New Years in Paris: Air France Business, British Airways First, and the Park Hyatt Vendome: A Wonderful Place to Stay in Paris on Points

A trip report in five parts

  1. Air France A380 Business Class, Washington Dulles – Paris
  2. Park Hyatt Vendome
  3. Mostly Eating in Paris
  4. British Airways Paris Orly – London and the Concorde Room
  5. British Airways “New” First Class, London – Washington Dulles

By the time I made it to the hotel from the airport it was a little bit after noon. There weren’t rooms ready, which is reasonable, and they offered of course to store bags and ring me on my mobile when they could accommodate.

But then the woman assisting with our checkin said she thought they could have something ready fairly quickly, offered us complimentary coffees and to be seated while they checked into things.

We sat down and ordered cappuccinos, and just as it was arriving she came back over, let us know that our room was ready, and took us upstairs She then asked the staff to deliver the coffees to our room — and they did, albeit new fresh coffees in different cups. It was a wonderful, personal welcome. And they were apologetic throughout over not having a room ready when we arrived nearly three hours before check-in time.

I immediately thought the stay was off to a great start!

We went up in the elevator to the first floor (one floor above the lobby). Ok, I might have preferred a higher floor. But actually there was never any noise from the street at all, and looking out the window felt more connected to the city. So I wasn’t displeased at all.

I used points for the stay, 22,000 points per night. I initially booked a standard room and then reconsidered (after a bit of chastisement from Lucky), deciding that a suite was well worth the extra 12,000 points a night. Unfortunately there was never a suite available, and ultimately the hotel itself sold out during our stay.

And in fact after the stay when I emailed a request for a folio, they initially sent me the one for internal reimbursement from Hyatt. The first night Gold Passport was charged about 350 euros but each of the three subsequent nights the charge to Gold Passport was 800 euros. That’s redemption valueHyatt was paying over US$1000 a night for my award room.

So a room on the first floor, before official checkin time? I had no complaints, none at all.

My initial reaction to the room, though. It was small. A bed, a desk with chair, and another chair in the bedroom.

There was actually a large, walk-in closet and luggage storage area.

And the bathroom was probably three-quarters the size of the bedroom! In total, the room was a fairly decent size and the space was well-utilized.

The bath amenities were Blaise Mautin, and they were always refilled — with each service, twice daily — except for the body lotion which inexplicably was never replaced. The bottle lasted throughout the stay but it was nearly empty at the end, and for whatever reason a second bottle was not forthcoming (I didn’t request this, but it did seem strange).

It was great to be in the room after an overnight flight, even one where I did get a bit of sleep. DC-Paris is too short a flight, even when you’re sleeping reasonably well, to actually get rested.

My usual routine on arrival in Europe, when my schedule allows, is to give myself a nap in the afternoon. I’ll set the alarm or request a wakeup call, so that I get up and go out to dinner. A nice long dinner, fueled by the nap, and I go to bed at the ‘normal’ time for wherever I am. After one night’s sleep in Europe I’m on local time.

So I took pushed the electronic privacy button by the door and went to bed. About an hour later, the phone rang. I had set up a wakeup call but I quickly figured out it wasn’t time for that yet.

I answered the phone and it was the woman who brought us up to the room. It seems that the people who had the room last had left some items in the same, and could the hotel come up and retrieve them?

I was groggy but assented. If I had left, say, my passport in the safe and was trying to fly home I’d certainly hope to be able to retrieve my documents. I threw on a bathrobe, a staff member came up with a tool that he used to open the safe. He successfully retrieved the items, and realizing that I was woken up for this apologized and said I’d be hearing from the hotel more shortly.

I couldn’t fall back to sleep, and I never did hear again from the hotel about being woken when the privacy indicator was on. Not that I felt they shouldn’t have woken me under the circumstances, or that any sort of compensation was due. But having said “you’ll be hearing from us” I would have hoped to… hear from them. A thank you for understanding, we’re so sorry to have woken you, did you manage to get back to sleep? would have more than sufficed.

Now awake, I decided to get online and catch up on the day’s messages (since though close to the end of the year, it was still a business day). I found the hotel’s wireless internet to be slow, and I would frequently drop the connection. So I plugged in my rented wireless internet device which worked just fine. Internet connectivity at the hotel would improve a bit over the course of the stay, but most internet sessions were punctuated by a dropped signal a couple of times while I was working.

