The Rewards Card I’m Most Excited About Right Now

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Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card

A couple of weeks ago Chase launched the deal of the year, an 80,000 point initial bonus offer for the brand new Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card (after $5000 spend within 3 months).

Since 80,000 points buys you about 1.5 cents in travel, the initial bonus on the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card can be said to be worth $1200. And it’s an amazing jump start on a companion pass, so you an actually get about $2400 in value out of this initial bonus offer.

The New Southwest Airlines Business Card Offers Amazing Value

There’s little question 80,000 points (plus the points you’ll earn from spend on the card) are worth even more than the offer earlier this year that included a companion pass valid through the end of 2019.

  • 110,000 points in a calendar year earns a companion pass. The initial bonus plus the points earned on the card from spending count towards that total.
  • When you earn a companion pass (rather than receiving a promotional one) — and this offer gets you most of the way there — it’s valid for the rest of the calendar year and the entire next calendar year.
  • So this offer can get you 2019 and 2020 and since you’re also earning a lot of points those points can cover a lot of air travel for you to take along a companion for the cost of taxes alone.

When you earn a companion pass you can get twice as much value out of each points, and 80,000 points becomes potentially worth $2400 in travel.

And that’s before you get to the travel benefits this card offers. Like the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card personal card, cardmembers receive 4 upgraded boardings per year, A1-15 boarding, which you purchase at the gate and get statement credit back for.

southwest performance business card priority boarding

Southwest Performance Business Card cardmembers are eligible to receive a statement credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck every four years. But a unique benefit is Southwest Airlines inflight wifi credits.

I regularly pay $8 per flight for internet on Southwest Airlines. This card will give you up to 365 wifi purchase credits per year. And employee cards come with no annual fee, so I believe getting extra cards should allow you to spread around the wifi credit benefit.

Two Reasons This Card Would Be Perfect for Me Right Now

I haven’t been this enthusiastic about getting a new rewards card in a long time. There are two reasons it would be perfect for me.

Now is the perfect time for me to be taking advantage of the companion ticket. My daughter can travel as a lap infant for awhile still, and I’m increasingly favoring shorter trips on non-stop flights which mitigates towards Southwest anyway since they’re the largest airline in my home city. She’s been to Paris and Sydney, we have a South Pacific trip booked with her, but now that she’s so much more mobile this past weekend’s domestic hop made life so much easier.

I need to do some card spending to keep my elite status. The value of Southwest A-List status was driven home for me when I bought a last minute Southwest flight home after my American Airlines trip cancelled. I managed to get an aisle seat despite boarding order C-53. Has anyone ever even seen a lower one in real life?

Not only does this card come with rebates for purchasing A1-15 boarding, but spend on the card can earn Southwest elite credits and I’m running behind on those for the year.

There’s Only One Wrinkle in the Plan

A lot of folks wonder whether they’re eligible for a small business credit card. I not only have a business, I have several — this blog, award booking, consulting work.

Chase even suggests that getting a small business card is one of the things you should do as you start your business, that it’s often the first resource many business owners look to as they start to grow. A small business card allow yous to separate business from personal expenses and builds the credit history and identity of your business.

There’s only one wrinkle. While getting a Chase small business doesn’t increase your 5/24 total, you still generally need to have gotten fewer than 5 new cards in the past 24 months to be approved. I wish Chase would develop an approval path, similar to American Express and Citi, where you can get approved for a card even if not eligible for a bonus.

However if you’re under 5/24, the new Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card is a fantastic card opportunity to jump on (and it shouldn’t even count as a new card when you’re considering the next one that’s subject to 5/24).

Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card

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  1. “Since 80,000 points buys you about 1.5 cents in travel”

    That return isn’t much to get excited about!

  2. @Gary, given your excitement I would be shocked if you didn’t get this amazing cards. I’m surprise you haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  3. I think WN A-list status is underappreciated. I didn’t pursue it actively until last year. Then I found it gives you a better boarding position than Early Bird (I often get A16-A20). As you noted, if you change your flight last-minute, you can board between the “A’s” and the “B’s”. And you can stand by for an earlier flight the same day at no cost.

  4. @ Gary — Your math is a bit off. 80,000 points does not earn you the companion pass, so the points are NOT worth $2,400. More importantly, there is nothing to get excited about here thanks to 5/24.

  5. @Gene – when you earn the companion pass (which the 80,000 gets you much of the way towards) the points can be leveraged for ~ $2400 in travel. Nothing off in the math there.

    You’d be surprised how many readers AREN’T at 5/24 yet.

  6. I’ll repeat my comment from last time, the bonus offer is worth $1,200 and the companion pass is worth what each individual makes it worth. It has no limitation on the high or low side to be worth $1,200.

  7. Sounds like a good path for 2020-21 after my current CP expires (and I expect many are in the same boat as we snagged passes before all of the 60k offers expired in 2017).

    Yes 80k isn’t 110k but relatively easy to charge 30k (particularly around tax time) and avoid another personal card app.

    For me the CP has been nowhere near $1200 in value because until recently WN didn’t fly to Mexico or Hawaii (and still no Europe). But still quite useful for regional travel and doesn’t tie up TTF fund if I need to cancel.

    It is too bad the card doesn’t come with A-list or at least a fast track option. The checkin at T-24 is the only thing I really hate about WN (and hate EBCI fees just as much)

  8. For those that did the other companion pass earlier this year and got the 30k bonus, and from the 80k on this one (assuming under 5/24), you would essentially be extending your companion pass for an additional year.

  9. What is the best card to get Membership Rewards for everyday spend, some restaurants of which quite a bit is international? Thanks

  10. Are the bonus points earned by this card “Tier Qualifying Points”? From the description of the card benefits it looks like one has to spend $10K on the card to earn 1500 Tier Qualifying Points.

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