Pro-Hamas Rioters Searching For Jews At Russian Airport, Go Door-To-Door In Hotels

Pro-Hamas demonstrators stormed Makhachkala Uytash Airport in Dagestan, responding to “rumors..that an Israeli aircraft was preparing to land.” Their mission: “Kill Israelis and Jews.”

A pilot of Russian low cost carrier Red Wings, with their aircraft on the tarmac, told passengers not to try to open aircraft doors due to the “rioters on the tarmac which are trying to enter the aircraft.”

Here they are searching for Jews at the airport.

Meanwhile, they stormed a hotel going room to room in search of Israelis.

But I’ve been told they’re just “anti-Zionist” not “anti-Jew.”

While Russia has prohibited rallies, this one goes on with protestor chanting “kill, kill Jews.” Here’s more footage from the airport. Russia has sent in security forces to take control of the airport. Ironically, Russia invade Ukraine under the pretense of ‘de-Nazification’ when they could have looked inward?

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  1. And in the U.S. we have Jewish students having to lock themselves in a campus building while “protesters” try to break in. Jews being told to stay inside in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    I’m an academic and have seen university administrators and faculty make huge efforts to silence anyone who wants to **talk** about being pro-life, anti-open borders, or who are opposed to race-based admissions. And all of that effort to silence such talk was based on the violence of words and the words themselves were micro-aggressions. Suddenly, overnight, these same faculty and administrators have discovered the importance of free speech and now sit back and allow REAL violence, and REAL aggressions to go on unchecked.

    Yeah, I know this is all off-topic for a points and miles blog, but it makes me sick and disgusted and I need to vent.

  2. We will not be fooled by Zionistb propaganda anymore. The Israel has to dehumanize Palestinians to justify the atrocities they have committed against Palestinians for 75 plus years. 3000 plus children dead in 2 weeks, 8000 people killed in Gaza. Armed Jewish settlers are terrorizing their unarmed Palestinian neighbors. A Palestinian was lynched and killed yesterday. This is unacceptable. It’s always said when the innocent get caught in the middle. But slaughtering women and children from the sky is not self defense. Israeli defense minister said they want to “level Gaza because Palestinians are human animals”. This is the same rhetoric the Nazi’s used. The Zionists are the new Nazis hiding behind the veil of antisemitism. Zionism is Violence.
    Level headed Jews know that Zionism is violence and I commend them for taking a stand against this genocide.

  3. To Jerry:

    I am a level headed Jew. You don’t speak for me. As you have incomparable intelligence – tell me how Israel destroys Hamas without innocents being hurt and killed. Or, perhaps you just want to give Hamas a pass as it was ”only jews’ that they killed.

  4. @Jerry..Israel has tried OVER and OVER to give Palestine statehood. Hamas will never let it happen. they want to stay in control.

  5. @jerry This war was to STOP the diplomatic process of Israel and Saudi becoming friendlier. An independent Palestine would end Hamas funding

  6. Color me surprised that the whole world is not blindly standing behind the genocide in Gaza.
    Simply shocked that’s not the case. :rolleyes:

  7. There is no Hamas in the West Bank. Yet 300 unarmed Palestinians. Were shot and killed by IDF since 2018.

    The settlers are terrorizing civilians on the West Bank just trying to groom their farms. A Palestinian farmer was shot and killed yesterday by and armed settler. That’s terrorism by your definition.

    The fact that you cannot express empathy for the thousands of babies that have been slaughtered while in their pajamas in Gaza, reinforces the fact that Zionists are the new Nazis and barbarians by nature.

  8. To avoid the temptation to veer off topic, I’d say “Who knew the Russians were such hypocrites?” but the answer is everyone knew.

  9. This action of a rumor, propaganda to incite a mob mentality of violence, should be considered with who benefits from throwing gasoline this fire?

  10. Jerry,

    You are a complete idiot and a fool and you do not know the basic facts of anything.

    You say that Hamas is not in the West Bank — think again, even Al Jazeera/Der Sturmer admist this — why do you think so many Israeli troops were deployed to the West Bank in the last months, having been withdrawn from the formerly quiet Gaza area.

    Just goes to show that things that ape Hamas propaganda are as dumb as a rock — but this is what Hamas wants — just read their charter — wherein it asks the trees and rocks to point out those Jews hiding behind them so saintly Hamas can dispatch them the way they have done with 1,400 other civilians.

  11. I guess the Dagestanis doing this is not all too different from their neighboring Russian Muslim brethren — the Chechens — who were the first of the Russian troops to have been investigated for war crimes in Ukraine — where there are reports that they mass raped and murdered women and children during the initial invasion.

