Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Saves Passenger In American Airlines First Class

Camille Vasquez, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, is being called “Wonder Woman” by flight crew after assisting during a medical emergency in first class on an American Airlines Los Angeles to New York JFK flight.

According to TMZ, passengers reported that she “rushed to assist an elderly passenger who collapsed and hit his head midflight.”

The man, who is in his 70s, collapsed on the floor of the aircraft as he was walking past the now-nationally known lawyer who was traveling in the cabin with her bodyguard. Both assisted the man.

Apparently Ms. Vasquez was able to contact her brother in law, who is a doctor, and the man walked her through determining whether the ailing passenger was experiencing a heart attack or other high risk events.

Camille’s bodyguard took off his Apple watch to monitor the passenger’s heart rate.

Incredibly, folks say there was a surgeon on board who came forward to take over for Camille and her guard.

The aircraft returned to Los Angeles where the man was taken off of the aircraft by emergency medical personnel. Flight attendants on board gifted the lawyer a bottle of champagne and a bottle of red wine.

Here she is, seated on the American Airlines Airbus A321T:

@odalyzzzzz My hands were literally shaking #fyp #camillevasquez #johnnydepp ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

I’m largely ignorant of the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial, except vaguely knowing that Heard pledged a contribution to the ACLU that was never made (other than in part, by Elon Musk on her behalf). The only piece of the trial I watched was the testimony of my former co-moderator Ron Schnell (aviators99 there). So I did not know who Camille Vasquez was.

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  1. According to TMZ, passengers reported that she “rushed to assist an elderly passenger who collapsed and hit his head midflight.”

    … and slipped her business card under the pillow on his gurney as medical personnel carried him off. 🙂

    No, serious, that’s nice.

  2. Gary,

    Also rumors Depp was dating her during the trial. Can certainly understand why he may have done that.

  3. Kudos for the Good Samaritan, but… The airlines have a telehealh link to an affilated physcian who can guide the crew through first aid-level assessment and treatment, the airplane should have an emergency kit available to clinical personnel on board who know how to use it, and a physcian arrived to assume care. Again, not to take away from the selfless gesture and assistance rendered, but I’d be a little anxious depending on a willing helper with a physcian relative on the phone, and would prefer the telehealth or clinician on board options for me or someone I care about.

  4. @ Gary — Even after reading this post and watching 20 minutes of the video of Mr. Schnell’s testimony, I still wouldn’t recognize this lady if I passed her on the street.

  5. The doctor on the phone deserves more credit.

    This lawyer flying first class should be taxed more and punished for not flying economy class. Make her pay her fair share.

  6. Awwwwww isn’t it cute the little men here that have a problem with a recognized female jumping in to aid a person that fell. Poor you, Nobody recognizes you, you never heard of her, she slips cards in the pocket, there were better options. You poor little men of priveledge just can’t find a way to give her credit for acting when others didn’t right away. Don’t worry, your mommy still loves you little boys.

  7. @Ray. Hey, my joke wasn’t about her being a woman, my joke was about her being a lawyer. I assure you I would have made the same crack if it were Johnnie Cochran (which would have been even more impressive given he’s dead)

  8. Those giggly girls are serious lawyers? It sounds like the surgeon dt she was looking for a slip and fall client!
    (I thought you can’t make a phone call on a plane because interference!
    It’s common in rape/abuse trails for the accused to hire “eye candy” defense council. Makes the jury hard…..

  9. Depp has charisma. It’s why he is a star. It has something to do with pheromones.
    I bet she negotiated sex as part of her “fee.”
    Or just “went for it.”
    (Ethics be damned)

    I worked with a guy like that back in the 1980’s. It’s the most freakish thing have ever personally witnessed!

    Chris: hi, my coworker and I are here to pull some files.
    Lady: Of course. Right this way…..

    Hi! I’m Jorg—-

    (I know the drill by now. I don’t exist.
    But I get to watch.)

    Lady interrupts me: Chris? I’m trying some new recipes this evening, want to help me taste them?

    NOTE: Ugh, no mention of the wedding ring on his left hand.

    Next day I get to hear stories about records girl and their marathon you know what. The 25 year old Civil servant with 7 kids by 4 women rides again!

    Depp has that and when you spend over 30 years with people telling you how great you are and then leading you straight to the bedroom…..

    watch out!

  10. “Wonder woman”? Really? Standards have significantly dropped in this country. There was a surgeon on board that came forward and rendered care. I mean come on.

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