Nikki Haley Blasts American Airlines for Cancelled Shuttle Flight

UN Ambassador and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who will be stepping down from her post at the end of the year, blasted American Airlines on Twitter for their operational reliability.

Normally I can easily sort through what flight someone is referring to, but a cancelled evening flight for which a train is substitutable probably means a Shuttle flight between New York and DC (which would make sense for the UN Ambassador) but does not actually help us narrow down the flight in question.

American flight AA4764 from New York LaGuardia to Washington National, the last flight of the night, did operate. That might have suggested to me that she was headed in the opposite direction, from DC to New York, on the guess that American Airlines VIP services staff might have gotten her onto it except that the earlier 7 p.m. departure was delayed past when that flight departed prior to cancelling.

While United’s Newark – Washington National flights were delayed last night due to weather; maintenance; air traffic control; late arriving aircraft and crew they all operated in both directions. All of Delta’s New York LaGuardia – Washington National flights operated as well.

There’s much speculation about why Haley is stepping down from her post at the U.N., including whether she might be appointed U.S. Senator from South Carolina if Lindsey Graham were named attorney general after the midterms (with the President asking for Jeff Sessions to resign). American, though, had better hope she’s not waiting in the wings to replace Elaine Chao at the Department of Transportation.

(HT: Marc R.)

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  1. The YCA fare on the DCA-LGA route is $70. Haley should file a complaint with GSA, which could rescind AA’s City Pair award on that route for poor performance.

  2. What has [inappropriate comment removed -gl] done during her time in office to help with situation or any other? People in SC were glad to see her leave, unfortunately she’s getting more publicity while doing substantially less on a daily basis.

  3. Don’t worry Ms Haley
    American Airlines ranks up there with the best of Airlines in North America
    They will take great care of you just like they take care of Concierge Key members lifetime Platinum etc and those mere paying customer sans elite status
    Because they truly care about their customers and always provocatively offer solutions and assistance,compensation in most any situation just like the EU
    Why I am sure they offered you a complimentary seat on another airline to get you to your destination in a timely manor
    Your on time arrival comfort and well being are always their first priority because nobody cares like American Airlines
    Why is my nose growing like Pinocchio 🙁

    By the way do you realize when an airline has a near monopoly in this country service/experience declines?
    Yes lack of competition means shrinking leg room/ seats , more likely late flights, lousy food and simply a non caring culture with agents lacking empowerment regularly to do the right thing consistently
    Hopefully we can get an administration one day that might make suggestions better yet implement solutions to make for better competition and make airlines have a legal responsibility to take care of customers reasonably ahead of their profits first/ business behavior mentality
    Hope you enjoyed the train ride 🙂

  4. Let her file a complaint with the FAA. The will file it in the trash. Then she can go to small claims,court to have her case dismiss ed

  5. Ridiculous “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” on display.
    Airlines ran so much better when another party was in the White House… Yeah, right…

  6. Guess she got a little too comfortable on those private flights she was taking for which she’s currently being investigated……hmmm, wonder why she stepped down. And when that many flights are cancelled, could it be a weather issue??

  7. Pat, to true, he’s a fascist mixed with a sociopath.. he doesn’t care what happens to anyone other than those who bear his you, we, are all out of luck.

  8. that’s what happens when bad, greedy management tries to run a big operation with the legal minimum of labor. one small glitch and the whole thing falls apart. but hey , as long as the ultra rich get theirs.. nothing else matters… the new normal for the USA.

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