I got myself together and ready to go out for the evening, I hadn’t eaten much — no breakfast on my Air France flight since I slept through it, a croissant and a few slices of meat and cheese in the arrivals lounge — so was pretty hungry. And I wanted to adjust as quickly as possible to local time.

I hadn’t made a dinner booking for that first night, not knowing what time I’d eat. So the concierge was enlisted for not knowing when we’d want to eat. The concierge picked the perfect spot based on the specifications I gave him. And he provided a carefully drawn walking map, and suggested there was going to be a light rain likely when I’d be returning to the hotel so could they lend an umbrella? The stay was starting out with amazing little touches.

I walked out towards dinner and it was a lovely evening for doing so. While it’s an area that attracts tourists, and while plenty of people are on vacation over the Christmas/New Years period, it was surprisingly quiet.

On return to the hotel there was a half bottle of red wine waiting in the room.

I had already had my fill for the evening, but that bottle would prove useful over lunch the following day.

I fell right to sleep and didn’t wake up until around 8am, had a look outside the window onto the street and decided to make some coffee in the room.

Then I rang up for breakfast. The hotel offers the full American breakfast in their restaurant to Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond members, or they’ll let you take the benefit from room service. Since the American breakfast runs 49 euros per person, they’ll offer that as a credit as well if you prefer to order other items.

On the one hand 49 euros per person — 98 euros or about US$130 for two — for breakfast seems kind of insane. On the other hand, they aren’t just charging more for the same sort of breakfast you might get somewhere else. On actually eating the breakfast I found myself thinking that somehow it was actually worth the price they were charging (though I was still grateful to not actually be paying).

You can have muesli and yogurt and fruit. You can order a bread basket. Cooked to order eggs with sides. Fresh squeezed juice and coffee.

I had my eggs scrambled with emmental cheese and it was the absolute most delicious eggs I’ve ever had in my life. The pastries were delicious as well.

And to be able to order it all from room service? Absolute indulgence. I didn’t overeat, though, because I was in Paris and certainly intended to be eating out. Still, it’s hard to do better than breakfast — or other meals, even — at the Park Hyatt.

I also had breakfast in the restaurant, and the choices were very similar to what you could order off of the room service menu. Sure, it was a buffet so you could have as much as you wanted but they brought plenty of each item via room service so it’s not as though the delivered breakfast option didn’t come with enough food. The only advantage I found to the buffet was the ability to have unlimited coffee refills, or unlimited cappuccinos — whereas extra cappuccino through room service would have come at an additional charge.

Naturally I couldn’t resist having those amazing eggs again.

I walked around one day heading downstairs to have a look at the gym, which seemed to be going unutilized by most of the guests.

I did discover that there was a stash of complimentary bottled water there.

Fortunately, the daily mad service brought a couple of large bottles of water. And the evening turndown service put more bottles at the bedside. And I had taken a bunch of bottles with me from the Air France arrivals lounge. So with the help of Air France and the Park Hyatt I managed to stay hydrated, something I often find a bit of a challenge in Europe (usually I’ll make a stop at a grocery store).

My last night at the hotel was New Years Eve, and arriving back to my room after midnight there were some cookies there — I don’t know if they were for “Happy New Year” or “We’re sad to see you go” but they were delicious.

The next morning I slept in, and ordered room service again. This time it was far from perfect. I ordered a couple of cappuccinos and took one sip. Wow. They were made with spoiled milk. If you’ve ever downed warm spoiled milk, it makes for something that isn’t pretty.

I called room service, they seemed skeptical but promised to investigate. A few minutes later I had a call back, an apology, and a promise to send replacements right up. They ‘didn’t understand how that could have happened’ but acknowledged that the milk in the machine had gone bad.

Now again, I didn’t expect any sort of compensation for this but I rather expected a hotel of this caliber to offer up additional apologies. That didn’t happen. In fact, the original room service bill for that morning had a mistake on it, two were dining but the bill only took off breakfast for one. They had promised to fix it, but did not.

I proceeded to get dressed, planning to depart the hotel around 11:30am to begin the journey home. When I went downstairs to check out I found that the breakfast charge was still there, and it was a challenge to explain why it needed to be taken off (they kept pointing to the large amount that had already been taken off, as though the remaining amount were above and beyond the breakfast credit which it was not).

