TMZ Airport Edition: Shirtless Justin Bieber and Monkeys at Security and Customs

Yesterday anabolism posted the news on Milepoint that Justin Bieber went through airport security in Poland with his shirt off and pants down below his underwear (photos and video).

Apparently he wasn’t ordered to disrobe and he didn’t put his shirt back on post-security.

Personally I’m most surprised that he was going through a public security checkpoint considering he was flying private, but I’m not at all familiar with Polish security procedures for private aircraft.

Today, tom911 flags on Milepoint that Justin Bieber’s pet monkey has been seized by customs in Munich.

monkey has been seized from pop star Justin Bieber after he flew it into Munich from the US on a private plane.

The pet, a capuchin called Mally, is thought to have been given to the singer for his 19th birthday on March 1 by music producer Jamal Rashid.

..The monkey is currently being held in quarantine until the singer produces the correct paperwork.

Customs may have been worried the monkey had Bieberfever.

Photos of Bieber with his monkey at the link.

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  1. It’s unfair that he should grant U.K the enormous favor of promising to never come back? Why won’t he do that for the U.S.A? Come on Justin.

  2. There is no such thing as private security in Poland 😉 I hope he left because we definitely don’t need him, naked or fully clothed.

  3. Once he’s decided he’s going to do it (which I have no problem with), what is the point of having the black-jacketed personal security escort goon trying to block anyone’s view of its being done??? Surely the point (beyond the simple teenaged fun and subversiveness of it, guaranteed to upset the prudes and puritans among us) is to be seen doing it, to get noticed, and to get both attention and publicity. So having an employee act as a shield is manifestly phony, as if the “daring” of doing it is somehow shameful, which is the total opposite of the supposed point.

  4. @The Montane Vole – I don’t think Justin Bieber is capable of thinking something through to that extent. 🙂

  5. Come on. America’s favorite jailbait gets to start acting out now for our amusement. I feel sorry for the monkey though.

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