Possible Lavatory Ice Fell on Villagers Who Thought it Came From Outer Space

Last year a Utah woman complained that planes were dropping poop in her driveway.. About a year ago as well an Indian court ordered airlines in that country to stop dumping lavatory poo on residents below.

I’m generally skeptical of stories like this. For instance the story about cruise ship passengers being injured by an EVA Air 777 dumping lavatory contents on their heads was an obvious hoax. It was a made up ship and cruise line, and EVA Air didn’t even operate in the region.

In fact these stories seem more like a movie plot. In The Gods Must Be Crazy, a tribe which lives off the land believes that the gods have provided for them until a Coke bottle is thrown out of a plane and comes to earth unbroken. They see it as a present from the gods, and make use of it as a tool, but since there’s only one Coke bottle the tribe descends into chaos not knowing how to share it.

In the India case a court wanted to see that country’s safety regulator investigate airlines proactively in the future with surprise inspections of aircraft waste tanks when they land — fining airlines 50,000 rupees “every time their human waste tanks are found empty.”

Now there’s a new claim of lavatory ice falling on a village in India, southwest of Delhi in the northern part of the country. (HT: Tommy L.)

A suspected frozen ball of human waste which fell on an Indian village may have leaked from an aircraft, officials believe.

The heavy ball of ice landed in a wheat field in the village of Fazilpur Badli in the northern state of Haryana on January 20.

Some villagers reportedly took pieces of the object home and stored it in their fridges believing it could be a valuable meteorite, however experts say they “strongly suspect” it is actually frozen excrement and have sent samples to be tested.

The ice was “not associated with any type of rainy weather.” However it seems more plausible that ice formed on the aircraft and came off, rather than lavatory excrement coming out of the plane.

Either way villagers were confused by the incident, with some believing “it was an extraterrestrial object” while others thought it may have fallen from the stars. None seemed to think it was a tool given by the gods that they should fight over however.

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