[Roundup] Stackable Amex Offers For Uber Eats, New Star Alliance Status Match

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  1. Regarding Thailand, we know why Asia didn’t see the spread of Covid like the west: it was imaginary. All the freezer trucks, hospital ships, and tent hospitals were for show. Covid is no different than the standard flu. No more people died in the U.S. in 2020 than in 2019. The people who are listed as having died of Covid most likely would have died of pneumonia. Everything is listed as a Covid death. We heard stories of young people dropping dead or dying from random illnesses before. It is nothing new. Just because a person tests positive for Covid doesn’t men Covid killed that person. If you test positive from hiv, that doesn’t mean the hiv killed you when you get hit by a car or die of lung cancer from smoking 2 packs a day (not pcp).

    Covid is hyped up for political and globalist purposes.

  2. In addition to the comment from Jackson Waterson, if you have spent any time living or doing business in Thailand, you would know that even if the covids was real, the Thai’s would not be transparent in reporting the actual numbers for fear of losing face with their SE Asian neighbors.

  3. Can we discuss the COVID factor of obesity in SE Asia? Ranging from 2% in Vietnam to 10% in Thailand, these folks are thin! And much of that “high” number in Thailand has come about in the last few years, so there is little long term obesity (yet).

  4. > Some of 2020’s Covid winners may wind up relinquishing some of their relative gains

    Uh? 566,000 dead people is a pretty high number to get even close for any of the countries that have crushed covid!

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