1000 Free Hilton HHonors Points

Via MilesQuest:

You can get 1000 Free Hilton HHonors points by registering a mobile phone number and a Visa card. You’re basically agreeing to receive “special offers” via text. They promise to only send you two messages and you can opt out at any time.

You can earn an additional 4000 Hilton Honors points by spending at least $100 at a US Hilton hotel or resort with your registered Visa card.

You must register by June 30, 2012 to receive the sign up bonus and must spend $100 by then to receive the additional 4000.

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  1. Very weird and spooky that Visa has set up this program that requires you to enter your visa card and other info on non-secure (no https) web site. i sure hope this is not a scam. If it’s real, what are they thinking?

  2. @davythefatboy. You are wrong. The enrollment site itself is https. The landing site describing the promo is non-https but when you click the link to sign up, you end up on an https page. You do not enter any personally identifiable data, including your card number, on the non-https page.

    What is creepy, is that the T&Cs say that you are letting Visa share your Visa Purchase History of flights and other purchases to customize the offers you get from Hilton. Not really worth the 1000 points to me, nor the 4000.

  3. Unfortunately the title should be “1000 Free Hilton HHonors Points (for US Visa Card Holders.)” 🙁

  4. I enrolled, the unenrolled for the texts (after receiving 3 mags, incl. Confirmation message) using STOP text. Hope to get the 1,000 points “in 6 weeks”…… To be continued !

    Thx for the offer !

  5. My apologies for the typos… I enrolled, then unenrolled after receiving three ‘Hilton’ messages.

  6. It’s a new promotion however it should be called
    “Points for your Privacy”
    If anyone reads the fine print it says you give up your privacy(for how long and too what extent who knows) for anything that appears on your credit card
    They turn around and sell that information on you personally and share it with other companies………..
    They earn a lot more than what we might receive in points
    It’s up to the prospective participant to decide if they should proceed.IMO it really matters how much one values their privacy

  7. cant get it to work
    anyone else get it to work while overseas?
    all i get is temp unavail? try later

  8. i would just use a visa I dont or wont use anymore, then you have nothing to worry about-for privacy.

  9. just use the visa for the $100 spend at a hilton and nothing else. 15000 pts for hubby and me on the way-thanx

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