Marriott Earn Extra Elite Nights And Hawaii Class Action Settlement

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  1. Changi Airport is a high end shopping mall which happens to have airplane gates.

    Singapore is a high end shopping mall pretending to be a country.

    Singapore/Changi is fine as a transportation hub but please don’t waste your time and money there. Instead, head to Laos/Cambodia/Indonesia/Thailand etc and actually travel and see sites worth the effort.

  2. @Tom K Just because there are other things to see in Southeast Asia, doesn’t mean that Changi doesn’t represent a pinnacle of modern human achievement that is not only interesting to see, but also has an educational purpose – especially for Americans who accept the grim reality of their awful airports which are built, owned, and run by politicians. Changi stands as a beacon for how mundane public facilities which many Americans simply assume must be unpleasant, can add to, rather than subtract, from quality of life.

  3. @mak and @Florida…as I said, for a transportation hub Changi and Singapore more generally are fine. But they’re just hyper-commericalized money magnets. Singapore is halfway around the planet for most Americans and wasting one’s time and money there is a poor choice IMO. My wife and I got off a 28 day cruise from Sydney to Singapore back in ’18. We made a beeline straight for Changi for a flight to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat, etc) as quickly as possible.

    Singapore is clean,regimented, expensive and dull. The regions around it are anything but. That was my point.

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