I’m Going to Rent My House to My Wife and Earn 30,000 British Airways Miles

The British Airways shopping portal is offering 30,000 Avios the first time you rent out your place on Airbnb. Minimum rental is $100 to earn the full 30,000 — lower ‘order total will receive a lower reward.’

Stated rewards is for when you have welcomed your first guest to stay and the stay is completed. If the order total is less than $100 you will receive a lower reward. No rewards are given on Miami Hosting, The Big Island Hosting, referrals and/or active and booked listings.

I don’t actually love the idea of someone staying in my home, even for the rental income plus miles. Drew from Travel is Free runs a business on the Airbnb platform and argues you should Airbnb your home when you travel and has a guide to making money with short term rentals.

What if you want to earn the miles but don’t want someone sleeping in your bed and doing goodness knows what else in your home? Maybe I shouldn’t literally list my home and have my wife rent it, we have the same last name, but her parents have a different last name. 30,000 Avios for the fees associated with a one night rental is a pretty good deal.

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  1. Hmm interesting. I have used the BA shopping portal a fair amount and it has been fairly hit or miss compared to some other portals. Even excluding the clawbacks from the dating sites that occurred a couple of years ago. Though that said a lesser sweet spot at the same time as the dating sites but less advertised on blogs did pay out 10,000 Avios. I’ll give some thought to this.

  2. is this offer for rentals in the US only? i get an error unless I use a VPN to the US.

  3. Why do you have to publicly talk about it? This is going to end up abusing the entire thing and will be pulled in a day or 2, i think its pretty obvious that is what people are gonna do

  4. correction to my above post: it’s just a matter of choosing the country and language on the lower left of the page. It doesn’t work when set to UK English. It does work when set to US English.
    But I cannot find the T&C for this offer anywhere.

  5. I use Airbnb and Homeaway a lot when I travel. In Europe, I’ve noticed that during the summer months the people do just that. Take a month long vacation, and rent their place out. One couple I spoke to said that the income from the rental, pretty much paid for their entire vacation.

    I’ve strongly considered doing the same thing, but have the same reservations Gary does.

  6. Let’s see 30,000 Avios at 1.5 cents each makes $450

    What are the AirBnB fees on a $100 rental

    Let me see here, is this worth the time to create a new listing

    Gosh how fast will they pull this

  7. I have tried several time to use the avios portal, just to extend miles expiration and never once had it go through!!! I uses customer non service emails etc to no avail.

  8. Agree @John Stewart … after being cheated by many miles from the Avios portal, I’m done falling for their scams.

  9. I see folks talk about renting their primary homes out and I’m just like WTH??? I mean, unless people are that different, most of us have nearly everything we own in our homes with maybe the exception of cash, stocks,, bonds or anything you’d put in a safety deposit box….I mean the “little stuff” like a $100 for a coffee maker to more expensive laptops/desktops/guns/jewelry and a LONG list of items is expensive to replace. Most U,S. people aren’t the less is more kinda people, at least none of the ones I know. Home safes can hold so much, lol but it is all the OTHER stuff you’d have to worry about that would cost a fortune if you were to lose it or if someone came in and let their 3 year old smear peanut butter on your draperies or furniture or bedspreads. I’m fairly certain insurance wouldn’t cover it and it wouldn’t meet your deductible, and for your things just being damaged when you let someone rent your home temporarily so why would you do it?
    The ONLY way I could see it making sense is if you literally moved everything to your garage or basement, locked it up and kept only bare necessities in your home and pulled out your old stuff so that if it got damaged you wouldn’t be crying. Even WITH a mattress cover, I’d be furious if someone let their kid wet my $5000 mattress!
    I can’t say I’d ever consider renting my home unless it was a second home and if I didn’t have any valuable items, didn’t keep my personal items in it (like paperwork, bills, anything that could be used for id theft) and it would pay for itself long term. We had a condo on the beach we rented through a service and they had it cleaned but we only put furniture and items we no longer used. Honestly, the rent barely covered the rental fee and cleaning so it wasn’t much worth it.

  10. Do not forget you need to report this as self employment income on your us tax return. Airbnb reports this to the irs. Also your state,may charge sales and or hotel taxes. And some cities and condos do not permit this , so you can be fined for doing it even once.

  11. Frank – you speak American English in the USA….we speak original, pure, unadulterated English in the UK – as the name of our country, England, suggests!

    Have a nice day


  12. It also increases your chance of IRS audit big time! and can lead to making a portion of your primary residence taxable when you do sell it.

  13. Gary did you end up doing this? Did the points post? I did it and the stay is long over but I have seen nothing new in my BA account nor does it show anything pending. It wasn’t technically a “purchase” in the Avios Store so I am not sure how it will get traced back to BA. I assume Airbnb will communicate with BA? Just curious to know if you or anybody has received the 30,000 points.

  14. Hi Charlie, I was just looking into this too. I clicked through, set up my account on Airbnb, hosted the $100+ stay and met all the requirements– but I’ve also not received any of the 30k Avios. I’ve contacted BA to no avail, just an autoreply email received from them saying they’re looking into it. Seems like bait and switch. What to do from here?

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