The Turkish Airlines Lounge at Washington Dulles is Now a Priority Pass Lounge!

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I had seen this on a list a couple of months ago, that the Turkish Airlines lounge was supposed to be accessible with a Priority Pass card, but it hadn’t shown up on the Priority Pass website.

Of course, Star Alliance Gold members at Washington Dulles can use the Lufthansa lounge (United Golds and above). And United Club members could use the Turkish lounge as well (but no guests).

However Priority Pass’ reach at Washington Dulles was somewhat limited — the British Airways lounge is only available to cardmembers until 2pm, and reports are that people would often get turned away ‘due to space constraints’. The Air France KLM lounge is also in the network, though not available all hours.

The Turkish Airlines lounge is a great addition to the more than 40 lounges in the U.S. you can access via Priority Pass (and about 1000 around the world).

I have Priority Pass Select cards from several different credit cards, I actually write on the back of the card which credit card it came with because each offers different privileges.

  • American Express offers a Priority Pass with the Hilton Surpass card, but this doesn’t get you any free visits.

  • Platinum Card by American Express gets you unlimited free visits, but no free guests.

  • Citi Prestige gets you unlimited free visits, and two free guests.

  • The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve Card come with unlimited free visits and free guests.

The Turkish Airlines lounge at Dulles is near gate B43, and open throughout the day.

    Credit: Priority Pass

It features soups, hot pastries, and baked bread as well as cold items and a gorgeous bar. There’s a shower room and fast internet.

Your premium co-brand credit card lounge access just got a bit more useful in the DC area.

(HT: Mark R.)


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  1. @ Fester – Yes, you can bring a guest as a United Club member. Lufthansa allows UC members to access and bring one guest provided they are flying a Lufthansa flight. I could not get in when I tried but was flying Alaska.

  2. Gary are you and all the mileage gimme types that reside in the D.C. area going to buy fully refundable or WN RR award tickets simply to get through TSA and sit for hours noshing on food, booze and using free wifi?

    AMEX needs to buckle down on this plenty of people do it at DFW & MIA (LGA is landside but still requires seat assignment BP to gain entry) and it’s unfair to the carriers for repeat offender pax to take seats out of inventory they don’t ever intend to travel on. Both AMEX and the airlines should vigorously pursue offenders who engage in this. Amazing people the amount of time and willingness to trot across town people have to get a few bucks of food and booze.

  3. If this lounge is half as good as the Turkish Airlines CIP lounge at IST, I’m looking forward to visiting – thanks for the tip!

  4. Although I live near IAD don’t fly as much nowadays, this is FANTASTIC news. As you mentioned (Gary), the British Airways lounge closes early (which made it worthless for our IAD-LHR flight on BA last year). Amex Platinum card holders have no Centurion lounges to visit at D.C. airports, so it appears this Turkish/Priority Pass lounge just became the best (non-airline specific) airport lounge in the D.C. area. CSR holders, rejoice!

  5. @Josh G

    No snark, is this really something you think is an issue?

    Some moron had a Youtube video showing this but in reality, by the time you pay for a cab, car, or shuttle all the way to and from LGA/IAD/DFW, you’ve exceeded the cost of any nice co-working space in the city or buying rounds of drinks at a hotel bar with wifi. Add time in transit and it’s a lot of effort for free Miller Lite and wifi.

    It’s definitely possible the way you describe but you’re wasting a lot of effort and spending more money than you’re really getting out of the lounge. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it but could be wrong.

  6. @Josh G “Gary are you and all the mileage gimme types that reside in the D.C. area going to buy fully refundable or WN RR award tickets simply to get through TSA and sit for hours noshing on food, booze and using free wifi?”

    Another day another insult, another comment that has facts wrong [I don’t reside in the DC area], and that offers baseless speculation. Do you even know where IAD *is*? “Mileage gimme types” aren’t likely to make the trek out to Dulles. Now if there was a good Priority Pass lounge at DCA…

  7. Gary they could take the bus from Rosslyn and yes I know full well where Dulles is located, was just there a couple weeks ago. It’s a real problem at certain airports, I think people show up early when picking up friends and family members and wait in the lounge when they aren’t traveling.

  8. @ alexalexalex yes it is an issue in DFW and MIA and people are abusing access who aren’t traveling. Taking seats out of inventory could cost the airline revenue, complicates the job of agents, and then takes man power and time to process and audit refunds.

