Peter Greenberg Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

He’s being inducted into the travel industry Hall of Fame, and I agree with many of the points in the interview.

Shortening visa wait times is a positive step, though the current administration doesn’t deserve universal praise, especially now that there’s even a fee to promote tourism associated with the ‘not a Visa’ visa waiver that must be obtained in advance.

In the interview, though, Greenberg claims:

Here’s a little news bulletin. Name the largest international airline that flies to more U.S. cities and from U.S. cities than any other international airline. It’s Korean Air, and nobody knows it.

Nobody knows it, of course, because it isn’t true.

Greenberg is apparently not aware of Air Canada, which flies to more U.S. cities than any other non-U.S. airline.

Or British Airways, which flies to twice as many U.S. cities as Korean Airlines.

Or Lufthansa, which flies to 70% more.

Aeromexico and Air France have service to about the same number of cities (depending on how you count Air France Orlando service, Air France also serves more).

Here’s my previous take on Peter Greenberg (I’m embarrassed by how snarky I was, yes even more so than in this current post, though my arguments were indeed correct).

He was claiming that miles can be impossible to redeem, you should burn your miles even if you don’t know where you want to go or when, and that you shouldn’t leave points in an American Express Membership Rewards account since they take 2-3 weeks to transfer to airline mileage programs. And, apparently, that you can combine US Airways and Alaska Airlines flights on an award ticket — possibly even when using American Airlines miles. Perhaps he was merely prescient about a possible merger between American and US Airways, four years too early?

Of course he’s famous and I’m not, and likely for very good reason.

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  1. Wow, I had no clue the guy was clueless. 2-3 week on AMEX MRs? What century is he living in?

  2. If I had a martini for every time PG was wrong, I’d be a confirmed alcoholic. PG became “famous” through a combination of self-promotion and a forum (NBC Today Show) that didn’t know enough to see through his BS. Sorta like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  3. I heard Peter Greenberg in Los Angeles a few years ago at the Los Angeles travel show. I quitely laughed at some of his comments about travel. Sounds great but his content needs “proofreading” it seems. I asked a question to Peter: Don’t you need to generally have top status with an airline to redeposit an award ticket for free? He didn’t like my question very well. I certainly had to pay when I didn’t have top status with UA.

    I did enjoy Rick Steves speaking. One may not agree with him but I like his style. He has been doing Europe for years and although he favors local flavor hotels, I stay in both local hotels (more basic hotels when I am traveling alone in Europe, nicer hotels when my wife is along).

  4. And here I thought that Peter Greenberg had a staff working for him. Looks like he works solo. Chuckle.

  5. Way to call him on it Gary. Gotta love so-called “experts” who don’t know what they are talking about.

  6. I didn’t realize he got famous through the Today Show. That kind of television is specifically targeted toward media “personalities” and not news. I hear all kinds of crazy stuff from relatives who watch religiously and are now paranoid about things like exploding clothes dryers if you put too many black articles in one wash. I just quietly shake my head and ignore them.

  7. I have worked for a major US Airline for quite q few years as a an Airport Agent and a Reservations Agent. Back in the 1990’s Peter Greenberg actually stated something along these lines. “You might be able to obtain a complimentary First Class upgrade if you dress business like, and then ask the gate agent for an upgrade in a very polite manner .” I spewed my morning coffee all over my poor unsuspecting dog after hearing this. The man is no expert, the man is delusional.

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