10,000 Extra Miles And 10 Upgrade Certs, Sign Up To Be Notified About New Air Canada Credit Card

Oct 25 2021

Details on the new Air Canada Aeroplan credit card from Chase will come out in December. As a result of the co-brand relationship, Air Canada is already a transfer partner of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards.

Already you can get an extra 10,000 miles with the card if you sign up to be notified when it launches. Now they’re adding 10 upgrades into the mix as well and dropping a hint about a card benefit. This adds onto an easy status match for U.S. frequent flyers.

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NASA Director: UFOs Are Real And May Be Aliens

Oct 24 2021

When President Obama became President the first thing he asked about was UFOs. Because if you’re the President you can finally learn what’s inside Area 51. And Obama thinks UFOs are real.

Now the Director of NASA, former Senator Bill Nelson, says we don’t have any idea what UFOs are but something is out there – and that aliens is probably a better outcome for us than some sort of stealth technology held by an adversary on earth.

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It’s Time For Vaccinated-Only Flights In The U.S.

Oct 23 2021

Anthony Fauci has said he wants a vaccine requirement for domestic air travel. I don’t think this would be legal, impinging as it does on the right to travel. As a commercial decision by an airline, without government pressure, to offer a vaccinated flight option it seems like a great idea.

So let’s give this a shot, see if the requirement attracts more business and shifts market share. I’d go out of my way, flying at less convenient times and an airline I don’t usually choose, to know that the person in the middle seat next to me is far less likely to have and spread Covid.

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