The Simple Reason Airline CEOs Give to a Fund That Supported Roy Moore

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  1. The Boeing / Bombardier / Airbus article is well worth the read, if you get the chance, regardless of where your loyalties lie.

  2. The KC replacement project is notable, currently the KC-135 is in heavy use by USAF, its first flight coming in 1957 and the last one delivered to USAF in 1965. Still in flight. What a plane, where has the innovation gone Boeing???

  3. Since social justice liberals are completely intolerant and believe anyone even slightly rightwing is literally hitler (even though he was an eco-socialist) the idea that anyone would donate to a republican is a mortal sin to them.

    Luckily no one outside their bubble really cares.

  4. I think there’s a mistake. Airlines are one the lowest taxed industries out there. They don’t even pay the full costs of airports, of which no U.S. airline has built one — passengers do (Passenger Facility Charge), they don’t pay for security screening — passengers do (September 11th Fee), they don’t pay costs of agricultural screening — passengers do (APHIS fee), they don’t pay for immigration — passengers do (Immigration fees), they don’t pay for customs — passengers do (Customs fees), and so on.

    No other industry receives so much for free — and apparently most of those fees aren’t sufficient, so taxpayers are actually subsidizing airlines,

  5. Gary —

    Thanks! I did not know that Skift was part of the resistance.

    I henceforth will read them with a much more skeptical eye.

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