I Was Approved For Sapphire Preferred 100,000 Point Offer, And Met Minimum Spend!

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Chase has increased the initial offer for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card to 100,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. This is one of the best card deals I’ve ever seen.

The Sapphire Preferred card was probably the first card I was really excited to use, not just get approved for and earn a bonus with. Sure I used to use the Starwood Amex for my unbonused spend. But when this bad boy first came in the mail a decade ago I was excited to pull it out at a restaurant for the first time and earn double points. I started racking up points more quickly, since I was earning two points per dollar on all travel and dining – the categories I spent the most on. And these were points that could transfer to different airlines and hotels.

I didn’t have Sapphire Preferred anymore. Plenty of cards now earn 3 or 4 points per dollar in key categories. But in order to make the most of Chase points you need an annual fee Ultimate Rewards card, because that lets you transfer points into airline miles. You can’t do that with the no annual fee card. No Chase Ultimate Rewards card with an annual fee has a lower one than Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card‘s $95.

I have other Chase cards, and other Ultimate Rewards cards (including a small business card) but didn’t currently have a Sapphire card. So when Chase came out with a 100,000 point bonus for this one I was all over it. The last time I’d earned a bonus for a Sapphire card was a little over four years ago when the Reserve card came out and offered 100,000 points.

So I applied for this one. I laid off of new personal cards during the pandemic and was below 5/24. I was not automatically approved. I did not call in. I just waited, and after two or three days I noticed an account added to my online profile that I hadn’t seen before. It was a Sapphire Preferred – approved!

Then a couple of days after that I received an email telling me I could use the card before receiving a physical version of it in the mail.

I’m excited because I met the $4000 spend ‘within 3 months’ requirement to earn the bonus in my first month with the card.

Chase figured out how to get me to take the card and I felt nostalgic for the first ‘heavy metal’ card I ever had, and for the first card that didn’t print its numbers on front (or have raised numbers at all).

From the card’s earning, to its redemption options, to its look and feel, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card was at the vanguard of ushering in a new era for rewards cards. And when they first introduced primary car rental collision coverage, it let me drop my Diners Club card – the only other card that felt as special when I first got it, what feels like a million years ago.

If Chase wants to give me points worth a minimum of $1250, and the opportunity to relive a pivotal moment in frequent flyer rewards evolution, who am I to say no to that?

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  1. Am curious, whose link did you use? 🙂

    Interesting that you weren’t notified and that it took 2-3 days. Usually Chase is pretty quick to notify IIRC.

  2. Why does everyone forget that there was Chase Sapphire card with no fee, introduced in 2009? Remember the commercials that stated that a person answers the 800 number not a recording? That same card exists as a no-fee product change?

  3. I have Chase cards so I don’t really need a new Chase card for miles but this deal is very good. I don’t have a United credit card and thinking about getting theirs so I don’t have to pay for a bag and besides the 60,000 miles and it has a $100 credit for global entry, which I need this year. I don’t know whether to get the Preferred (which I am eligible under 5/24 and 806 FICO) or the United, both of which have a $95 annual fee.

  4. I went to apply in Chase branch yesterday. I was told that applying in the branch would waive the $95 annual fee the first year + $50 food credit, and the banker confirmed that. I also asked him to verify that I did not get any related Chase Sapphire product in the last 48 months ( I got the CSR in 2006 or so). When it was done, the banker called Chase backend, I answered a few questions and relocated my Chase credit line to the new CSP. It was approved. Thanks.

  5. My husband was denied for the card. Were you initially denied or just did you get a notification that they needed to consider further? Just wondering what our next step should be for his application.

  6. This was not an easy pass for me. Even though my credit score is about 850 and has been for years I was denied. I called the number given to get info and was told I had too much credit with Chase. I assumed the denial was due to my modest income which belies my actual financial situation. I own a number of rentals and other hard assets without debt which was not taken into account. I reapplied with a revised income figure and a card arrived in the mail. Go figure.

  7. @Gary – terms say current Sapphire customers ineligible, that includes the basic no annual fee version correct? Also, it says current Sapphire customers can product change and not receive bonus. Is there anything preventing one from cancelling an existing Sapphire acct and then applying for bonus?

  8. @Marc correct, though you’re going to have to wait until systems update to show you as no longer being a cardmember, this is not instant

  9. Correction, CSR introduced in 2016. Not, 2006.
    I guess if we have CSR, we cannot get Sapphire Preferred?

  10. @Par – if you have CSR, you are not eligible for the Sapphire Preferred bonus… However, you say we- only one person, who is the primary card holder on CSR would be ineligible. My wife has CSR, I had a supplementary card, but I was approved for the Sapphire Preferred card and got the bonus.

    Hope that helps

  11. I got the physical Sapphire Preferred today and couldn’t find any reference to the 100k/4k/3mo offer which I accessed using Gary’s link. I called CS and the rep was like, oh yeah we get lots of calls on this don’t worry I see you are on the offer. All good

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