Timeshares Are Scams, But The Timeshare Exit Industry Is.. Worse? [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • If China Arms Russia, the U.S. Should Kill China’s Aircraft Industry Oy. No no no no no. Do not do this. I repeat, do not do this.

  • John Oliver on Timeshares. The only timeshare purchase I can sort of wrap my mind around was the blogger who managed to convince Disney to let him title his purchase in an LLC, figuring he could always bankrupt the LLC if he had to…

  • Hobby Airport chapel hosts its first wedding, as a long-distance couple ties the knot during layover

  • This officer remains surprisingly restrained (let me know if you have additional context here)


    ♬ original sound – Js1000ktv

  • I’ve been struggling to care about Citi finally bringing their new travel portal from Booking.com online, and Miles Earn and Burn takes the best shot at a reason to say holy cow,

    Citi’s new travel portal has launched. So what, who cares? I mean I don’t disagree, but a few notes:

    • You can book Disney hotels through the portal at about 2-3% more than booking direct with Disney
    • You can book Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, and plenty of other theme park tickets through the portal at about a 2-3% markup
    • You can’t book Disney tickets through the portal

    Again: so what, who cares? Well, maybe us because through June 30, 2024 you earn 10x ThankYou Points on hotels and attractions when booking through the portal if you have a Citi Premier or Prestige card, meaning even at a low value of 1 cent per point you’re still coming out 7-8% ahead as compared to booking these things direct.

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  1. “If China Arms Russia, the U.S. Should Kill China’s Aircraft Industry.”

    America’s perverse and self-serving “Foreign Policy” establishment is completely dominated by voracious war-mongers intent on destroying peace, and perpetuating hatred.

  2. I see no reason not to embargo Western aviation technology to China if they rearm and/or join with Russia to destroy Ukraine and then eventually head East. Mark my words, Putin wants to restore the “glorious Russia” including all the Warsaw Pact countries, some of which are in NATO.
    It’s time the West played hardball with China. They’ve been doing it for at least 20 years.

  3. Another 5ft nothing raised on concrete mouthpiece, making a fool out of himself and disrupting the flying public.

  4. @mak

    Yes… if not for America the world would be a peaceful utopia. Everyone would lay down their guns and live happily ever after.

    In fact there is no record of any wars prior to 1776. Any history books that claim something contrary are American propaganda. I certainly don’t recall personally witnessing any wars prior to 1776. And if I don’t see it, then it isn’t real.

  5. I am generally satisfied with my timeshare on the ocean in Florida. Bought it in 1994 in the secondary market – not from a developer — and paid then market price. Fixed weeks — Christmas and New Year’s. Have used it over the first dozen years to house us (4 children) when visiting my parents when they were alive, for far less than a hotel or an AirBNB.. Now my oldest daughter and her family use it when they visit me. And, given the weeks I have, i could sell it for slightly more than I paid for it.

    All in all, not a scam. one just needs to be careful, and never buy from the developer.

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