A Quirk With Covid-19 Testing That’s Scaring Lots Of Travelers

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  1. Travel codex is fearmongering (and deleting comments pointing it out)

    Emed is continually extending the expiry date

  2. And, the airlines are curiously silent on the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which Congress has approved and is still awaiting ratification by the States. Hmmm.

    Let’s move on to the vegetable mix in in-flight meals.

  3. Emed are not allowed to change the label/add a sticker. Only Abbott can do that and doing so would require them to recall the product creating even bigger issues.
    Abbott have been issuing letters indicating which batches have the extended shelf-life. So as you note, there is no reason to worry.

    This is normally how things work (product gets released with short shelf-life which keeps getting extended as new test data comes in). This is the fastest way to get a product on the market, but Travel Codex was too wound up to understand what one of his commentators was telling him.

  4. Delta is “curiously silent” on abortion restrictions? What does operating an airline have to do with needing to take a politically correct position on every controversial issue? I actually think they SHOULD focus on flying their airplanes instead. Plenty of work to be done to improve that.

  5. Alaska lounges give priority according to club membership, ticketed class of service, and elite status. People with priority are not added at the end of the virtual queue. People without priority, such as (ironically) Priority Pass members, may have to wait an hour or even two hours. The Covid lounge experience isn’t worth the bother in my opinion.

  6. Why would or why should the airlines comment on the Texas abortion law? That has nothing to do with flying and frankly is not a topic any company should address. So sick and tired of these companies getting involved in non business issues!

  7. Gary, I enjoy reading travel blogs like yours and don’t want to hear politics. Your comment about why Airlines aren’t commenting on the abortion issue really has no place on a travel blog. Companies should stay out of politics as should your posts.

  8. @JoAnn OR, and you may not like this, maybe Gary can say whatever he wants on his own blog? Freedom of speech something something? (I know it’s not really a 1A thing but still)

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