‘Highly Dangerous’ Cat Terrorizes United Flight [Roundup]

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  1. Safety first is paramount at United Airlines. Therefore, to help prevent a highly dangerous cat from terrorizing future United Airlines flights, I expect this airline to cross-train their flight attendants to serve on the United Airlines pussy posse.

  2. I flew through O’Hara last week.

    I was shocked how little it has changed in 25 years.

    Maybe because I know that change is possible (ex: Detroit Metro, Denver) that seeing the same hallway overcrowding, the same restaurants in the same configurations serving likely the same menu offerings was really jarring.

  3. The cat must have learned that in the past United Airlines killed cats they were paid to transport.
    He also learned that United Breaks Guitars. So, naturally the cat was terrorized.

  4. A scared cat, yes, a feral cat, no. There’s absolutely no way you could carry a feral cat that way. Anyone who’s ever tried to deal with a real feral cat knows you can’t pick them up, they’ll shred you. I still have strong memories of trying to round up feral kittens from a barn as a kid. Like trying to pick up 20 wildly spinning razor blades with a mouthful of snapping needles attached.

  5. Maybe you could just tell us that there’s a video of a cat being carried down the aisle of an airplane and he doesn’t look happy. Y’know, just so we don’t have to waste time watching a ‘video’.

  6. I agree with the above comment that anybody who thinks that cat is feral has never dealt with a feral cat. That is a regular house cat truly scared out of its mind. The stupid humans who presumably let it out of the carrier are the ones to blame here. Even very friendly cats will tend not to want to be held when they feel threatened. This is just a very scared domestic house cat.

  7. Feral cats are no joke. Little tornados with multiple sharp edges.
    You’d have to trap it in a corner and throw a blanket over it. I once tried to chase one out of an office. It kept slamming into a solid wall, I guess trying to create a hole to get out? Finally got it to go out a door. I don’t think the cat on that flight was feral.

  8. That Twitter user is clearly either a troll or an idiot. Though the owner shouldn’t have let the cat out of its carrying case.

  9. Really wanted to see the video of the cat in question, but came late and it’s limited (l truly love them all). As for Maui trying to limit tourism and all the extensive benefits that such an industry brings to the economy, they could rather go full communist like Venezuela to see how quickly all the tourism industry is destroyed. They seem to share similar visions with the Chavista regime.

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