1000 Free United Miles

Via Just Another Points Traveler:

You can receive up to 1,000 bonus MileagePlus bonus miles instantly when you register with bckstgr.com (400 miles) and sync your Twitter account (200 miles), Facebook account (200 miles), and Foursquare account (200 miles).

Points post instantly.

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  1. posting to fb and twitter and checking in can get your another couple hundred miles…my initially 400 pts only post initially..not the rest

  2. The site is getting hammered but I’m sure blogs like this have nothing to do with that. 🙂

  3. Got my 400 pts for registering. Already showed in my UA acct. Amazingly fast. Site is too slammed to get the other pts. I’ll try in a few hrs.

  4. Aside from the obvious that these points are posting with basically no lag time, I remember reading an article about United and bckstgr teaming up a few weeks ago.

  5. Like others have said, feels slightly sketchy given that it asks for your United login credentials. I created a new account just to accumulate the points for this, with a different login and used a spam email account I’ve got to keep things under control. I can revoke the permission I gave it for FourSquare (don’t care), Twitter (not too concerned, but worth revoking) and Facebook (rather they didn’t post on my behalf, made sure nobody but me sees anything they post on my wall).

    I wonder about the opportunity to create multiple accounts and credit United miles to each one. I looked for guidance on FlyerTalk and couldn’t find a thread and MilePoint is down for maintenance 🙁 for a few hours.

    What to do, what to do…

  6. Why or how do people keep calling the site “sketchy?”

    The BCKSTGR/United relationship is publicized via press release.

  7. Give my United login ID and password to a new beta marketing site for a few points? I think not. Maybe if they’re still around in a year or so…

  8. “Error: Unable to complete registration. Please verify your Account and Pin/Password. Thanks you.”

    Both entries were correct. What kind of ungrammatical amateur site is this?

  9. Don’t like giving them your PIN? Change it to something else temporarily, given them that, let them verify the account (to get to 400 miles) and then change it back. You can then add your real or fake Facebook, FourSquare and twitter accounts. And potentially remove the permissions for their access after you get the miles. No harm, no foul (probably).

    Or create a temporary United account with your name and address and merge it with your existing account later.

    Anybody know if there’s a thread someplace describing the pitfalls/limits of how often one can create/merge United accounts for things like this?

  10. worked for me about 30 minutes ago. Was getting the wrong password/pin error for a few tries, but after closing the window and going back, it worked. 1,000 miles already posted to my united account. Thanks Gary!

  11. It wouldn’t work with my password, but did with my PIN. Confirmed the password was good on the UA site. FWIW, you can set the FB permissions so that posts are only visible to you, and revoke the Twitter app permissions in your Twitter settings after linking.

  12. Apparently if you check out their FB/Twitter, they are slammed. So I’d not bother right now unless you have nothing better to do that resubmit the same data over and over and over and over again until they get their act together…

  13. I have a feeling it recognizes the OLD UA numbers, but not the ones that are CO converted to UA.

    Did anyone get the registration to work with an old CO number, which has letters to?

  14. Actually same here…a few minutes after posting the comments it went through (the website looked a bit different — they had redesigned the sign up page) and old CO number did go through as well.

    However, no points have posted in over 24 hours. Quite a bummer so far!

  15. Update: my points have posted too. Did it for my gf today and it’s now instantly. She got 800 out of the 1000 in seconds.

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