1000 Free Hilton HHonors Points

United, American, and Hilton all suffered recent data breaches. Indeed, Hilton points have been among the most available for sale on the DarkNet.

Hilton accounts used 4-digit PIN numbers. That’s not a lot of unique combinations, and Hilton decided that’s not secure enough.

In February Hilton reached out to let me know that they’re moving to passwords.. At the time they offered 1000 points to get you to update your password. But their IT wasn’t ready for their announced changes.

On March 12 they said they were ready.

Unfortunately it turned out that ‘ready’ meant ‘ready to get hacked’.

You were supposed to change your password by March 25 in order to get 1000 points. Well, the whole thing was a bit of a mess so you still can get the 1000 point to change your password, if you haven’t done so already.

According to the FAQ,

If you change your password between March 10 and April 10, 2015, you will receive the 1,000 Bonus Points. We are committed to getting points posted to your account as soon as possible

So you have until April 10 now to change your password and receive 1000 Hilton HHonors points for doing so. (They’re going to make you change to a password from a PIN anyway, so you might as well get the points.)

(HT: The Gate)

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  1. I had changed my password when I saw their initial notices on the hhhonors.com website to receive 1,000 hilton points back in March. Will they still honor that, or do I have to change it YET AGAIN since this time it’s the ‘official’ password change??

  2. I changed my password on the 12th, and haven’t seen my points yet. Hilton says 6 to 8 weeks.

  3. Knowing Hilton they will award 800 points just to de-value something else.
    Just FYI I changed mine a few weeks ago and it never did credit the 1,000 points. I just logged in again and it’s offering 1,000 to change it by later in April. I just updated it again. There is a drop down offer that pops up after you log in. You can link to the offer there.

  4. I called and they said the points will be rewarded 6-8 weeks AFTER the promotion ends.

  5. Created a password a couple weeks ago, but my PIN still works. Hilton’s IT department makes US Airways look competent.

  6. My 1,000 bonus points posted too (dated April 3). Now if I could only get my Amex co-brand 500-point bonuses to post consistently…. 🙁

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