I sort of expected a followup apology for the rotten milk cappuccino, instead I was having to explain why I shouldn’t be charged extra for the breakfast. Nonetheless after a few minutes that was sorted out and I was ready to depart.

Ultimately this was the best hotel in Europe I’ve ever stayed at. I would definitely return. I wish the room had been a little bit bigger, though it was perfectly fine and the bathroom was amazing. Everyone was friendly as can be, although I was surprised by how rarely I was referred to by name other than when picking up the phone (when my name would no doubt have appeared to whomever was answering).

I was also surprised by the lack of followup, on the apology for waking me when the ‘do not disturb’ was on my first day (to open the safe) or for any sort of apology beyond from room service over the phone after they sent up hot spoiled milk.

Still, it was an amazing value on Gold Passport points. Even the one night where the hotel wasn’t completely sold out, Gold Passport was paying 350 Euros for my stay. Overall my 88,000 point stay cost Gold Passport nearly US$3700 in reimbursements to the hotel. And I got about US$525 worth of breakfast for free.

I wouldn’t have paid those prices out of pocket, so it’s not fair to say that’s the value I received, but it was an incredible benefit to be able to stay there on points. I was truly fortunate.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed information. My first trip to Paris will be at the Park Hyatt so your post is very timely.

  2. What a fantastic stay you had–for free!-never stayed there but I recall the most wonderful pumpkin soup I ever had in that restaurant.

    It was a great trip report entry. (Seems a pity to mar it with the petty complaints.)

  3. @bluecat I try to be totally fair and I don’t want to unreasonably set expectations of readers for their own stay. I don’t really view my report as containing complaints. I was simply saying it wasn’t ‘perfect’ though it’s the best hotel I’ve stayed at in Europe!

  4. @Charles R – there was a welcome note with the half bottle which made no reference to the disturbance, I assumed it was the welcome amenity

  5. I’ve read that France generally doesn’t have a tipping culture because the service charge/gratuity may be built into the price. Do you think it’s necessary to also add a tip for the room service breakfast? Thanks, Gary!

  6. The free-water-in-gym-trick is one I discovered at the PH SYD. I am always low on drinking water myself, so it was very nice to not have to pay the extortionate tourist rates around Circular Quay. It’s good to know that other PHs (and perhaps other hotels in general) have free water in the gym. Makes sense.

  7. I loved this hotel and had superb service. I also received, as a Diamond, a (full) bottle of wine as my welcome amenity. The breakfast is, without a doubt, the greatest breakfast of my life. They source their ingredients (croissants, jams, salmon) as if Thomas Keller was in charge. Amazing and a reason to stay. I also agree that the 22,000 points is a steal. The room is 1100 euros for an upcoming stay A NIGHT but I’m using points and very happy for the redemption.

    (A Side Note: from all I’ve read, the suites are not that great and not worth the 11,000 extra points unless you are entertaining others one night — read into that whatever you want.)

  8. @steve – I got breakfast they would have charged $535 for for free. And as I explained, I almost have myself convinced that I would’ve paid that. So pretty much, yeah I did.

  9. @edamame I do not think it is necessary to tip. But there *is* a line for gratuity on the slip. If you’re underspending the 49 euro per person credit you certainly can tip and not have it cost anything. They did such a great job with prompt service, setup, etc that I did add a modest amount

  10. I know you enjoy your in room coffee in the morning, that’s your “thing”, and that’s perfectly fine. I simply have a problem claiming you got $525 worth of breakfast. You know it’s an inflated price and you could have easily had affordable coffee and breakfast in a nearby patisserie – and gotten slightly more culture and local feel to boot rather than the upscale, whitewashed experience of a hotel. The only reason to eat every breakfast there is because it’s complimentary for you.

    If you truly think a breakfast of scrambled is worth €49, even considering it’s via room service, then we live in separate worlds. Would you pay €49 for breakfast? I certainly would not.

  11. ArizonaGuy, have you ever had a PH breakfast? It seems you haven’t. They’re worlds apart from a street breakfast. Some of my favorite breakfasts in the world have occurred in the PH SYD and PH Tokyo.

  12. Gary, what about the pervasive Blaise Mautin fragrance throughout the property – did you notice it (how could you not)? Did it bother you?

