American Express Introduces New Benefits For Platinum, Green, Hilton, Marriott and Delta Cards

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American Express is rolling out new benefits that start today, and in most cases run through end of year, for a variety of their card products. Mostly these are new statement credits which – if used – really make keeping their cards worthwhile. They also help lock you into keeping these cards as well if you use them for recurring payments (since it becomes higher cost to cancel, since that would require changing those payments).

American Express Platinum: May 1 through December 31, 2020.

  • $20/month streaming service credit
  • $20/month wireless phone service credit

American Express Business Platinum: May 1 through December 31, 2020.

  • $20/month shipping service credit
  • $20/month wireless phone service credit
  • Additional $200 in Dell statement credits: $100 in additional statement credits May 1 – June 30, 2020 and $100 in additional statement credits July 1 – December 31, 2020

American Express Green Card: May 1 through December 31, 2020.

  • $10/month wireless phone service credit

Delta Consumer Cards: May 1 – July 31, 2020.

  • 4x miles at U.S. supermarkets

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant: Dates vary.

  • $300 Marriott statement credit can be used for purchases at US restaurants (including takeout and delivery) June 1 – August 31, 2020
  • This is on top of earning 6x on U.S. supermarket spend (up to $7500) that was announced yesterday.

Hilton Aspire: Dates vary.

  • 12x points per dollar at U.S. supermarkets at U.S. supermarkets (May 1 – July 31)
  • U.S. restaurant spend counts towards $250 Hilton resort credit (June 1 – August 31)

Hilton Surpass: May 1 – July 31, 2020

  • 12x points per dollar at U.S. supermarkets at U.S. supermarkets

In addition Hilton credit card bonus points on eligible purchases count as base points for elite status and lifetime Diamond.

However it’s notable that there’s nothing added for Amex Gold or Business Gold cardmembers or Hilton or Delta business cardmembers. Perhaps they’re less inclined to encourage more spend on all but the most premium business card accounts, given current small business default risk.

Ultimately the Business Platinum perks are richest, followed by personal Platinum, though both are big enough where it clearly makes sense to keep the products I think.

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  1. @ Gary — I applaud AMEX for trying but this wont change our planned card closures. It is shocking that we spend $379 per MONTH on our credit card fees (for 2). Most of that goes to AMEX because of their decent Delta Reserve (great for MQMs and First Class BOGO) and amazing Hitlon Aspire products. Their own cards (Plat, Gold, and Green) are a ripoff after you pocket the opening bonus.

  2. Gary does this mean $400 total credits toward Dell on AMEX business platinum this year?

  3. Does this mean we will be less likely to get a retention offer if we call when our annual fee is due?

  4. is this automatic ? I do not see any place on to enroll or anything, in fact it is not mentioned on either my plat or hilton card in the benefits area.

  5. Expansion of credits to restaurants for Hilton and Marriott is huge (and smart) and will make me keep those cards. Platinum benefits aren’t enough to keep me from canceling (or at least downgrading to green for a year).

  6. Gary – for the Hilton Aspire -U.S. restaurant spend counts towards $250 Hilton resort credit (June 1 – August 31) – would that include Grubhub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc?

  7. Maybe a quick refresher on how to check usage of Marriott and Hilton credits? Is there a way to do so other than calling?

  8. The wireless service credit doesn’t come with cell phone insurance so it’s not a no-brainer to make use of it versus paying the monthly bill on a card that does have insurance.

  9. Gar y what about us with the Gold Amex Card?? Can’t believe we get nothing while the less expensive Green Card gets additional benefits. Unfortunately paid my annual fee 2 months ago and got nothing.

  10. The personal Amex Platinum card credits are not robust enough to keep from canceling the card!

  11. @EricZ. I’ve gotten the email.
    Depends if UberEats etc code as a restaurant. If not, no.

