10 MORE Free Starbucks Stars Towards Status and Free Drink

On Sunday I posted codes for free Starbucks ‘stars’ which are credits towards free drinks and elite status.

At the time, I noted the codes weren’t working for me and most readers found the same. And yet – oddly – yesterday they started working for most people. At least some of the codes did, and which ones worked varied by person trying them.

I successfully added two of the three codes I had posted.


But one of the codes still didn’t work.


This morning I went back and re-tried the code that didn’t work for me last night. And it went through.

Furthermore, a fourth code was added in the comments and that one worked for me also.

So I successfully added two codes (worth 10 ‘stars’) yesterday, and two more codes today.

Reader Shane points out that for codes that still don’t work for you, try replacing the last letter with a different one like ‘K’ and that may go through (and in the process you may discover even more codes).

Here’s instructions and the original list of codes. Here’s an additional code to use.

starbucks star code

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  1. […] I know, this isn’t really travel related, but it is good, free stuff for some of us!  I tend to only drink Starbucks as a treat when I am on the road, especially when it is work related travel and I am reimbursed for it.  I finally joined the their elite status program last year about this time.  Just last week, I got an email saying I needed 9 more stars by the end of April to get gold status or have to start all over again.  I didn’t really care and wasn’t going to make a push for it and then I saw this post by Gary. […]


  1. Here’s an interesting result… I used two codes and got the same error as you. Tried logging out and logging in and it says I used my two codes today. But 0 stars! I will try again tomorrow.

  2. @Jeanne – It shouldn’t have anything to do with logging in/out, browser, etc. It’s just a matter of which server the request hits, the best i can tell. Try resubmitting multiple times. Note: Starbucks will still count your attempts even when they fail, so your account may get locked out of attempts for the day if you don’t luck out in your early attempts. Consider it a free coffee lotto ticket.

  3. First two codes worked on first try today. Yesterday only the last code worked.

  4. I was able to get the middle code to work the first day, the K code to work yesterday, and today the first and third codes worked. 20 stars total yay!

  5. Sadly this doesn’t work for Canadians..”star codes can only be entered by Starbucks customers in the United States”. Left on the sidelines again! =(

  6. 4th one worked and finally the 1st one worked for me! Thanks! Gonna try the 2nd one tomorrow.

  7. Yesterday 1st & 3rd codes worked and stars got posted today (4/1). Today 2nd code worked but got a website error after inputting 4th code and now it says that I already used my two-codes-per-day allotment… If I don’t get credit for 4th star, will try tomorrow. No rush 🙂

    Thank you, Gary!

  8. It may be over 🙁

    “We’re sorry—something has gone wrong on our end and My Starbucks Rewards are unavailable right now. Please check back again soon!”

  9. Used the first and third code yesterday, went back today and used the second and the fourth code from the comments and they all worked. Thanks Gary.

  10. Update: The ones from yesterday (that produced an error and then told me I’m at my limit) didn’t result in stars, but I reused the same codes today and it says that I got stars for it. So keep trying!

  11. Didn’t seem to work but then I got this message: You have reached the daily limit for Star code redemption tries. Please try later.

  12. I don’t understand do I use caps lock or just type it in lowercase? (it is my first time hearing about this can I get filled in about it please?)

  13. I was just wondering what came of the contest Starbucks had awhile back the one that you got Starbucks everyday for life ? And I can’t find the star codes that your talking about .

  14. Take this down, it no longer works why have it up from 2 years ago if it is invalid now ????

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