American Express Uber Eats Pass Benefits Now Require Paying With Your Amex Card

American Express Green, Gold and Platinum all offer complimentary Uber Eats Pass, which normally costs $119 per year and offers benefits such as discounts on Uber Eats orders and waived delivery fees. This is a 12 month benefit when you subscribe with your Gold card, with enrollment by December 31, 2021.

I registered my Platinum card for the benefit, and save money on Uber Eats orders. However I haven’t been charging these to my Platinum card. The best win here is the Gold card of course for 4x dining.

I noticed something today switching between payment methods. When I’m not using an eligible American Express card, I not longer receive Eats Pass benefits. Until recently you’ve been able, for instance, to charge your order to a Chase Sapphire Reserve for 3x earning (for instance, or any other card) and still receive the benefits. This has changed:

When you change your card back to the American Express the benefits return:

This is a small devaluation, it makes a certain amount of sense from Amex’s perspective, but it seems like something that they should be communicating clearly to cardmembers.

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  1. What happens when you use Uber Cash (i.e. your accumulated Uber monthly credits) to pay? Do you still lose the benefits?

  2. I don’t think it’s necessary to be informed of this change. My AmEx platinum and gold card offers these benefits and I use one of my AmEx cards to pay for my order. And if Chase does require the use of their cards I don’t see a problem AmEx doing the same.

  3. Using Uber cash still required me to select the platinum card even though nothing was actually going to be charged to the card since I had more than enough Uber cash to cover the order.

  4. I had been using my Hilton or Marriott card to pay and basically double dipping, as long as my order was atleast $20 bucks I would be getting the 10 uber credit and 10 dining credit from my Hilton or Marriott card. This worked for me in the beginning of July. When did it change?

  5. Buy uber gift cards at supermarket with Amex gold, get 4x. Then pay with uber credit in the app and still get the eats pass benefits.

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