Dating Advice: How To Meet Rich Men In The Airport

A social media life coach offers advice on “how to meet rich men.” Their solution is to go to the airport with plenty of time to kill, and instead of buying snacks buy a day pass for a United Club. The cost of the access can be amortized across free food and drink, and it’s a target-rich environment.

Of course United Clubs, when full, often don’t sell day passes (or accept the passes issued by Chase for credit card customers).

I’ve been married for nearly 20 years, so I missed an entire generation of swiping left and right. My best advice is that marriage is a 50 year conversation, so choose the person you’ll never want to stop talking to.

If your criteria is income-based, you can do worse than meet someone while traveling. Airline passengers skew higher-income. And on the whole passengers with lounge access may be higher income than those without it. They or their employer is spending discretionary money for access, or the traveler has a premium credit card.

Still, airline lounges aren’t the exclusive domain that those without access may think they are. And United Clubs don’t afford the level of exclusivity you might find in their Polaris lounge, in American Airlines Flagship Dining, or in the Qantas First lounge at LAX (which at least requires oneworld emerald status, if not an actual first class ticket).

Ironically, perhaps, I’ve actually seen more proposals and weddings involving Southwest Airlines than other domestic U.S. carriers. So maybe it’s all about LUV, and the serendipity of whom you’re sitting next to (or, more likely, that someone who finds you attractive purposely sits down next to you – a side effect of their open seating for better or worse).

(HT: Hemal G. who writes, “I think this person vastly overestimates the dating pool at United Clubs”)

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  1. United club?
    Surely an emirates, Qatar or etihad lounge and pick yourself a rich Arab prince…though you might be wife nos 18…

  2. The United Club??!!

    I get two free passes per year with a United credit card.

    Chick magnet


  3. If you can’t hang at an FBO pay for early bird boarding on a SW flight out of John Wayne, SJC to somewhere only they fly nonstop. Sit down in window non exit or bulkhead up front and smile.

    Even better fly LAS to John Wayne or SJC on a Sunday afternoon doing that.

    Or MTJ or BZN during their peak season.

  4. You open by saying that the individual posting is a social media life coach? I assume they self-designated and you maybe copied? Putting it politely, can someone explain what a social media life coach is? Is it like a life coach, but only on social media? Is it someone who coaches people how to use social media for their entire life? Is it someone who has heard of life coaches and of social media, and just thought it sounded cool if they just put the two things together? (And wanted to see if anyone else repeated it?)

  5. Rich men in United Club? Where
    More like a low-level corporate drone sales person who makes 50k a year who is stuffing his bag with pretzels between flights?

  6. Waiting for Tim Dunn’s comment on why statically, you’re more than likely to meet rich men in Delta SkyClubs according to the DOT.

  7. Probably Delta Sky Club is better. Go for someone who doesn’t care if they can ever cash those Sky Pesos.

  8. Seriously?? Both United and Admirals Club lounges are full of fat, balding, obnoxious tech nerds or middle-aged sales guys – all wearing horrible shoes and all talking WAY TOO loud on their cell phones. If this is you – STOP IT!!!! You are a menace to society!

  9. Better yet. Hang out in the comment section of View From The Wing. Nothing but a bunch of Einsteins.

  10. This account has under 500 followers. You really think she deserves the title of life coach or an article / repost of her video? He page clearly shows she’s a clown.

  11. Shallow as it is, if the criteria is “rich”, then:
    1. Get the Amex Platinum Card.
    2. Use the coupon book to offset the net cost.
    3. Go to an Amex lounge.
    4. Find the area reserved for holders of the Centurion Card.

  12. Let’s not overthink this…while the United Club or Sky Club(s) are not exactly crawling with billionaires…I think the main point should be “you can do a lot worse in the terminal”.

    Most folks on here have gotten very jaded regarding the lounges. It is true that they are definitely not the private oasis they once were as recent as 10 years ago. But, have any of you actually seen the general terminal lately? People sitting on the floor, kids screaming, and the ridiculous lines at just about any food outlet. And don’t get me started on the rest rooms.

    So, I agree with the basic premise of the advice. A single woman (or man) has a better, more civilized shot at meeting someone in the Sky Club (or similar) than sitting out by the gate.

    Rich? That could be a bit of a stretch…although it’s possible. Maybe downgrade that expectation a bit.

  13. The Delta Shuttle flights used to be prime meet/meat market territory, especially with its open seating practice. That said, that was back when that lounges were mostly full of boring middle-aged and older men and corporate/professional services drones. In some ways, the lounge crowd seems to be somewhat more downmarket nowadays, but also more mixed and maybe less boring in some ways.

  14. Had this blog covered how flights to and from LAS on certain days of the week are lakes where some desperate fishermen go to try to reel in females working in the entertainment (writ large) industry in Nevada? Southwest’s Vegas routes are heavy with such traffic on some days of the week.

  15. I’ve met more sexy available married men up for quickies in First or Business lounges than I care to recall.

  16. The terminal at any airport these days looks like a bus terminal of a couple decades ago.

    Domestic lounges maybe a small step up, but the lack of manners involved with eating and drinking I see takes the cake.

    Sorry, but if I were single the last place I would be looking is anywhere in an airport.

  17. I was hired by FBO in McAllen, Tx. Tho I was not hunting for a rich man, found the love of my life working there as a humble Flight Instructor. He went onto to fly for Continental for twenty-one years. We were married for thirty-one! I would definitely recommend an FBO!

  18. @Dan:

    I agree with your assessment of the terminal these days.

    But, keep in mind one thing…when you’re single…you’re ALWAYS looking!

  19. My goodness – I thought all the rich men flew private – with their wife or girlfriend or executive assistant.

  20. The next time someone tries to flirt with me in an airport lounge will be the first… I’m assuming this “life coach” had never actually tried this and just belches out any thoughts they have.

  21. This is a fun discussion. I know one couple who met while waiting for a plane at the airport. No lounge required!

  22. Sexist title. There are plenty of men who would like to meet rich women. Also most of those rich people in airline clubs are married, if that matters for a hookup.

  23. LOL. If you want to meet a down-to-earth rich guy who likes to cook, go grocery shopping on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning through early afternoon, and look for the guy who’s taking his time. He doesn’t have meetings, or travel, or any of that other vulgar “business” stuff to deal with… he’s there because he chooses to be,,,

  24. Airports and airline lounges? Um, I’m thinking John Candy’s character in Planes, trains, and automobiles. But really, my internal alarm goes off if the first, or one of the first questions is “what do you do for a living?” That is a classic question from a gold digger. And she is more interested in what I do for a living and how much I make that in me, then I’m not interested. But then I’m married and not interested anyway. I don’t need to pay any alimony or child support.

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