When Airline Refuses To Pay Flight Compensation, Passenger Sends Bailiff To Collect The Money

Mar 19 2023

It took 7 months and bailiffs showing up at the airport, but the passenger got the money. Sending a bailiff works because if staff don’t pay up, the bailiff can literally confiscate and sell office furniture and equipment. One Star Alliance airline even cancelled a flight in 2019 to avoid sending a plane where they knew a bailiff would be waiting.

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Inside A Room You Don’t Get To See At DC’s National Airport: American Airlines Admirals Club VIP Space

Mar 18 2023

One thing that most people miss when visiting the Admirals Club on the E concourse at Washington National is the VIP Room. It’s tucked right behind the checkin desk on the right as you get off the elevator.

This space is unique among clubs, built because the airport sees a large number of Members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, heads of Executive Branch agencies, as well as visiting dignitaries from abroad. You and I aren’t be invited in (usually).

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