Huge 120,000 Point Offer For No Annual Fee IHG Card With New Benefits

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IHG® Rewards Traveler Credit Card

With Chase refreshing the IHG co-brand portfolio, the no annual fee card gets updated too – and shockingly, to me at least, they’ve come out with an unprecedented initial bonus offer for it.

That bonus can be a reason to get the card, and keep it because it makes the points that you have more valuable.

  • Initial bonus: earn 120,000 bonus points after spending $2,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening.

  • Earn for spending: 5 points per $1 spent when you stay at an IHG hotel; 3 points per $1 spent on purchases on monthly bills, gas stations, and restaurants; 2 points per $1 spent on all other purchases. I don’t view this card as top of wallet for ongoing spend.

  • 4th night free on redemptions: This makes your points worth more when you redeem for a four night stay and it only costs you the points for three nights.

  • No foreign transaction fees: worth noting because it’s a no annual fee card.

  • Elite status: IHG Rewards Silver (the card didn’t used to come with status at all), eaern Gold after $20,000 spend on the card in a calendar year. And $10,000 spend on the card in a calendar year by the way also provides 10,000 bonus points.

IHG® Rewards Traveler Credit Card

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  1. Can you hold all three of the IHG cards, assuming you are within the Chase limits ?

  2. Is this a new offer? I would like to bite, but waiting a month or so would be better for me.

  3. I currently have the old IHG Rewards Club Card. I pay a $49 annual fee. The new no-fee IHG card gives more points per dollar (5 instead of 3) spent on gas, restaurants and travel, and 3 points on everything else. I’m wondering if my $49 card might be automatically upgraded to meet those, or isn’t that how it works? The only thing I can figure out I would lose by switching to the no-fee card is that I would drop from automatic platinum status to silver. Platinum is good for a 60 percent bonus on points earned when you actually pay to stay at an IHG property; I think the no-fee card is a 20 percent bump with silver status. (Otherwise I rarely seem to get any other platinum status benefits such as a room upgrade, and if I do I can’t tell.)

    On the other hand I could upgrade to the Premier Card for $89 instead of $49 a year and keep platinum status. The Premier Card also provides one new perk that I see as valuable: you can add points to your annual free night (worth 40k points) to use your free night at more elite hotels.

    Or, I could have my spouse get the new premium card for $89 a year because she’d get the 120k bonus points; she would also get platinum status. I could keep my $49 card which we’d never use, or better yet drop down to the free card. We only travel for leisure so we’re almost always traveling together anyway.

    Thoughts? Am I missing something?

  4. Oops sorry, referring to the above comment, I meant to say that the new IHG no-fee card gives you 5 points per dollar spent at ihg hotels, 3 points on gas, dining and travel and some monthly bills like cable, and 2 points on everything else.

  5. @Chris Thomas, the old card gives a free annual night as well which you can’t upgrade beyond 40k, but still well worth the $49 fee, which is why I still keep it.

  6. I already have the two paid IHG cards (just for the free annual night alone, they are worth it), can I still apply the free card? if I satisfy the 24/5 requirement.

  7. The free card does not give annual free night.

    While now limited a 40K per night hotel you should be able to get $200 free night domestically and $300 + in Europe .

    if there is a restriction baring having all three cards I am not aware of it.

    Big signup offers and discounts on buying points usually means devaluation coming soon.

    I thought I saw something about IHG would follow Marriott and soon allow you to add points to book rooms but did not find anything what I Googled it.

    Other than a increase on points per stay any IHG status below Spire is of no value and even then you may not even get a stale pastry and bad coffee


  8. On cards you never use – I lost my oldest credit card when Capital one closed it without notice. I I have read Citi is closing accounts of no fee cards that have no activity.
    Card age and percentage of available credit used impact you credit score.
    I do not know about Chase and Amex ?
    Any data points on how much and how often based on bank?

    At lease twice a year it is wise to take all your “sock drawer cards” to a store when they are not busy. Pay for one cheaper item from grocery cart with each credit card until have gone through stack. Then put rest on a card that has grocery bonus or pays 2 X on all purchases:
    Amex Blue Business (2X on first $50K), Capital One Venture – X, Citi Double Cash

    I use self service as to not annoy those waiting to check out behind me.

    Alternative: I created a secondary Amazon account and put all the cards I never use in as payment methods. Twice a year I send a $1 electronic gift card to my “real” amazon account.

    I would like to set up a minimal recurring donation to a worthy charity that I could set up a recurring donation. The ones I looked at I, either do not know enough to trust with my credit card info or they have too high of a monthly minimum for as many inactive cards as I have .


  9. Stopped saying in IHG hotels after the last Holiday Inn Express put me in a room next to a couple who kept going at it, loud and rough, 3x in one night.

  10. Any idea if one is eligible for the 120K bonus if you have another, personal, IHG card. It sounded like the answer is no reading the application page.

  11. For those asking if you can hold more than one of these IHG cards, the answer appears to be yes, BUT now you can’t get the new one if you already hold another IHG card. My wife and I each have the old Select card. We both applied for and received the Premier card just before the March 24 changeover. We had heard that after that date, we would not be eligible for the new card, and the T&C confirms this.

    At the very top of both the Traveler and Premier card T&C it says: “This product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of any IHG® Rewards credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of any IHG® Rewards credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this credit card within the last 24 months. This does not apply to cardmembers of the IHG® Rewards Premier Business credit card.” The Business card T&C has similar wording that deals only with business IHG cards, and makes no mention of the personal cards.

  12. @jon, I have several legacy no-fee cards that also sit in the sock drawer. Each one is tied to some account for which I have a recurring charge (highway tolls, local newspaper, etc) That way there’s a small amount of regular activity on all of them.

  13. For those, me included, who have both select and Premier cards, the only reason to get the Travel card is for the sign-on points. I am sure Chase and IHG know that. There is no reason to give out free points. 120,000 points = $600 (if you buy the points at special offer).

  14. Wanted it but saw this
    This product is available to you if you do not have a current IHG® Rewards Credit Card and have not received a new Cardmember bonus within the last 24 months. This does not apply to Business Card Credit Card products.

    So if you have ANY IHG card you’re shut out, regardless of 24/5? Anyone have any experience that contradicts this?

  15. If you already have the personal card, you can get the bonus for the business card and visa versa.

  16. I applied for the Premier offer about a month ago. I was denied because I have a Select CC. This is a recent change in terms. Every time Chase denies me, I find a more rewarding SUB from another bank. The economy is changing, and I imagine that credit will be more difficult to get. With that in mind, save your 5/24 spots for something that is more worthwhile.

    While I have found lots of value in IHG’s program, the constant changes, and tightening of offers and benefits makes me not leap at every new offer. IHG properties in Asia, is where one finds the most value. The properties in Asia, offer more luxury and features than any in the USA. For example, P2 has a IHG Premier card, in March 2023, we are finding 4 night awards at most of Intercontinentals in Tokyo for 100-120K points. That is a good value for IHG points.

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