  13. Glad you enjoyed your stay. The pictures are great. I have to admit, if I were awoken after a long flight, were in a room I considered a bit small, served spoiled milk, and had an issue with the bill, I don’t think I’d have had such a great experience. I would probably complain around my wife, pay the bill, and never return. Not the ideal customer, I know, but I’m just being honest. Glad you can see through it and have a great stay!

  14. 1) The breakfast is spectacular. I compared it to what Keller would serve for breakfast at one of his restaurants. Would I pay for it? Yes, I would. But not every day. I’d go to a patisserie most days that I’m NOT staying at the PH Vendome. But while there, why not enjoy it? Just as I’d enjoy a free dinner at The French Laundry if it was complimentary.

    2) Dave, the fragrance is strong, but opening the french windows for a few minute airs out the room and in the hotel proper, I did not notice it.

  15. @Dave I noticed it when I walked into the hotel the first time. Then I got used to it, probably because it was what I was using on my body in the shower 🙂 I didn’t notice it after awhile. Didn’t bother me in the least.

  16. @ArizonaGuy – The breakfast was phenomenal. The eggs weren’t the only piece of it. The pastries were out of this world. Everything was very high quality from the muesli to the preserves. Would I have done that every day of my stay if it wasn’t complimentary? No. But would I have done it once at least? Absolutely. I know it seems crazy to spend 49 euros on breakfast but it really was an experience that I think was worth it.

  17. Re: what is worth it and what is value? This subject has been covered a lot. Would I pay $5000 to fly American business class LAX to London? No. Would I pay $800 and use 2 eVIPS to fly business class LAX to London? Yes. Did I receive $4200 in value for using my eVips? Not really — because I wouldn’t have paid $5000 in the first place. But I would have paid $2000 for the business class seat so maybe the value is really $1200? Just like the Vendome breakfast is 49 euros and is very expensive. But like the French Laundry, this time I think it is worth it. It is a truly remarkable meal and, if you are like me — someone who will eat a large breakfast and then not again til dinner — something I would actually pay for (oh — the jams, charcuterie and croissants were just mind-altering delicious).

  18. @Gary, were the Spa facilites still down? I stayed 4 nights about a week before you did, and was severely disappointed to find out (via a note in the room none the less) that the steam room/sauna/spa everything was being remodeled and only massages were available. There was also no mention of it on their website.

    Paris is cold in December and it would have been nice to warm up after being out in the cold.

  19. I stayed there shortly after they opened. Room was gorgeous but small.

    I would have been happy to hear my room is on the first floor (or maybe the second). I know there is a chance of street noise, but the higher the floor the lower the ceilings in Europe in the older buildings.

    One pet peeve of mine is turning the former servant quarters on the top floor into suites. They maybe larger but they still feel like subpar accomodations with the sloping roofs and dormer windows. The Westin Dublin has that (although when I expressed disappointment (I had booked a suite), they gave me one of my all time most amazing suites.

    I think the PH Vendome suite upgrades are to the former servant quarters on the top floor.

  20. In May 2011 we did a week-long paid stay in a Park Executive Suite, which was lovely. It’s basically two standard rooms put together, so you get two of those huge, fabulous bathrooms, two big walk-in closets, a bedroom and a living room. Felt very spacious and was super-quiet, overlooking the courtyard. If you could get one of those rooms with a points upgrade, it would be very well worth it.

    For some reason they were offering a “romance package” at the time for less than the standard room rate. The package included that amazing room service breakfast and a half bottle of champagne EVERY MORNING of our stay. It was over the top, but hey, you only have one 11th anniversary. (We like to celebrate odd occasions, what can I say.)

    Anyway, I have to agree with you, Gary, that the breakfast is an experience potentially worth 49 euros a person, at least once.

    The concierge did great things for us, including getting us a reservation at Taillevant.

    I hated the “house scent” that permeated all the public areas of the hotel, though. It was really my only complaint about our stay.

  21. I only ordered the continental bread basket for room service. Didn’t know you could order more. I was told only continental.

  22. Great report Gary. I’m staying there for 4 nights this summer and I’m a Platinum member, is there a lower grade complimentary breakfast non Diamond members?

  23. PHPV is a stellar hotel, but it really bugs me to learn that their internet is still problematic. I had a 4 night stay back in June 2012 and had very bad connection. I would assume a hotel this caliber would’ve had it fixed by now. Very disappointed to read.

