100% Bonus on Transferred Delta Miles

Only through December 16, Delta is offering a 100% bonus on transferred miles.

This is a better deal than buying miles but of course you need to start with a stash of miles in order to make this work (or you can transfer points in from another program such as American Express Membership Rewards and don’t forget there’s a 30% rebate on doing that currently).

Delta charges 1 cent per point that you transfer, plus a $30 fee per transaction. Transferring 30,000 points costs $330, and deposits 60,000 miles into the recipient’s account (for a net increase of 30,000 between the two accounts). Which means you’re effectively buying miles at 1.1 cent apiece. And even Skypesos are worth that.

In order to transfer out or receive transferred Skymiles, accounts have to have been open at least 10 days. So no opening new accounts to do this on your own, you need a friend to play along.

Each account can transfer out up to 150,000 miles per calendar year and receive up to 300,000 transferred miles per calendary year.

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  1. What’s to stop me from bouncing miles back and forth between my account and my wife’s, doubling this amount each time until the ceiling is reached?

  2. If my girlfriend also has an active account can we send miles back and forth until we each max out at the 150/300 mark?


  3. Do the transfer and bonus miles show up instantly? How long does it take for the miles to be available to transfer back out if I want to transfer to my parents and wife and have them reciprocate back the “same” batch of miles?

    And thanks for the great blog!

  4. Greetings- I just tried transferring miles from Membership rewards and I did not receive the 100% bonus miles. Does anyone know the reason for this?

  5. Delta Pulled this deal early! Site states “Our Transfer Miles limited-time offer expired on December 16, 2011, but don’t sweat it.”..blah blah, tried to do this just before midnight the 15th but didn’t get on until just after (so 16th), called Delta and was transferred to online support, they had no explanation, the guy was no help. I stated that ending a promotion on December 16 typically means it expires midnight of that day, not the beginning of that day! I will keep trying to get someone worthwhile to speak to and get this righted…please help-Rise Up!

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