    But, then again, Jerry, the “news” that you source denies that babies and infants were beheaded, or that children were killed in front of their parents and parents murdered in front of their children — or that civilians were burned alive.

    Now, I do know that you don’t consider them civilians for in your groupthink they were “Zionist occupiers”, but that’s understandable given your demented perspective.

  12. @Jerry: If you were just an anti-Zionist and not an antisemite, you would be condemning the riot in Dagestan. The rioters were attacking a flight involving Jews leaving Israel and going somewhere else. A rational anti-Zionist would approve of Jews leaving Israel.

    But since that’s not the position you’re taking, I’m inclined to assume that you just hate Jews altogether.

  13. Jerry, why do you think they killed 8,000 Palestinians? I just read on a reliable Hamas blog that it was “millions”!

  14. “Who knew the Russians were such hypocrites?”

    To put this in a bit of context, this region of Russian Federation is heavily Muslim and people there are mostly not ethnic Russians. Which in no way excuses their behavior but explains it better. There exists antisemitism in the rest of Russia too but typically it is not so overt or physically violent.

  15. @Gary – This post may not have been advisable since it seems to have drawn extremists and gone way off subject. I completely respect your doing this but surely you had to realize that you were going to have to police it much more than your normal content?

  16. ” tell me how Israel destroys Hamas without innocents being hurt and killed. Or, perhaps you just want to give Hamas a pass as it was ”only jews’ that they killed.” I can’t even. Thousands of children have been killed in Gaza and apparently some people are ok with this. More children have been killed in Gaza in the past three weeks than children have been killed in an entire year since 2019. The argument that the slaughter of innocent children is necessary for Israel defense is pathetic. All the wars in all different countries around the world manage not to kill this many children but somehow Israel with all their technology can’t minimize civilian casualties? Does that sound remotely plausible? By the way Israel is currently trying to force the evacuation of a major hospital because they want to bomb it. They have already been warned that this will likely be a war crime.

  17. @Bill – are you friends with @Jerry? I just assume that all antisemites know each other.

    Hamas is a designated terrorist organization. They raped, maimed, killed and kidnapped babies, grandparents, men and women. If you can’t condemn that, then you are the problem.

  18. Any airport where people are able to storm the tarmac needs to be shut down, serious security needs to be part of every airport. If you condone ANY of this violence, you ARE the problem.
    There is never justification for this absurd behavior, Dagestan seems to have a Neanderthal problem.

  19. Remember that it was Putin and his gang who allowed Russian neo-Nazis and other white supremacists to operate rather openly in Russia and violently target visible ethnic minorities in Russia during the Yeltsin and post-Yeltsin years and even have cross-border racist collaborations. And so it wouldn’t surprise me if Putin and his gang are back at it with also allowing this anti-semitic filth to go on as part of his scheming ways, but this time getting his newfound Caucasian region buddies to do the dirty work of racist intimidation for political ends..

  20. @robert @johnny….Stand against Palestinian genocide. You’re an antisemite. The IDF minister already said they “Palestinian civilians are human animals and therefore must be annihilated”. Hiding behind a veil of “antisemitism” to justify a genocide. That’s your playbook

  21. There you go again, Jerry — lying about the quote attributed to all Palestinians.

    A FORMER Israeli ambassador — not the current IDF minister, said that HAMAS are human animals, not that all Palestinian civilians are human animals that must be annihilated.

    I cite to Politico — hardly a right wing news source:

    Obviously, it comes so easy to you to lie, especially since your claims can be so easily disproved, that anything that you say is BS and should be ignored, as I will do henceforth.

    Bill — 1/2 the population of Gaza is under 18 and thus classified as children — such statistics are understandable when Hamas does not permit people to evacuate nor does it build bomb shelters for its children and non-combatants — but only those tunnels for its terrorists to use and hide in when Israel retaliated for the slaughter of 1,400 of its citizens.

    Oh, and by the way, that German-Israeli Shani Louck, who was videotaped lifeless in the back of a pickup truck being brought in Gaza has been found.

    Her lifeless body was found in the periphery of Gaza — she had been beheaded.

    Come again who is the barbaric actor in this war?

  22. Anyone killing masses of unarmed civilians is engaged in barbaric violenxe — that includes even those hiding behind the term “collateral damage” and the like.

    Violence is barbaric, and war is politics by barbarism.

