This Card Has a 100,000 Bonus Offer – And Can Rebate You $600 a Year, Too

airplane cabin
Nov 18 2019

I like the new British Airways Visa Signature® Card a lot more than I did before Chase updated the card with new benefits. This is the first card that ever had a six figure initial bonus offer in the U.S., it has a companion award ticket you can earn make it worth considering, but it’s the new rebate up to $600 a year when you book award tickets that’s most enthralling.

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Is This The Biggest Boarding Pass That Has Ever Been Printed?

Nov 17 2019

For years airlines have allowed you to print your own boarding pass at home. They don’t even usually tell you what kind of paper you’re allowed to use. We know you’ll cause some hysteria if you generate boarding passes for flights you don’t actually have a ticket for. But beyond that, are there limits to what you can get away with?

This is actually a pretty good gag, but if you decide to try it at home it’s a good idea to have a backup copy that’s smaller – just in case. And beware, travel alone is subject to flight shaming – just imagine if you waste paper, too!

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Two United Offers to Generate 200,000 Miles

Nov 17 2019

Meeting the spend requirements on both cards, and earning the full bonuses, would generate a minimum of 200,000 United miles.

That’s great because United Airlines MileagePlus has several things going for it: no fuel surcharges on any awards; great partner redemptions which are still pricing based on the old award chart; abolished expiration of miles; and there are no more ‘close-in’ booking fees.

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Airline CEO Wants Government to Ban Business Class for the Public Good

Nov 16 2019

Every business can do this, cloak their self-interested lobbying in the mantle of benefit for a broader public good. Indeed, most businesses who seek to profit by political rather than economic means do this today. It’s just exceptionally common in the airline industry, where government corruption has run rife on consumer interests for a hundred years.

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