Start From Scratch, Get 2 Business Class Tickets Wherever You Want in 4 Months

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I gave a talk to a high level group of entrepreneurs about travel and frequent flyer programs, arbitrage, and choosing the right credit card.

And I realized when question time came that I sometimes assume too much. A gentleman sitting in the middle of the audience asks, ‘so if we’re just getting started and my wife and I wanted to book a trip using points from credit cards, how can we do that as quickly and easily as possible?’

That should have been the beginning of the talk, or its central focus. And I realized I had skipped over that entirely.

Get a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and an Ink Business Preferred Credit Card. In fact, he and his wife should each do that.

Singapore Airlines New Airbus A380 Business Class

Sure that’s $9000 spend in 3 months, or $3000 a month, I explained during my talk how to easily hit that spend.

If they each follow the advice they’ll have 278,000 points to spend in about 3 months. Let’s round to an even 280,000 and that’s enough for the two of them to choose a trip from:

  • Transfer miles to United, fly business class roundtrip to Europe.
  • Transfer miles to United, they’ve got about the cost of two roundtrips business class to Asia
  • Transfer to Virgin Atlantic, book 2 first class roundtrips to Japan on ANA
  • Transfer to Hyatt and book 11 nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives

Park Hyatt Hadahaa, Maldives

Of course it doesn’t stop there and what you do with the points depends on the trip you value most. Airlines used to give you 5000 miles when you drained all the points in your account, they were so afraid that if you used up all your miles you’d have no reason to stick with the program.

They stopped doing that because they learned that people don’t walk away after using all their points. They learn how valuable collecting them was in the first place, and their points accumulation speeds up rather than stopping. It becomes easier, you notice points opportunities everywhere, and soon you’re earning points as fast as you can spend them.

All it takes is getting started.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

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  1. Pretty sure this is a recycled post from a while back. Nothing wrong with posting good information regardless of age but if you’re going to regurgitate crap for clicks, at least respect your readers enough to say so in the disclaimer.

  2. Except getting a business card from Chase, is not as easy as you state. They now want tax returns and a P/L statement. I don’t know why you keep pumping this misinformation.

  3. It seems like this article about you giving a talk repeats itself with the same info every month or so

  4. @JohnB I just got a second Chase Ink Preferred (referring myself for an additional 20k UR) and did not need to provide taxes or “P/L statement”. I have 4 biz credit cards with Chase and haven’t had to provide any documentation to date.

  5. Cleverly, the post from August 6th with the exact same content has been removed.

    The URL was https:// /2019/08/06/start-from-scratch-get-2-business-class-tickets-wherever-you-want-in-4-months-2/


  6. Business cards are meant for business owners, not for people who occasionally sell items on ebay or at a garage sale. I don’t understand why you and other bloggers are encouraging average people to get business credit cards, save for commissions from the credit card company. It’s reckless credit advice. Even Chase has caught on, and does not want people to have a business credit card unless they run an bona fide business.

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