Korean TV Skewers Southwest LaGuardia Landing Gear Incident: Capt. Kent Parker Wright

Reacting to a San Francisco television station identifying the pilot of the Asiana flight which crash landed earlier this month as Sum Ting Wong, a Korean TV station has ‘confirmed’ the names of crew on the Southwest flight that went down hard at LaGuardia.

After the landing gear failure of the Southwest flight at LGA they showed this graphic with American pilot names “Captain Kent Parker Wright”, “Co-Captain Wyatt Wooden Workman”.

They even went as far as making up fake names for people to interview. Flight instructor “Heywood U. Flye-Moore” and skeptical passenger “Macy Lawyers”.

(HT: Ozaer N. on Facebook)

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  1. As the mainstream media, not to mention commenters on this blog, made quite clear a couple of weeks ago, doing this sort of thing is despicably racist. 😀

    Not to mention that the US news network was taken in by a prank, whereas this was clearly done with malice aforethought by those in charge at the Korean network. So I fully expect the same ranting and raging by the PC thought police, denouncing this as forcefully as they did KTVU. Not holding my breath waiting though…

  2. @ Robert Hanson:

    “Malice aforethought”? It’s satire! Does Jay Leno also act with “malice aforethought” in your view?

  3. That is funny, but it’s not nearly as funny as the original. As for those saying it’s racist, it’s not. Heck, Korean ain’t even a race. Neither is American. We need more humor in the news, as I’m tired of seeing what bank was robbed or something else that’s wrong.

  4. They should have gotten help by some comedic individuals
    their attempt at humor is more funny then the end result 🙂

  5. @Max and eltex May I suggest you goggle the term “sarcasm”? Hence the smiley face right after my first sentence.

    I thought it was stupid to call the original one racist, but if one is going to go that way, then yes, one would have to repeat the foolishness by calling this racism as well.

    My point, lest you not be able to fathom it for yourself, and apparently you couldn’t, is that the people who screamed racism, due to it being a “white” newscaster, not to mention the “absolute evil” Fox corporation, will not say anything negative when a Korean station does on purpose what a US station did by mistake.

    As for Carl’s conspiracy theory, yeah, sure, Fox so relishes the false slurs of racism hurled at it, it went out of it’s way to make it easy for simple minded people to add to the pile of BS already being thrown at it. Hint: that last sentence is also sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.

    Peace out…. 😀

  6. I really doubt this actually even happened. What’s the name of the Korean station or agency? Why is there so much English on their screen, and basically no Korean?

  7. There is no video of this news broadcast anywhere online and it appears to be photoshopped. I don’t believe it’s real.

  8. yeah considering there is no video, the only korean is super lazily (it says Haha News). The format/coloring looks exactly like american news, how all the fake names are crammed together. It’s pretty clear this is a screenshot somebody made up

  9. You should note that this is completely fake, someone’s idea of a joke.

    First, it’s an American news channel screen cap with (as Jason noted above) “Ha Ha News” in Korean to the lower right, probably copied/pasted from MS Paint. Quality is horrible, clearly mocked up, and a Korean news channel would have the text in Korean.

  10. Yeah this is clearly a photoshop pic by an individual and not a TV station.
    You need to change the misleading title and do some investigation first.

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