Viral Video Shows Louis Vuitton Carry On Bag – After Delta Promises It Won’t Get Damaged

Feb 06 2023

A viral video shows Delta Air Lines requiring a carry on bag to be checked at the gate – promising that if the bag is damaged the airline is responsible for that. The bag comes back with scuff marks.

This highlights the difference between what an airline considers damage and mere everyday use. However the traveler is particularly put out by the scuff marks because this is a Louis Vuitton bag and that’s no longer pristine.

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Near Disaster As Air Traffic Control Clears Fedex Plane To Land On Top Of Southwest Jet In Austin

Feb 05 2023

FedEx freighter flight 1432 was cleared to land in Austin, while a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, flight 708 to Cancun, was cleared to take off, using the same runway. The incident occurred around 6:40 a.m. on Saturday morning. Thankfully the FedEx plane pulled up and away, mere feet from landing on top of the passenger flight.

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Château LaFake: Should Importing Counterfeit Wine And Other Luxury Goods Be Illegal?

Feb 04 2023

Interesting in U.S. law you cannot protect the recipe for wine. You can only have intellectual property in its packaging. If the wine tastes identical, then customers are really getting what they expected right? And it’s just the famous brand that isn’t making profit off of it.

If you look at once high quality brands that have been acquired and watered down their products… think Tumi in luggage, Dom Perignon in champagne (not every vintage should be released, and once wouldn’t have been!)… then the brand is actually what’s lying, communicating to consumers a quality that turns out not to be delivered.

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