Last Call: 5 Free Marriott Nights Worth 250,000 Points From New Marriott Card

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Offer expired.

Today is last call for the Marriott Bonvoy BoundlessTM Credit Card offer to earn 5 free nights worth 250,000 points. This is richest ever for this card by far, and one of the richest card offers, period. And it’s ending, so today is the last full day to get the offer.

These free nights are each valid on rooms that would cost up to 50,000 points apiece. So if you use them at the top-priced places you’ll get 250,000 points’ worth of free stays from a single credit card bonus. That’s unheard of. (The previous best-ever offer was 100,000 points.) At my last published points valuation 250,000 points are worth $1750.

What 50,000 Point Nights Will Get You

Marriott has 8 redemption categories. 50,000 points per night is enough for a standard category 1-6 redemption, or off-peak category 1-7. It only excludes the absolute most expensive properties from redemption. As of this writing Marriott says they have 7958 hotels worldwide, and just 98 are in category 8.

You could stay off-peak at the Ritz-Carltons Amelia Island, Key Biscayne or Sarasota – or Kapalua, to name just a few. You could book standard category 6 nights at Naka Island Luxury Collection Resort in Phuket (which has long been on my own list of places I’ve wanted to see). It would cover you for standard nights at the Westin Palace Milan, the Le Meridien Visconti Rome, or the Ritz-Carlton Abama in Spain.

50,000 point free night awards are what I receive each year with my premium $450 Marriott American Express card, and this card is offering 5 with an annual fee of just $95.

Category 6 St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Each certificate is valid for a year from the time that it’s earned.

Features Of This Card

Other features of this card: return on unbonused spend doubled compared to the old card Chase offered before the Marriott and Starwood programs were combined, so it’s as strong on spending as Marriott’s American Express cards.

  • 6 points per dollar at Marriott hotels
  • 2 points per dollar everywhere else

The card comes with automatic Silver elite status. Spending $35,000 in purchases on the card in an account year earns Gold status. And you receive 15 elite nights towards status each year you have the card as well.

You also receive a Free Night Award every year after your account anniversary, valid for a one-night stay whose redemption value is up to 35,000 points.

Eligibility For The Card

Chase will generally only approve you for a new card if you’ve had fewer than 5 new cards in the last 24 months (“5/24”).

This specific card isn’t available to you if you are a current Marriott personal card cardmember or received a bonus for one in the last 24 months, or you received a bonus on a Marriott American Express card in the past 24 months.

Otherwise it’s an offer that’s too good to pass up.

Totally Worth It

A bonus worth 250,000 Marriott points isn’t something you see every day (or every month). But there are a couple of drawbacks to note. The initial bonus on this card comes in the form of free night certificates.

  • You have to use them to get value from them, you can’t just save them in your account for years into the future
  • You can’t use them for all hotels, just those where awards are priced at 50,000 points or less (you can’t take a certificate and add points to it to redeem for one of the most expensive properties).

If you want to be technical about it there’s another edge case where these certificates are worth more like 200,000 point rather than 250,000 – if you were going to use them on a 5 night stay (as opposed to splitting them up into two or more shorter stays) then Marriott Bonvoy gives you ‘5th night free’ on points redemptions and that wouldn’t apply here. Whether you use 4 or 5 certificates at a 50,000 point per night hotel, you’re getting a stay that would have cost ‘just’ 200,000 points. That situation doesn’t apply to a 3- and 2-night stay, two 2- and a one-night stay, a 4- and 1-night stay, etc.

My view is this is one of the really great initial bonuses we’ve seen if you have plans to travel even late in 2021. Meanwhile the annual free night (which I value more than the card’s $95 annual fee) gives the card a long-term place in your wallet — and doubly so if you’re working towards Marriott status because of the annual elite nights as well. Chase let me know this is ‘last call’ for the offer, so apply soon.

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  1. Thank you for covering the 4 nights, get 1 free. I was wondering whether that would apply here but sounds like that’s only on Points stays. Agree this is an incredible bonus. Can’t believe it’s only $95 annual fee with that level of bonus!

  2. I don’t mean to snark, but I’ll admit I hate Marriott.

    With that said: ooh! Category 6!

    That means I can land a room at Residence Inn at Anaheim Resort … or San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront.

    Sorry… it was too easy. Marriott sucks.

  3. This isn’t worth anything close to your estimates. Rates are pretty low most places now and demand will be low for quite some time. I don’t see a vaccine being useful, especially anytime soon. Most places you can’t travel to (might change post election) and many won’t be traveling for a while.

    I’m out in Scottsdale and from what I’ve seen they don’t expect occupancy rates to get to 50% even during their high season. And it is worse for the high end resorts. So you won’t be seeing high rates for a while.

    Some of the AirBnB, short term rental places out here have been slow to accept the new reality and still list seasonal high prices for when the weather cools off but others are already slashing rental rates. I only know this because I’m selling my house now and may need to rent a place for a while before I eventually relocate elsewhere.

