Tara Reid and Her Dog Were Kicked Off Delta Flight After Seat Assignment and Pillow Meltdown

Sharknado and American Pie star Tara Reid and her dog were kicked off of Delta flight 613 from Los Angeles to New York JFK yesterday.

Apparently the actress was apoplectic over her seat assignment and that she didn’t have a pillow. The aircraft had already pushed back when the captain announced to the plane that they’d be returning to the gate causing a delay.

Here’s Ms. Reid being told she would need to leave — and she did so without further incident. No police were called, and she wasn’t dragged off the aircraft (had she been flying to Newark it might have been a different story, natch).

TMZ reports that she was displeased the woman in front of her had reclined — and you have to give her that since the aircraft hadn’t taken off yet, so all seats should have been in their upright position. Although it sounds like it would have been a long 5 hours and 33 minutes to New York with the actress on board. Eventually though she did manage to catch a later Delta flight.

I doubt they managed to get her onto Delta 2262 at 215 p.m. though it was delayed until 2:41 p.m. making it possible. If she did then ironically she’d have wound up landing in New York before her fellow passengers on the flight she was removed from.

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  1. I don’t fly Delta but looking at that video those look like the some kind of business class shell seat which means…

    – the person reclining in front of her had zero effect on her

    – she had a window seat just the one closer to the aisle instead of the window

    Clearly she wasn’t listening to reason so I totally get why they booted her.

  2. Fake news – Tara didn’t meltdown over her seat assignment – she actually melted down because of a Delta equipment change. The Onion reported that Tara was supposed to be flying on a Delta A321 with Sharklets.and ended up being seated on a Boeing 767.

  3. AlohaDaveKennedy – incorrect. Delta doesnt fly 321s between LAX and JFK – they primarily fly 767-300, 767-400, A330, and sometimes 757-200 aircraft between the two cities. LAX and JFK always get lie flat seats up front on Delta, assuming youre on the nonstop

  4. This was the D1 cabin of a DL 764 — someone reclining in the seat in front of you won’t impact you. Additionally, it is 1-2-1 configured, so at best her complaint is that she didn’t get a “true” window. More justifiable to complain about not getting a pillow in D1.

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