  23. @Bill “All the wars in all different countries around the world manage not to kill this many children but somehow Israel with all their technology can’t minimize civilian casualties? ”

    1. we don’t know how many civilians have been killed.
    2. It’s absurd to think war doesn’t kill “this many” kids elsewhere. Vietnam famously had that fact brought to the forefront.
    3. Can’t minimize? See 1. and warning in advance of attack seems pretty generous to me in wartime.

  24. Some report said the mob was generated and directed by a Telegram channel:

    “The identity of the Telegram channel administrator is unclear. According to the Financial Times, the channel is affiliated with Ilya Ponomarev, a Kyiv-based Russian-Ukrainian exiled opponent of Putin and former member of the State Duma.”

    Make of that report what you wish.

  25. @Robert Umm Robert? I don’t support anything Hamas did nor did I ever claim that. I am concerned about Palestinian civilians half of whom are children. People like you are the problem. People who are ok with the slaughter of thousands of innocent children and people that had nothing to do with Hamas at all. You don’t get to scream anti-semite when people speak out against the killing of innocent children. Meanwhile Israel is forcing the evacuation of ALL ten hospitals in Northern Gaza according to the U.N.’s office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. Guess you are fine about that because you will say but but Hamas. Meanwhile hospitals are full of people who are soo injured they can’t even be moved.

  26. @Peter Not even sure what to say to that. Israel bombs all night long. You can actually watch the footage live when it happens. You can see the extreme devastation in the city in the daylight. There are photos of childrens bodies in gaza everywhere. Save the Children an international non-profit who is probably in the best position to tell people about child deaths in war zones around the world pointed out these numbers.

    The warning in advance is a joke. It is propaganda. There is no place for these people to go. Borders aren’t open. Israel said go south and people sent their families south and then Israel bombed in the south and those people were killed and injured. Gaza is the most population dense place on earth. Over 8,000 palestinians have been killed. They have to bury their dead in mass graves. Enough with the parroting propaganda.

  27. @HADLEY V. BAXENDALE Sorry but there is nowhere for people to evacuate to. There is no open border. Plenty of people followed Israel’s evacuation orders and were still caught in bombing and wounded or killed. If Hamas is in tunnels protected from the bombing then all the more reason why air strikes to this extent are not proper. Strikes against Hamas most be much more surgical and done in a way to reduce collateral damage. Taking out all hospitals in Northern Gaza with bombs which appears to be the plan is not limiting collateral damage.

  28. Thank you for taking a stand against violence (shouldn’t be necessary, but it is). I hope the passengers and crew get all the help they need.

  29. @Ron: I’m not the Official Airline Guide. I don’t claim to know every airline in the world or every airport in the world. But even before the current war started, the Wikipedia article about this airport (Uytash Airport) listed Red Wings Airlines as providing service from this airport to Tel Aviv. In fact, at this writing, Red Wings still shows Tel Aviv on the flight map on its website (although, unlike all the other cities on the map, the name is printed in Cyrillic characters rather than the Latin alphabet).

  30. @Bill —

    You have been watching Al JAzeera/Der Sturmer all night long.

    As others have pointed out, the list of casualties from the Hamas run health ministry are suspect — as they have in past wars. Even Biden says as much and I don’t credit him with much.

    Moreover, you seem to be upset by Palestinian casualties in the current war, but nary a peep from you about Israeli deaths — quite interesting. Guess you are showing your true stripes. Of course, you have not mentioned anything about Israeli babies being put in the oven and then have the oven turned on. Or that an Israeli mother was found dead with her belly slit open and the fetus removed and decapitated.

    I’ll give the Israelis this much — in the face of such barbarism, it is quite disciplined of them to not descend into the orgy of violence that their aggressors have an obvious penchant for.

    Your failure to indict same demonstrates your moral bankruptcy and your claims are therefore, illegitimate.

    One final note, it is a war crime to hide military assets and infrastructure behind civilian buildings like hospitals — Hamas has built a terror nerve center under Al Shiffa hospital Gaza. Interesting that the root cause for civilian fatalities is this action by Hamas, but yet you only blame Israel for the accompanying deaths — your anti-Semitism is showing yet again.

    Finally, by utilizing civilian infrastructure in the way they have, Hamas has made those hospitals and other sites, legitimate targets under international law should the Israeli military wish to strike those targets.

  31. Oh wow. They’re doing what Zionist have been doing to Gaza for the past two weeks and what illegal settlers having been doing to the West Bank residents for many years.

    This came back to bite them in their ass.. SHOCKER!!

  32. Now, now, H.t., your Jew Hatred is showing again!

    I say Jew Hatred, as you appear to me to be the type who would quibble with the term anti-Semitism, because you would respond that Arabs are Semites also!, and I did not want to give your the chance to squirm out of that one.

