Free Hilton Gold Status, the Gift that Just Keeps Giving

Every time the December offer of Free Hilton Gold status, instantly, is declared dead… it keeps returning.

Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and… the ghost of Conrad Hilton’s mid-tier elite benefits.

The offer was intended for Visa Infinite cardholders, and they asked you to enter the first six digits of your Visa Infinite card to prove you had one. That just unlocked the form, and then the status processed immediately.

Over the course of the next three months there were various changes to the form. Since it was possible to just google what six digit bank identifiers were for Visa Infinite, they appeared to deactive the most popular and easy to find Russian one. Then they started matching account addresses to other bank identifiers, so folks using an Australian six digit number to unlock the form had to sign up for their account with an address in Australia.

Recent reports again were that the offer was dead because they were now requiring a full sixteen digit Visa Infinite cardnumber. Once again, reports of the offer’s demise were… premature.

I speculated in the comments of a previous post that the full credit card number requirement was just testing whether such a combination of numbers was possible, not whether the numbers entered were real.

Personally, I’m just fascinated by the whole thing. It matters not a whit to me, I’m a Hilton Diamond already and have been one for a few years, based on spending $40,000 in a year on the Hilton American Express Surpass card.

Well, reader ThatGuy tried the signup again, it worked, and filed this report in the comments:

Just to update you all: As of 28 Mar this still worked. The 16 digit entry as I suspected is not verifying the actual account exists but that you have a valid account number (it’s easier than querying their massive database for an actual account). That being said you just need to enter a potentially valid CC account number.

This website explains the checksum logic for a VISA cc:

Still use 442394 as your first 6 digits, and then plug in the rest to make a valid acct number using the formula given. It’s very simple to do with an Excel sheet.

You won’t have to add the credit card to your account nor book using the card, so no worries. Also make sure to change your HHonors account address to Australia before hand. Good Luck!


Boggles the mind, but this has been out there for three months now, they’ve tried to clamp down to avoid a few unintended people from grabbing free status, but they do not appear to have tried very hard.

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