8 People a Day Die on One City’s Trains and Hyatt Suing Hyatt

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  1. Your story about the re-investment into Washington Union Station points out an increasing issue with Amtrak meeting its mission for providing a national service.

    Interestingly, Amtrak proposes to increase Acela schedules to twice per hour. No problem for the states along the Northeast Corridor (Boston-NYC-Washington) who do not pay for train services, whether Acela or Northeast Regional.

    However, for all other states west of the Potomac/Hudson Rivers, the state-supported routes are required by Congress to pay fully allocated costs (per Amtrak’s own questionable cost methodology) for every train frequency on every route, regardless of the actual lower incremental costs involved.

    Caveat-given the pathetic politics by Amtrak at the expense of the national system, Amtrak cannot be sustainable if only focusing resources in the Northeast as the changing national economy demands greater efficiencies and maximized utilization of assets and services.

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