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With Oil Prices Down and Stable, Why is ANA Raising Fuel Surcharges?

ANA plane
Aug 23 2019

Changing fuel surcharges is an efficient way to raise and lower all fares in a market. Corporate discounts may apply only to base fare, so a fuel surcharge may also be a way to fully pass on a price increase to corporate customers – whether they have a percentage discount or fixed fare agreement.

Mostly though for airlines who impose such surcharges on mileage redemptions they’re a tax on an airline’s most loyal customers.

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Why is Chase’s Sapphire Preferred Offering a 60,000 Point Initial Bonus?

Aug 22 2019

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card was the ‘it’ card several years ago and it remains just as good. It had a generous initial bonus, earned double points on travel and dining, came with primary collision coverage when you rent cards, and points transfer to a variety of airline and hotel points programs.

So why the need to increase the bonus to 60,000 points after $4000 spend in the first 3 months of cardmembership?

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United Airlines Adds Several New Europe Flights and Makes West Coast – India Year-Round

Aug 22 2019

It’s great to see the airline deploying their new premium-heavy 46 business class seat 767s aggressively, and not just out of Newark or even on pure business routes.

The new Polaris business class seat is a competitive advantage not because it’s better than what Delta, American, or Air France offer – or what British Airways or Virgin Atlantic will offer – it isn’t. It generally lags all of those. However they’re able to offer fully flat direct aisle access business class seats, attractively designed, using less cabin space. That allows them to fit more seats into the same footprint, or add seats without taking out as many from a lesser cabin.

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