10,000 Free Alaska Miles — Deadline Extended

With Alaska Airlines acquiring Virgin America, they’ve set up the ability to transfer points at a ratio of 1 to 1.3 from Virgin American to Alaska Airlines.

They are also handing out Alaska Airlines miles like candy.

If you’re a Virgin America Elevate member (and had the account open by December 5) then when you join Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan they’ll give you your choice of 10,000 miles or $100 towards a ticket.

The deadline for this offer was January 31.

(If you had active Alaska Airlines and Virgin America accounts already you’ll also get 10,000 bonus Alaska Airlines miles.)

askmrlee points out that the deadline has been extended to February 28.

So if you haven’t picked up your 10,000 miles yet, it’s not too late.

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  1. I did have an Alaska rewards account but didn’t have a Virgin America account (as of Dec 5th – although earlier this month I did open one). I can’t seem to get the 10,000 points. Am I supposed to be eligible? If so, recommendations to get the points?

  2. I had a Virgin Elevate account but not an Alaska account. They refused to give me the bonus as there was no flight activity on my Elevate account.

  3. brendan – did you call alaska to request the miles/credit? i haven’t flown virgin in a long time so wondering if i’ll have the same issue

  4. Same question as Paul Rizzo! My wife had Alaska but no Virgin America account (as of Dec 5th) – she is not able to get the 10K Alaska miles – any solutions out there?

    @Brendan @Payal – I have never flown Virgin America but had around 1000 orphan miles in my account from offers advertised by Gary and other bloggers. The 10K were offered in an email sent out to me by Alaska Airlines on January 11th. Just search your email account to see if you got the offer. Otherwise, try to contact Ryan Butz – Managing Director of Loyalty Marketing for Alaska

  5. @Brendan, @Payal –

    I also did not have an Elevate account prior to December 5th, 2016, although I got one around the third week of December. Alaska has refused to give any bonus on my two separate contacts and requests for consideration; in spite of the fact that I have travel booked on both airlines in the near future.

    It appears that date is a line drawn in the sand.

  6. I had a Virgin account pre Dec 5. There were some miles in the account.

    I was offered a signup bonus if I join Mileage Plan (Of which I am already a member), when I applied, I was told I am not eligible because I am already a member.

    What is Ryan Butz’s email?

  7. I have both accounts but somehow got an email offer for $100 credit. Errored out. I’d rather take the credit vs miles but only if it can be used for someone else. Otherwise, miles are okay I guess. I don’t have either at this point. I emailed those buggers on Jan 12 and they never replied!

    So what the terms of the credit? It doesn’t say on the promotional materials.

  8. I had a Virgin account prior to 12/5 AND had two alaska accounts with zero miles, one incidentally opened 12/5. I got an email from Virgin (Alaska) that says they are giving me 10K miles with yet another Alaska account #.

  9. @Kalboz

    I didn’t receive an email. I had an exchange of messages on Twitter where they said I wasn’t eligible because my account wasn’t active prior to 5th Dec. I sent a screenshot to prove it was but they said it wasn’t their problem as Virgin told them I wasn’t. I then emailed Virgin who confirmed I wasn’t eligible as there was no flight activity on my account. I had miles in it previously from a promotion but they expired in August.

  10. Just got off the phone with Alaska and they confirmed that even thought I have been a member of Elevate since 2011, I did not qualify for the bonus since there was not recent flight activity or points. It should be clarified in the offer and also in the many articles on this subject that the account has to have recent activity not just a member. Might clear up some of the confusion.

  11. They are totally overwhelmed over at Alaska Airlines. It’s taking MUCH LONGER to get this done and they admit it.

    Call and request the 10,000 miles. And request. And request. Took me three phone calls over the period of ten days.

    Squeaky wheel gets the miles. Truly.

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