VIDEO: Spirit Airlines Passenger Lights Up at His Seat, Man Across the Aisle Narcs Him Out

United Airlines introduced the first ‘non-smoking section’ on its planes in 1971. Smoking on US domestic flights was first banned in 1988 (for flights up to two hours) with all domestic and international flights required to be smoke-free by 2000.

Still we sometimes see passengers light up in the lavatories, often they’re drunk and sometimes celebrities. It can be cigarettes or pot.

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Since passengers sometimes disobey the law you’ll still find ashtrays in lavatories.

Usually though passengers aren’t so brazen as to just sit at their seat and light up. But our hero on a Spirit Airlines flight decided to throw caution to the wind. And it was captured on video.

The best part is watching the man across the aisle reacting. His face is priceless. And he flags down a flight attendant.

These things never end well of course, and in this case it ended with law enforcement.

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  1. Of course it was Spirit. I’m sure Hipster Smoker also took advantage of the $0.99 “bare fare” too.

    Spirit = Flying Greyhound, or Wal Mart of the Skies

  2. @Robert and @C.A.Mason I don’t think he was condemning him at all and he definitely didn’t insult the man. He was just pointing out the guys reaction. The guy was truly shocked at what he saw and had trouble processing that it was even happening at first, then of course he called a flight attendant over.

  3. I disagree on your assessment that this thing is a “man”. This thing lacks the brainpower and motor functions needed to be considered a man. I’d say millennial drone would be more accurate.

  4. If the guy’s addiction is that bad he should drive. This choice is not rocket science.

  5. this is such a petty offense; let the guy chill and smoke his blunt; we have become a nation of narcs

  6. That was not a blunt… even if it was, still against the law. Other than clean air… anyone know why smoking on planes is a big no no?! Oxygen… pure oxygen can explode…
    Private pilot and weed connoisseur…

  7. Why was he forced off the plane????? All they had to do was say ” put that out please ” !

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