    Really, so Zionists have been going around Gaza and beheading people on purpose and taking video phone captures of same and calling their parents and boasting of it? Proof please.

    Oh, Zionists have been going to music festivals attended by peaceniks and raping and then killing the festival goers?

    Or in the case of Shani Louck, raping and beating her senseless and then beheading her in Gaza, that is what the IDF is doing?

    I also must have missed the West Bank “settlers” who have been going around for many years and forcibly aborting fetuses by impromptu Caesarian C-sections while the mother is alive and un-sedated and then killing the fetus in front of her before killing her.

    Bill, Jerry and H.t., isn’t it good to know that you have like-minded friends who so devalue human life.

    By the way, if you have proof of these despicable acts perpetrated by Zionists, please post the links, even to your Der Sturmer publications that you regularly consult — I am all eyes.

  33. @Hadley The fact that you you cannot condemn the slaughter of thousands of Palestinian children is abhorrent. The fact that you have to put conditions on condemning any child’s death is truly repugnant.

  34. The fact that innocents die in war is a tragedy. But to avoid war because your response will lead to the death of innocents simply means that the entire world surrenders tomorrow to whichever country or terrorist regime is willing to do the most evil.

    Even Chamberlain recognized the need for war. Or should England have just sat back and surrendered to avoid deaths of innocents? I’m sure <> would be happy to know that whatever they do there will be no military response if they just hide behind civilians.

    War sucks. And that’s why Hamas’ actions were so evil. There is no nation on Earth that would allow an army to come into their communities and slaughter 1400 people and not strike back. The fact that Hamas did this and then hides behind their civilian population is **their** evil. They own it. And they own the result for the innocent Gazans when Hamas chose to invade Israel and slaughtered 1400 innocent people.

  35. For clarity, in my second paragraph above, the contained the text: “fill in the nation or terrorist group of your choice” preceded by two less than signs and followed by two greater than signs. I guess whatever site Gary uses treats double less than or greater than symbols as indicating non-printing comments or something similar….

  36. @HADLEY V. BAXENDALE You are not worth responding to. You come on here crying “fake news!” when it comes to casualties and suggest people who are concerned about the deaths of palestinian childrens as no more than anti-semites or nazi sympathizers. I don’t have time for people like you and your responses show that you will never change your view or acknowledge legitimate arguments because you will not accept any evidence as true unless it meets your particular narrative. I’m sorry that all you can do is name call and gaslight, but I don’t have to waste any more time on someone who isn’t willing to have a legitimate and rational conversation.

  37. @Thing 1 No sure I have seen anyone claiming Israel can’t strike back at Hamas, but Israel is hitting hospitals at this point. There have been over 8,000 palestinian deaths and they continue to bomb constantly. They will not agree to a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons. Most of the world is calling for a ceasefire. The Israeli leadership is not being reasonable and this goes beyond self defense at this point. There are other options to target Hamas that don’t require the complete destruction of civilian infrastructure of Gaza. Civilians are running out of water. Countless international aid organizations are drawing attention to this issue. It isn’t honest to suggest that this is Israel’s only option to defend itself.

  38. You Israel supporters out there: Can you not see that the Hamas attack was blowback from years of putting people in a cage? And to have no human feeling when you see dead and bloodied bodies of children! Muslims or Jews — it does not matter. What horrors religions engender! But the horrors visited upon Palestinians have gone on for 75 years. Enough!

  39. The ‘open air prison’ mantra is underspecified. What do you mean by this? On its own, I think it communicates something that isn’t quite true. See for instance

    If you’re saying “they can’t leave Gaza” what you’re saying is that there are borders, which there’d be in a Palestinian state. Egypt limits passage through the Rafah Border Crossing, and Israel limits entry. Are borders what you mean by open air prison? Or is it ‘prison conditions’, because there’s been massive aid payments to Palestinians… mostly from the U.S. and Europe, and not from Arab nations. Hamas violence is what’s destroyed the economic chances of Palestinians. The Oslo Accords provided massive infrastructure support that’s been squandered. Hamas, in power in Gaza, has sabotaged efforts at peace and a two state solution. There’d been plans for an international resort and casino, even, to go along with Yasser Arafat International Airport there. Truly sad how Hamas has destroyed the prospects for Palestinians.

  40. @Gary the dynamics of how Gaza is tightly controlled by Israel is why the analogy of open air prison is used. There’s a suffocating blockade that’s been in effect since 2006. Israel controls the flow of goods in and out of Gaza. Israel and its sole discretion determines what Palestinians eat what they shower with what games they play etc. Gaza is not a country, it is a territory.. the blockade has had a detrimental effect on younger generations within Gaza who have very limited work opportunity in or outside the territory.