    I do agree their breakfast is amazing. It’s one of the things that make Diamond membership worth going for.

  24. The Blaise Mautin fragrance doesn’t me at all….as a matter of fact, I enjoy it (one of my close friends dislikes it, but continues to stay there…bitch, bitch). I commented on the fragrance during my second day, to the young women who had assisted with my check in at the front desk. When I arrived back in my room that evening, I found a small bag with an ample supply of the shower gel as a take home remembrance. The supply has long been exhausted, so I guess it’s time to return to one of my favorite Hyatt properties.

  25. I agree. No compensation was really required, but indicating that you would her from them and then hearing nothing is in poor form. A simple note should have done the trick. I recently encountered the same at the Hyatt Harborside – Logan. Had arrived quite late, to the point of having brushed my teeth on the plane. Next morning was my first visit to the bathroom which housekeeping had neglected to clean. FD asked that I email my photos, which I did, they and indicated I would hear from them. I did not need or request compensaton. But when promised, some form of communication would be appropriate.

  26. It doesn’t matter a damn what you think it’s worth or are willing to pay. That will never lower the price one penny. If it weren’t for pts and miles, I wouldn’t be able to travel at all so I guess my two weeks in Europe biz class including the PH Vendome, had a value of zero! He ate a breakfast that the hotel charges 49 E. That ‘s the value as evidenced by what Hyatt reimbursed the hotel. I didn’t see a discount there because Gary “normally” eats at McDonalds and stays at Motel 6. What would the IRS ask Gary to pay tax on if they taxed him on the 49E breakfast? Too smart for yourselves.

  27. I spent 4 nights with my wife at the Park Hyatt Paris in September using the 2 free nights from the Hyatt card and two nights with points. It was an over the top, incredible experience. When we arrived at 9am for check-in, I wasn’t expecting the room to be ready. I was shocked that it was not only ready, but they upgraded us to Park Deluxe King on the 5th floor. This was my first trip over seas and the thought of being able to clean up and shower after the long flight from Denver was fantastic! Even better, as a platnium using points for the first time stay there, they threw in the breakfast buffet for free for the length of our stay. We did have to pay $10 extra to try the eggs. Which was well worth the extra money. We were blown away by how delicious and fresh everything was at breakfast. The staff greeted us by name every morning for breakfast. Our room was actually quite large with a nice balconey on the back side of the hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower and Opera. My wife was very excited that the conceirge was able to get us reservations to Frenchies. After the Park Hyatt we spent four more days at the Radisson Blu Champs Elysees with points. Our room was tiny and cramped. We tried their breakfast before our flight home and for the same $49 euros it sucked. Denny’s has a better breakfast!

  28. Stayed there with my family in April, 2012 and loved every minute of it. We had some minor service issues but they did not detract from the overall experience. And that orange juice!

  29. ‘mad’ or ‘maid’ service?

    but on a more serious note: stayed there several times on points as well. Sometimes received a courtyard high floor which they perceive as an upgraded category. But still: rooms are on the smaller side.

    Had some service issues there as well. Usually gracefully fixed.
    Upon some really bad experiences which I wrote the the mgmt I received a personalized invitation for two to the Michelin restaurant – we took full advantage of it on our next trip and were never charged a dime. Since then I love the place 🙂

    Glad you like it. During summer I enjoy sitting in the courtyard and get drunk watching (interesting) people.

  30. @Gary

    You know that, in reality, you probably would not have spent that more than once, just as you said to ArizonaGuy.

    The whole thing of value/cost/worth etc. is obviously very complicated. If I spend $15 on a sandwich and coffee at the starbucks in LAX, did I get $15 worth of starbucks? In a sense, yes–and in a pinch I might be willing to spend it. But it’d still be a rip off, and I’d consider it a poor value. If I had a free food voucher and it covered it, would I feel like I made out like a bandit? Sure, maybe. I’d still think their prices were ludicrous.

    I didn’t mean to come across like a jerk in my initial comment. I guess what I really mean is that, instead of such number-crunching valuations which lead us to conclude that the best valuation is always the highest cpm (which doesn’t mean it doesn’t factor in, because obviously if you’re enabled to do something you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, and you enjoy that experience, it’s valuable), maybe we should just be concerned with the qualitative experience overall–even if we conclude that thus and such was still massively overpriced.