    From June 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020 (“Purchase Period”), purchases made at restaurants located in the U.S. on your Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card qualify toward the total amount of statement credits you can receive as part of the $250 Hilton Resort Statement Credit benefit. This offer is only available for the Purchase Period. American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke offer at any time.

    You may not get a statement credit for purchases at a restaurant located within another establishment (e.g. a restaurant located inside a hotel, casino, or event venue). For example, purchases made at a restaurant located within a hotel may be recognized as a purchase at a hotel, not a restaurant. You will not earn statement credits for purchases at bars, nightclubs, cafeterias, and convenience stores. This offer is only available for the Purchase Period. American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke offer at any time.

  12. I called Amex about the streaming credits on my Platinum card and was told they are automatic and will result in an offsetting credit like is currently done for Saks and the airline credits. Also, another blog had an exhaustive list of the streaming services. The ones I switched were Netflix, Spotify and Disney +. Also, I understand it is $20/month PER STREAMING SERVICE (in my case up to $60 a month for all 3) until you hit the limit of $320. Only through December, guess we will see if this credit is also good in 2021.

    For now glad to take the credit on things I pay for anyway. Which $300 credit for this, $100 at Saks, $200 for Uber (Uber Eats can be used and meal delivery is something everyone is probably using) and the airline credit (I find a way get the value) I’m looking at over $800 for $550 fee! Even if you discount this to just $550 in real value that means all the other benefits this year a “free”. I’ll take that all day long.

  13. I have my Netflix, Spotify and Google Fi accounts hitting my Amex plat. That is $420 between now and the end of the year. I know I will use my $200 airline fee credit, I always do. That works for me, my year is up in June and I was planning a downgrade to Gold, but I will keep it for another year given this nice bit of news. I tried to downgrade to Gold last June and they threw me a $500 statement credit so I kept the Plat card with the intention of reevaluating as my anniversary date neared. This is it, I am in for another year.

  14. My bad, missed the $320 limit. Still works for me. $520 for 3 streamers plus the airline credit, why would I not stick with the Plat card? Hell, the Hilton Gold status that comes with the card got me a 5 day free (full) breakfast in Adelaide last year, that was worth ~ $100 and sort of dropped out of the sky, I did not expect it, it was a nice gift from the wonderful world of card hacking. So I’m in for another year.

  15. What is a “cell phone” bill? I get some services from Verizon bundled, in 1 bill…would that count? Its labeled as “Verizon” on the bill, not “Verizon Wireless”

  16. @Joelfreak fine print days bundled services may not count. Likely, it depends.

  17. @Hepworth how are expansion of Marriott credits to restaurants huge? I see it as a giant nothingburger. If you’re ponying up for the Brilliant, you presumably do a decent amount of travel and either burned through $300 already in Jan/Feb or will in late summer through winter (depending on plenty of unknowns of course).

  18. Sounds like it is time to Downgrade Gold to Green – with no love for the middle child.

  19. @ Amex Gold whining:

    They’re not giving anything for Amex Gold because it was already getting 4x on groceries and takeout, which is getting spending at home (unless you’re a Breatharian I guess and don’t eat). Much of the value of the card is still retained if you’re ordering from Grubhub and Kroger instead of flying. A Platinum is basically a 1x Amex card with no bonuses and no benefits if you aren’t traveling- you can’t use lounges or hotel status or get points for cancelled flights. Green’s not much better.

  20. >> Perhaps they’re less inclined to encourage more spend on all but the most premium business card accounts, given current small business default risk.

    I think that it is because the two Gold cards are already focusing on non travel related spending. The Gold gives 4 points for grocery and had credits for online takeout. The Biz Gold gives out 4x points for two categories, including tech spending and shipping.

  21. @Gary
    A little off the topic, but didn’t you write in the last week or so that UAL was eliminating early boarding for UA CC holders?
    When I followed your link, I saw this under their Explorer card bennies.
    “Priority boarding
    Board United-operated flights prior to general boarding”

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