This Man Was So Frustrated By a Flight Delay He Lit His Luggage on Fire

I’ve frequently argued that Pakistan International Airlines is the worst airline in the world whether it’s sacrificing a goat for safety or flying with more passengers than seats (and making customers stand for 1700 miles).

When things go wrong at the airline, employees actually benefit. I’ve noted, “When PIA employees are forced to overnight passengers at a hotel at the airline’s expense, the employees earn kickbacks from those hotels.”

Boeing 777 on Approach to New York JFK in 2014, Copyright zhukovsky / 123RF Stock Photo

Whether it’s violent protests by employees, or long haul travel without working air conditioning, PIA is just a challenge from start to finish. Frustrations run high as normal course of business. And sometimes people can’t take it anymore.

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK607 from Islamabad to Gilgit was delayed and then cancelled. Tensions were running high as passengers were told they’d fly the next day.

Passengers were chanting and one did the only thing he could do to express his frustration and feel like he had some control over the situation: he set his luggage on fire.

We’ve all felt that way from time to time, amiright?

(HT: Andrea Romano)

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  1. HahHah!

    Not bad: we need some people like this from time to time to have ideas and procedures changed.

    And there were some yellow vests!


    thanks Gary for the post.

  2. No you totally wrong. I never felt like pit my luggage on fire even when flight are canceled. The man has me tal issues.

  3. Reminds me of republicans showing their frustration for being white, privileged, rich, whatever.

    He probably didn’t have his Keurig with him, or maybe his Nikes were in his bag…

  4. @sadstateofournation: I can verify rich, white Republicans laugh at Kuerig while brewing their $1.25 Nespresso capsule and preparing milk in their Aerocino milk frother. Given your premise is wrong…..

    As to the guy setting his luggage on fire, at least he wasn’t setting himself, or worse, his wife , on fire.

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