Free American Airlines Lounge Pass if Your Klout Score is Over 55

People with scores of 55 or higher are eligible to receive a free American Airlines Admiral’s Club pass. (Folks with lower scores receive discounted offers to join.)

Klout is supposed to measure social media influence. I’m sure it’s inexact, for instance while my own Klout score makes the cut it does so primarily based on Twitter — my blog isn’t event linked to Klout.

If you’re not already a member of Klout, this wouldn’t be a reason to join (unless you have tons of followers and lots of interaction on Twitter and Facebook). But if you are pretty active on social media and already have a Klout account, it can’t hurt to grab a free American Airlines lounge pass.

I’ve never actually gotten anything of value from Klout before, “don’t they know who I am?!” (hah), recent offers have included:

  • A one year subscription to The Red Bulletin magazine
  • $20 off a Zazzle iPhone 5 case
  • a 4-Pack of Red Bull Energy Drink

That said, there’s something to the concept of wanting to engage people that are ‘influencers’.

Cathay Pacific took a stab at this by offering lounge access in San Francisco a year ago to folks with high enough Klout scores. That wasn’t especially useful because in order to access the lounge you already needed to be airside on the A concourse of the international terminal (used predominantly by Skyteam and oneworld international flights).

I can’t imagine it was that successful since they didn’t re-up or try it in other markets (though San Francisco is the only airport where they have their own dedicated lounge) and there haven’t been any similar promotions from travel providers in the year since then until this one with American.

Still, I signed up for the offer even though I get lounge access as a British Airways Gold member and via my American Express Platinum card. I received an email with a scannable barcode (they say to print the email or pull it up on your smartphone). The pass must be used by July 31.

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  1. don’t have my (unused) Twitter connected, just FB, score of 48, got a $50 off an annual membership offer.
    had a score of 44 last year during the Capitol One higher cash back offer.

  2. Let me get this right… If a Klout member with a score of >55 want lounge access, they now get it free? Ouch. Hi Klout scores generally go to folks talk to much, make disgusting spectacles of them selves in public and thrive on attracting attention. Are these the folks that fare-paying or otherwise qualified flyer really want to encounter in the pre-flight or post-flight lounges? – and knowing that they have not paid a dime for their access? WTF??? Last I heard, the various lounge programs were offered as an attempt to spare some at least some of us from the usual hoards in airports. Now, at least to some degree. AA is actually encouraging bad or even awful behavior by some of t he “B” and “C” list personalities, by offering them free lounge access? What am I missing? I’ve always believed that lounge membership and/or an up-cabin ticket was an effective way to AVOID this sort of thing, at least until we boarded the airplane. Now, apparently, AA want’s their p aid/earned customers to endure t he Bad Behavior crowd is the lounges as well as in the forward cabins – and their even GIFTING them the access. WTF am I missing? I don’t want to see these thugs in my cabin and especially not in my lounge. And AA is Gifting it to them? April Fools Day was more than a month ago. What on earth is AA’s motivation?

  3. My Klout score is 10, which I find hilarous. I have nearly 6000 Twitter followers, and nearly 100,000 “likes” for my website’s Facebook page (all real people, not purchased or other shenanigans). But I choose to keep my personal FB friends limited to people I actually know – around 100 of them. Apparently Klout doesn’t count the FB page, and I’m guessing I don’t tweet enough (“only” 500+ tweets in 3 years) to drive up my score. What can I do but laugh?

  4. I suspect my Klout score is zero because I don’t really know what it is — and don’t want to know!

  5. Q. You get American Admirals lounge access “via my American Express Platinum card.” ?

  6. I run a fairly popular website for Gary Numan and post loads of news on Facebook, and rarely on Twitter. Guess it was enough to put me over the top at “59”! Thanks for the tip!! 🙂

  7. hahahahaha… I raised my Klout score by over 30 points in two days by posting publicly about the Great Gatsby and discussing it. I now have a Klout score of 60 (it was 28). Silly, silly, Klout score!

  8. @Gary, do we know if one has to be flying American that day in order to use the pass? I’ve got some flights coming up before the July 31 expiration, but none are on American. Thanks!

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