    Palestinians are not permitted to fly in or out of Ben-Gurion international airport soley because they are Palestinian.

  41. It’s an open-air prison. Israel penned up most of Gaza as it is, and from Gaza there are technically way more border crossing spaces possible to Israel than to Egypt if not for the siege.

    Israel most certainly hasn’t been asking Palestinians in Gaza if they want an Israeli passport so as to enter and exit into Israel and return to homes as the individuals may wish.

    The dirty little secret more than leaked out — that the Israeli government would rather see a mass exodus of Palestinians into Egypt, which is in part why Egypt said any mass expulsion practices by Israel should focus on the Palestinians in Gaza being kept in Israel, even if it’s the Negev for Israel.

    In related news, the families in Gaza are in hot pursuit of permanent ink markers to use to write down the name of the children on the torso and limbs of children who may be blown to smithereens or end up with no other easy way to be identified or identity others for burial and/or family reunification for orphaned and unaccompanied children. What a messed up world to not recognize barbarism and a lack of civility and equal respect for all human life is what leads to adults having to do that to their endangered, struggling to survive kids.

  42. @Gary you said “The ‘open air prison’ mantra is underspecified. What do you mean by this? On its own, I think it communicates something that isn’t quite true.” No it is not the same thing has having borders. Israel is an occupying force and they have additional requirements under international law to protect palestinians. Palestinians are not free to leave. They have to get special permission from Israel which Israel often denies. Sometimes Israel will not let people out for months at a time. Gaza doesn’t have an airport because Israel won’t allow it. They had a brand new airport at one time until Israel bombed it. Israel also does not allow them to have a seaport. It is totally a prison. Keep in mind the world acknowledges Gaza and west bank to all be one territory yet Israel prevents people from traveling between the two sections. Since 2008 Israel has engaged in four prolonged military assaults on Gaza prior to this. Israel had damaged their sewage system in the past so 95% of the water isn’t even safe to drink. Over half the country was living in poverty prior to recent events. Israel has repeatedly struck the Jabalia refugee camp which houses UN shelters killing dozens of people just trying to seek shelter, but sure they are all driving around in fancy cars in Gaza….

  43. @Bill. Yes, and I’m sure Egypt’s refusal to open it’s borders to Gaza has nothing to do with Hamas attacks in Egypt and the Sinai. And you must have missed those videos of Hamas ripping up the water lines that Western countries built in Gaza so that they could use the material for bombs. And the videos when Hamas seized power in Gaza and shot Fatah officials in the street must have slipped by you. And I’m sure you were too busy to catch the news of Hamas diverting aid to build bases under hospitals and schools guaranteeing civilian deaths. Same for those reports of Hamas demanding that civilians stay in buildings after being warned by Israel to leave (more martyrs for sympathetic voices in the West!).

    But yeah, Gaza’s problems have nothing to do with Hamas.

  44. Yet another good reason for trump and republicans to support putin and russia…

  45. @Thing 1 Umm I don’t support Hamas. Last I checked though Hamas hasn’t spent weeks bombing Gaza and killing thousands of people. Also, your talk about Hamas ripping up active water lines isn’t real. There was some documentary which claimed that they ripped up pipes left over from bulldozed israeli settlements. So no they weren’t ripping up water lines provided by the west for Gaza. In fact most of the weapons Hamas has including missiles are imported from Iran or are undetonated explosive ordinances that Israel used against them. Your attempts to divert responsibility from Israel for their continued bombing including their targeting now of hospitals and refugee camps are really not valid. Nice try though. In terms of Egypt you are right the Egyptians don’t want the palestinians in their country, because they know if they let them in Israel will take over gaza and not let them ever return. Why would Egypt want to absorb an entire group of refugees who are not even egyptian? Palestinians are their own thing. Also, your point about diverting of funds from hospitals and schools fails as well. Hospitals and schools are run and funded by UN aid organizations, so Hamas isn’t getting the funds for the schools or hospitals, They have hospitals in Gaza. We know this because Israel is bombing them and ordering the evacuation of others. Also, you are aware that Israel has been controlling Gaza’s water supply since 1967 right? They aren’t even allowed to drill new water wells without permission from the Israeli military. Israel doesn’t even allow water to be transferred from the West Bank to Gaza. They can’t clean the water they do have because they need fuel to do so and Israel won’t allow them to have fuel.

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