in our portfolio. Cutting the 50% bonus on first class with points to 33% broke the camel’s back.

    And as a local retailer, working twice as hard to provide service AND value and earn your business … “most importantly it’s (Amazon) spend I do anyway” …. BOOOOOOOO.

  3. Your site rocks. Had I not read this posting today, I would be out the 5,000 points because my auto bill for Prime comes up in a few days. This is why I read your post. Thanks!

  4. As usual I never get any of the good offers…but I got the costume offers and all the useless stuff

  5. @Gary, in recognition of all the benefits reading View from the Wing has brought to my travel life, I would be happy to allow you to add me as an authorized user on your AMEX platinum card.

  6. @Gary

    Check the fine print, additional Gold cards (free) count for the promo as well. So, in your case, add two more Plat and two more Gold to max the bonus!

  7. Thank you, Gary! Same as Paul above, my Prime renews this week! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

  8. The 5,000 MR points bonus has a condition of “Spend $99+” ….I just looked at my amazon prime account and saw that the annual fee for amazon prime is exactly $99 (not $99+). Are we complying with the spend requirement of “$99+” with our $99 annual fee ?

  9. For all these Amex offers lately, does it matter which Amex you have? Or can you get these offers from any Amex?

  10. I just chatted with an AmEx CSR to complain that the expiration date of 3/2/18 listed in the heading of the deal is misleading when the offer terms state it’s 1/31/18. He said, “As per the offer you need to enroll your card by 01/31/2018…and then you can make the charges by 03/02/2018”.

    To press the point, I told him I had already enrolled my card and asked if I renewed my Prime membership on 2/24/18 and the charge posted before 3/2/18, would I be eligible for the 5K points. He said yes. We shall see…

  11. Also chatted with someone today who confirmed we have until 3/2. Mine renews in February, so good news.

  12. @Gary, Do I HAVE TO GO through the “Redeem” button on the AMEX page to do this AND get the points?

    OR, Can I just “set it as th4e card on the AMZN page and it works automatically? (I renew auto next month)

    I ask because I have had the devil’s own time with the Home Depot.com offer where even though I buy online and select Pick up at store, AMEX sees this as a purchase at the store and doesn’t automatically cough up the extra point, so I’ve had to fight.

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