A Whole Vacation Stay With Just One Credit Card

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Jun 28 2022

Chase has a new offer that’s never been bigger before for the Marriott Bonvoy BoundlessTM Credit Card. You can earn 5 free nights after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. These nights are each valid for redemptions worth up to 50,000 points, or 250,000 points total.

What’s amazing is that two nights is a standard offer, or 100,000 points worth two 50,000 point nights apiece. This isn’t just bigger. It isn’t twice as big. It’s worth up to two and a half times the usual offer.

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JetBlue Doesn’t Know When To Quit, Raises Offer To Buy Spirit Airlines

Jun 27 2022

When Frontier Airlines raised its offer to buy Spirit Airlines and gave the Spirit Airlines board cover to again endorse a merger between the two airlines (walking away from a much bigger offer from JetBlue that faces greater anti-trust scrutiny) it seemed like game over. The new offer even got the endorsement from two independent proxy advisory firms.

JetBlue isn’t done though. They’ve come out with a new, increased offer in advance of Thursday’s Spirit Airlines shareholders meeting, a last ditch effort.

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Man Airdrops Photos Of His Private Parts On Southwest Plane, Gets Exposed

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Jun 27 2022

A Southwest Airlines passenger was accused of airdropping photos of his genetalia to other passengers on the plane.

AirDrop is a way for Apple devices to share photos. Other Apple users can choose to receive or not receive photos, or limit who can send them to you. But many leave the setting open, though I don’t know anyone that would accept files sent by someone they did not know.

A woman sitting across from him got an airdrop notification on her phone. She saw the man airdropping photos on his phone. She looked at the photo and asked if he meant to send it.

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Forget Priests, Therapists, It’s TSA Screeners That Know Our Deepest Secrets

Jun 27 2022

The TSA can rifle through your luggage at will and will pull sex toys out of your bags in front of other passengers. You walk through machines that take naked images and screeners get to fondle you if they find you attractive.

TSA even had a program to follow ordinary passengers and mark down when they used the bathroom. But perhaps there’s nothing more intimate than having your pancake mix obsession revealed as the price of domestic travel.

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