  9. Gary- this is great as I fly out of D.C. all the time. I have a BA flight next week and will check it out instead of my usual BA lounge. Any idea if there’s a limit on guests for sapphire reserve priority pass holders? I’d love to be able to get access when flying with my kids.

  10. This is a very nice (and, for the USA, exotic) lounge, although the location is probably inconvenient for domestic IAD travelers. Turkish seems to be quite good at spending gov’t money, because — like their USA Super Bowl ads — there’s no way this place makes any economic sense. Which makes it great for travelers!

    I was flying transatlantic coach from IAD during my last visit, and the food at the Turkish lounge was definitely better than what I got on the airplane. I also combined my visit with a trip to the Lufthansa lounge (Star Gold), which I highly recommend as well. Good pork lion at Lufthansa (good beer, too). Combined, they easily beat any AMEX Centurion Lounge experience.

  11. Gary – Can I use my 2 free United Club one time passes that come with my United Explorer card to access the Turkish Airlines Lounge at IAD? Thanks!

  12. Great news as PP options in the US are generally sparse and poor. I rarely fly out of IAD but do have a Copa flight coming up. That is from Concourse A. Looking at the airport map it appears both A and B are connected. Can anyone confirm you can pass terminals without leaving security at Dulles? Thanks

  13. I was just checking the app the other day and saw this pop up with no reviews. I thought it was a mistake but good to know otherwise.

  14. My first VftW hat tip 🙂

    I went yesterday afternoon during the afternoon window when BA and KLM are closed for PP users. The folks checking in ahead of me were also using PP. The desk agent said that the day before was the first day they accepted PP, and they were already getting lots of users from that.

    Entering around 4:30, it was packed, all the seats in the front room taken, but by 5-ish, it had emptied out significantly. I didn’t see any of this famous bread, but the food they had was a notch above KLM @ IAD, and way better than UA. Hot choices included potato dumplings, beef skewers, butter chicken, rice, and some sort of soup. And baklava for dessert.

    Full premium bar, but sparse beer selection.

  15. @Larry- Concourses A and B are connected at Dulles. It’s just one long hall way. You can easily walk from the COPA departure gate to/ from the Turkish lounge. In fact, I’m flying Etihad next week from IAD and will now definitely check out the Turkish lounge as well – easy walk (probably 5-10 minutes).

  16. If I forget my Priority Pass card and I don’t have the app on my phone, how can I gain access? Can they look up my membership? I don’t know where my card is.

  17. I thought UA Club member (with no status, just Club) could access the LH and TK lounges with a guest even though flying on UA ticket.

  18. I fly out of IAD quite regularly and have held Star Gold (via United) for years and have never seen the inside of the Lufthansa lounge due to United’s arcane domestic lounge policies. As such, I was excited to get the CSR card to gain PP (with guest) privs. Last few trips out of IAD I tried to visit BA and was turned away (limited space) and Air France KLM was okay. Given the limited access hours at the BA and AF lounges I had to look in the PP app today see when I was allowed in and BAM, there it was…Turkish Airlines lounge added to IAD!! I am so delighted to see this added as a good option at IAD. @gary I immediately came to your site to share the news but I see you found it before me.

  19. @gary how do you stay on top of lounges being added (or removed) from the PP network? I went looking and just noticed a carousel if images on the PP site noting new lounges added recently (Dulles, Manaus, Bishkek, Darwin, Bangkok, Frankfurt) but this is a bit too passive a way to keep track of such things. Is there any push mechanism that you know of to keep track of changes in the PP network?

  20. @gary, that is good news! The reason I ask is, I have been turned away from the Lufthansa lounge at IAD as a *G. They pointed me toward the United lounge. Grr!

    I assume you have to present a boarding pass for travel the same day but do you have to be flying on Lufthansa, International or anything special like that?

  21. What about no UA status but UA Club member? Can you access LH with guest? According to Star Alliance Lounge Access policy you can. Maybe I’ll Tweet Star Alliance and confirm. Don’t want to deal with an issue with my guest present.

  22. Just got denied entry with about 10 other PP users. The lounge is “space restricted” PP users from 2-4:30. WTH

  23. I was denied to Turkish lounge at will. There was only 30% occupancy and the was denied because ‘they were accepting until tomorrow’. Then a few seconds later, a family of 4 (middle-easter decent) with kids were accepted. I was denied not from occupancy related, but discriminated because I am not middle-eastern.

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