100,000 Mile Signup Bonus for Citi Executive American Airlines MasterCard

Last week I wrote about an offer for a 75,000 mile signup bonus for the Citi Executive / AAdvantage World Elite Mastercard.

I applied and was approved for that card myself. It requires $7500 in spending within 3 months, comes with a $100 statement credit, and is the $450 annual fee card that includes American Airlines lounge membership. The card also offers 10,000 elite qualifying miles after $40,000 in spend during a year.

In the comments to that post, reader MilesAbound noted that there seemed to be a 100,000 mile offer for the card out there.

And it turns out that he was correct. Here’s the application link.

  • 100,000 American Airlines miles after you make $10,000 in purchases within 3 months of account opening.
  • $200 in statement credits on purchases within 12 months of account opening.

The best public offer for the card is 60,000 points after $5000 spend within 3 months.

It’s a big spending requirement and a big fee, but I consider the miles to be worth it, and it’s great to see such big signup bonuses back.

None of the links in this post are ‘mine’ and I do not receive anything if you choose to apply for cards using them. I cannot independently vouch for the details of the offer, however they all appear to function properly at the time of this writing. As always, take screen shots.

(HT: The Points Guy)

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  1. […] I already have access to US Airways lounges and to American Airlines lounges. Through March 22, I can use my American Express Platinum card. I have British Airways Gold status, that will soon be downgraded. I’ve signed up for the Citi Executive card that comes with lounge access… and a 100,000 mile signup bonus. […]


  1. So basically you are getting 100K AA miles for $329 ($250 net fee + $79 cost on 20 beans)…Anyone has experience with this? Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Gary — as an AS guy, I was on the fence with respect to the 75k offer — but at 100k, I got pushed over.

    It’s a good insurance policy for AS club access in the event DL tells AS “goodbye” (I have a lifetime SkyClub membership).

    Got approved instantly after being on hold for about 20 minutes after submitting the app online — needed to call in to further the process along.

    Relatively painless.

  3. I was approved for the 75,000 point card yesterday, but have not received the card yet. Called today to see if I could switch to the 100,000 deal. Very helpful agent. Asked if I had been directly solicited. I was truthful and said no, fearing the worst. Instead, while she said she could not offer the 100,000 deal, she could provide me an additional 20,000 miles (for a total of 95,000) for meeting the initial $7,500 spend requirement (not $10,000). Thanked her. Works for me.

  4. Why is it every time I see a big AA offer all I can think is “This is a trap; when is the post merger devaluation coming?”

  5. I was also on the fence about the 75k offer, but the 100k +$200 offer was good enough, even for this DL-hub captive. I applied and had a pending review, called and had a long hold time. The very nice CSR told me they are getting a LOT of business on this offer. She saw I had the AA Gold and AA Plat already but approved the Exec card and took most of my credit off the Gold and added some more for the Exec card.

  6. Sweet! Was trying to decide if I’d renew RCC or switch to Admirals. In the end I went for RCC…and now, having just been instantly approved, I not only got Admirals but 100k AA miles too!

    Thanks for the heads up, Gary! Sorry you couldn’t make a commission off of this one; you deserved it!

  7. @Michael A YES,those with Citi AA Visa/Amexes are in fact eligible. Citi is considering this a “different” cc than the regular personal AA cc.

    Just make sure you have not applied for any type of Citi card in the last 8 days, and not for any 2 Citi cards of any type in the last 65 days.

  8. How long do you have to wait in between Citi applications? I’m right around the 30 day mark at the moment. Thanks.

  9. I have THREE (3) Citi Platinum VISA’s from last fall when they were repeatedly churnable (e.g. before August when the new rules came into play) AND a Citi AA Gold Mastercard and was still approved for the CitiExecutive 75K offer. So I don’t think having existing AA cards of the non-Executive type is an issue. Just follow the rules Robert Hanson layed out.

    I *may* see if I can get upgraded to this offer since it seems people are having some success. Will think about it.

  10. I just got approved and I have the Citi AA Platinum Select business and personal cards still active (but haven’t used either one in a long time.) All they wanted to verify was how much credit I needed on the new card.

  11. I just got approved and I have the Citi AA Platinum Select business and personal cards still active (but haven’t used either one in a long time.) All they wanted to verify was how much credit I needed on the new card.

  12. I applied for the 100k offer online yesterday and was approved. Whoo hoo!

    If anyone needs a referral code / airport location for their application, here’s one from my friend who’s an AAngel in the SFO Admiral’s Club:

    581482 / SFO

    And from my friend: “Make sure they know that if they have a Citi card, DO NOT upgrade existing card. Open new card then transfer from old card. If they Upgrade existing card they do NOT get the bonus miles. Must be for a new card, but they can cancel old card AFTER applying for new card.”

  13. Anyone having problems today trying to apply? I just tried and got a “generalErrorJSE2.do” message.

  14. I just tried again, but this time I used the referral code jetsetr provided and it went through. So it might be a browser issue.

  15. Please tell us where the details of the $200 statement credit can be found. I haven’t been able to find them on either the offer page or the application page. $200 is mentioned on the offer page, but no details on what you have to do to get them.


  16. The only detail I could find regarding statement credit is this: Eligible purchases excluded returned goods and services, cash advances, convenience checks, transferred balances, credits, fees and interest charges. Statement credits will appear on the monthly billing statement from Citi®.

  17. Do I need an AA boarding pass to enter the lounge with this card? Or just the card is sufficient?

  18. Thanks, Gary Leff. I was on the fence for the 75k and was looking up the link on your blog when I saw this. Approved instantly! Can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your blog over the years. On more than one occasion you have hopefully received commissions for sign ups links I have clicked in the past for other cards.

  19. @AM – To access the Admirals Club® lounge, the primary cardmember must present (i) his or her AAdvantage® number, (ii) his or her current government-issued I.D., (iii) his or her open and valid
    Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTM MasterCard® , and (iv) any additional required documentation.

  20. Do you know what they mean by ‘$200 statement credit on spend in the first year’? Is that a straight $200 off your first months bill, or something convoluted like 20 $10 discounts on purchases over $500 ?

  21. Application approved with no hassles without supplying referral code/location. 2 AA cards currently, both open for a couple years now.

  22. I live in Australia, do you know if Australian residents can apply for this card too?

    This sounds like a great deal and i can use the points with QANTAS as well

  23. Anyone have a sense of whether this offer will be made again in the future or if this is a one-time only offer?

  24. Accepted the application…. Does not say anything about the miles… Hope I get it.

  25. Hi, I would like to apply for this card, but Citi has refused my last application saying that I have reached the limit of how many cards I can have (ever).
    Anyone ever heard of this?

  26. Hi, do u know if I can enroll for the card and cancel it on month 11 to avoid the $450 fee? or this is an advanced pyment? regards

  27. Applied and was approved for the 100,000 mile bonus offer using the SFO Admiral’s Club representative referral code and was approved and the link above. I even called Citi afterwards to confirm the 100,000 mile offer and the $200 statement credit. I did this June 24, 2014 so the 100k / $200 offer is still valid. About one month ago I got the Platinum Citi card with a 50k bonus which has already been credited so now have two Citi Advantage accounts.

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