Rent Car At Detroit Airport, Get A Free Gun

At Budget Rent a Car in Detroit at least some rentals come with loaded firearms. Michigan is a shall issue state for gun licenses, and violent crime in Detroit is higher even than in Chicago, so a renter might be forgiven for thinking this was just a new package available for on-airport rentals.

A passenger from Florida (naturally) found a gun in their assigned vehicle at the Detroit airport Budget location,

“”I was like what?,” Tay said. “It’s like … it’s that easy to get a gun? You can just rent a car and there is one inside? … It was just a complimentary gift from Detroit.”

The customer reported the gun, police were called, and it was taken away. While you don’t want a gun whose provenance you cannot vouch for (it may have been used in a crime) I’m not sure you want to self-identify as being related to such a gun either. “But officer, I found it!”

This isn’t the first time a gun has been found in a Budget rental car, either.

Perhaps this is a marketing play by Budget, but just imagine if it had been a Hertz vehicle.

(HT: Jonathan W)

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  1. You’ll need a gun in a violent democrat run lawless City. It’s a result of their defund the looking movement.

  2. Hows that whole ” your car has been cleaned and sanitized’ marketing pich going?

  3. It’s probably a good idea to issue firearms to tourists in Detroit. Whenever I go there I’m well-equipped.

  4. Given that violent criminals (rapists, robbers, and carjackers) already have guns or knives, it makes sense for normal citizens to have a means to defend themselves as well. We know what groups cause most problems and which ones don’t but we are not allowed to say.


    Violent crime has surged with the defund the police movement but we should also recognize that we have violent criminals living in our neighborhoods only because the police chose to enforce leftist laws in the past that forced them into our communities, schools, and fund welfare programs that encourage breeding factories for violent criminals. If we don’t have cops to enforce diversity housing and employment law court orders or gun control our big cities wouldn’t have turned into no go zones.

  5. @koggerj @Amy Fischer
    Yes, we’ll just leave it to you two to run our cities and would you mind stating specifically what cities have defunded the police.We really want to know.

  6. On a similar note, I returned a Prius to a mid-sized airport early one Feb morning this year (it was an ~12-hour rental and the airline lost my luggage so I didn’t have anything except my leather shoulder bag). A number from that region called me 6x later that day in a very short period. They finally left a voicemail that it was the airport police and they needed to speak with me. I called and the agent grilled me on when/where/why I had the car, who was with me, if the car was locked the whole time I wasn’t in it, etc. It was very uncomfortable, but she was professional in her questioning. She then asked me what my feelings were on weapons, if I owned any weapons (she didn’t like my answer of “Anything can be a weapon if used correctly. Can you be more specific?”). She then specifically asked if I had any illegal weapons in the vehicle. After a few more questions she relented and said “Ok, I’m confident it wasn’t yours. That’s all I need.” I pressed her a bit more and she finally admitted that they found a loaded weapon in the vehicle but wouldn’t give me any more details.

    When I went back to the airport that found the weapon a few days later. I talked to the manager (who I know relatively well from my regular visits there) and he said he was aware they found a gun on the specific day, but he was off so he wasn’t aware of any further details. I’m still curious where the gun was found!

  7. If I find a gun in my rental car, I’m selling it on Craigslist. Guns are expensive especially when they’re sold for straight cash.

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