    Using your old point valuations is foolhardy. I’ll be glad to be wrong about the vaccine but I won’t hold my breath on that pipe dream for now.

  4. “You have to use them to get value from them, you can’t just save them in your account for years into the future”

    Does that mean they have an expiry date?

  5. The other caveat is that with the certs, points are not averaged over a stay. This matters for peak/off-peak pricing. If your desired 3 night stay at a cat6 has 1 off-peak night 40K, 1 standard 50K, and 1 peak 60K, that’s 150K points, but you can’t use 3 of these certs, since a cert won’t cover the last night.

  6. The catch is that unlike points, “Each Free Night Award issued will have an expiration of 12 months.” (from the offer details fine print). That leaves at most a few months and probably 0 months of safe back-to-normal leisure travel during which one could enjoy this otherwise crazy-good bonus. For Americans getting the card with international travel in mind, it may not even be legal before the nights expire.

  7. As everyone has noted, the 12-month expiration period on the certificates could prevent cardholders from taking advantage of Marriott’s worldwide portfolio of properties (before the Covid pandemic fully abates and/or widespread vaccination takes effect). For those interested, it might be better to sign up at the last possible moment, and use the full 3-month window to meet spending requirements. So if this offer runs through 12/31/2020, then signing up at the very end of December and completing the $5K spend in late March (2021) would give certificate holders through March 2022 to pick their destinations.

  8. I use a website called Gasbuddy to find cheap gasoline prices. This offer has been advertised (plastered) all over that website the last couple of days. Maybe Chase has some contract mandating a certain number of new sign ups. Of course, I am ineligible due to already carrying a competing Marriott card. Boo…

    As previous commenters mentioned, the short expiration means there will be a lot of breakage with the bonus.

  9. If you live in Colorado and like visiting the mountains in the summer, there are good properties in Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, and to a lesser extent Breckenridge that you could use these certificates on. Most are category 7 so off-peak only, but even at current depressed levels of travel the rooms are going for ~$225. For me these certificates still have at least $200-250 each. So $1000 to $1,2500 value (-$95 annual fee) for $5,000 spend is a pretty good deal. 20% rebate.

  10. Does anyone happen to know if the Chase application restriction that applies to someone who already has a personal Marriott card from American Express is strictly enforced and/or actually works? It appears that Chase is pushing this card hard. Perhaps new applications can fall through the restriction cracks? Particularly for someone who has a Marriott American Express personal card, but got the welcome bonus more than two years ago? I’m just wondering if anyone got lucky here, and got both a Chase and Amex personal Marriott card. Thanks.

  11. Gary: super weird not to mention the expiration date. Come on now. Times are tough but hold your head up high

  12. Sounds like a pretty good deal. 250k points is alot. Makes someone wanna go spend their entire credit limit in hopes of racking up those points.

  13. Does earning a bonus on the marriott bonvoy business amex make you not eligable? Also if one is still being cautious with the pandemic, what are the exact details on the expiration of these certificates to decide on pursuing the offer? Do they expire 365 days from the card signup or when the 5,000th dollar is spent on the card or when they are issued which could start on whatever billing statement the 5000th dollar is sent or at the end of the deadline to spend the dollars? Or do they expire at the end of the 2021 calendar year? And does the stay or just the redemption have to occur before they expire?

  14. I currently have the chase Bonvoy card and it has been over 24 months since I have gotten a bonus, but I did receive an upgrade offer of 50k to switch from the premier + card to the boundless card about 20 months ago. Does that make me ineligible for the 5 night offer card? Additionally, if I were allowed to get the 5 night cert bonus how long after closing the card would I have to wait before applying and being able to get approved for this card?

  15. it’s only worth 250K if you are a blogger that gets a commission. anyone else would value this far lower.

  16. Do the “free nights” include breakfast? Or does my $4.50 get me a free cup of brewed coffee in the restaurant?

  17. A friend asks me to pass along a “thank you” to Gary for this reminder. I saw this post and reminded him to sign up and he was approved instantly.

    I just checked the link and can confirm that without the reminder he would have missed this amazing offer.

  18. My wife signed up for this offer and we have already hit the spending threshold and received the certificates on her account. But, we cannot attach them to a category 7 hotel for the off-peak rate of 50k points. So we called and the resv agent could not do it either. This really doesn’t make any sense. We CAN attach the certificates to a category 6 hotel with a rate of 50k point but NOT a category 7 with the off-peak rate of 50k points? There is at least one other person on with the same issue and I suspect more people will encounter this as they start to receive the certificates. This is very frustrating and I am at a loss as to what to do. I can’t get anyone at Marriott to override the system or give us the equivalent 250k points in place of the certificates. This clearly seems like a Marriott IT issue but the category 7 50k point nights at the hotel we want could be gone by the time Marriott fixes this if they even are aware of it. In the meantime, our 12 months on the certificates is ticking away. Maybe Gary can write about this?

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