    So I’m glad you really did enjoy your breakfast at the park hyatt, and I hope you had a wonderful stay.

  31. @Steven @Gary – I just returned a few days ago from Park Hyatt Vendome and as a Platinum was given an upgrade to Deluxe room and free buffet breakfast (Continental). I didn’t know I could order eggs for an extra $10 or I would have! Nevertheless it was delicious and filling and when I signed the check every morning for 86 euros I was like WOW. (I did tip some because the service was so good)!

  32. I was there in late nov, early dec on a 4 night pt stay as a platinum. They did give us free breakfast for the entire stay.

    I was also on the first floor. For Europe and Paris the room is fairly large. I thought having a sink in the shower was a bit strange.

    They seemed to address me by my last name each day at the breakfast room.

    And, no it is not worth the price. This is Paris and almost anywhere you can have excellent pastries, etc for a small cost.

  33. I got free buffet breakfast as a Platinum. The letter providing the benefit referenced the fact that it was my first award stay. That cappuccino inspired me to buy an espresso machine at home.

  34. There’s a chance that I MIGHT get a free upgrade and breakfast for my stay in July. Keeping my fingers crossed! Not sure if it will make a difference, I used my two certificates from the Hyatt card..

  35. Stayed 2 days in November – very very very nice. DUMB tho was my leaving my laptop in the room, which I discovered at the airport. A frantic call to the hotel, and after some quick deliberation of options and what to do, a concierge desk fellow was in a taxi and hand delivered it at the airport – all within about 45 minutes. I paid dearly for his taxi fare(s), and gave him a significant thank you tip to boot, no problem. The funny thing was the 8 dollar charge on my final bill for the phone call working out the solution. Go figure.

  36. @Steve – I used my 2 free night certs too. I’m sure you’ll get the upgrade and free breakfast – enjoy! We ended up staying a 3rd night on points b/c we didn’t want to leave….

  37. My friends and I planned a Park Hyatt jaunt around Europe a couple years ago with the free nights from the Hyatt Visas (which we all got), and we all status challenged to Diamond right before the trip so we’d get the free internet/breakfast daily. None of us had the intention (nor do we now) of staying with Hyatt long-term so it was a freebie status we only wanted for trip benefits.

    We stayed at the PH Milan, Zurich, and Paris (with a couple other other hotels along the way because we didn’t have enough free Hyatt nights). I agree that the PH Paris breakfast was OUT OF THIS WORLD good. I didn’t have the scrambled eggs you mention but I did have some black truffle eggs benedict — simply phenomenal.

    You MUST check out the PH Zurich (don’t think I’ve seen you write about it). While there isn’t much in Zurich proper, it’s a decent town to check out for a day or two while making your way around Europe. The elite recognition at PH Zurich were the best I’ve ever seen across any hotel chain. For a one night stay we were upgraded to a massive suite that seemed to take up a solid 1/4 of a floor, were given 2 full-size bottles of wine and a several boxes of chocolate and candies, free rollaway, amazing breakfast, and even 10AM checkin. Even the concierge was amazing — we wanted to ensure that we’d be able to get seats on the train we were going to leave Zurich with and the online purchase system wasn’t working for our US credit cards so the concierge even offered to drive over to the train station to purchase our tickets for us and charge to the room!

    At the end of the trip we tallied up the “MSRP” of everything we got for free over the 6 nights we stayed in Hyatt between the Hyatt Visa and elite benefits — rooms, internet, breakfast, rollaways, wine — and it came to over USD $10,000 for the 6 nights! And we didn’t even have to pay the annual fees on the Visa 😀

  38. Dave…I drink tap water…including a few times in Paris, filling it from the sink in my hotel & from the public fountains scattered around the city.

    I’d choose not to waste the plastic & would rather spend my time enjoying one of the planet’s greatest cities than running around trying to find more or free bottles.

  39. To Corky Putt Putt and others who got the free breakfast as a platinum: Did they tell you this before hand that you’d receive it or did you learn of this at checkin?

    I’ll be going with my girlfriend for three nights this summer. She’s platinum and room was booked with her award nights so hoping we get it too. Considering they are apparently receiving the regular rate reimbursed from Hyatt, I see why they treat their award guests so well!

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