100,000 Mile Bonus, Free Virgin Miles, Passenger Shaming and a $5000 Prize Giveaway!

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  1. on the Qatar deal, any idea if you can hit two ‘themes’ with one trip? ie, if you flew RT IAD-DOH-CMB in June, could you knock out two categories? likewise, MIA-DOH-PNH RT in October? I’m not seeing any T&Cs.

    that would seem to be extremely doable and very lucrative, if so.

  2. Yes, that Qatar deal (if I’m reading it correctly) looks absolutely incredible. You have to visit one destination in each of four periods, but there are two overlapping pairs of periods so could accomplish this with two visits to Qatar, combined with a couple of short haul round trips on each visit (one of the destinations is Dubai!).

    You should be able to earn the full bonus of 100K+ miles for flying a total of six thousand miles or less (disregarding getting to and from Qatar). Additionally, you could do three destinations (and earn 50K+ miles) on a single trip to Qatar if you make the flights in late August / early September when three of the periods come together.

    Are there any residency requirements for this contest? Do the flights have to originate in Qatar? Do they have to be round trips?

  3. On James Grande filming the guy next to him and then posting it to YouTube…

    1) James Grande is committing a felony when the motive was to film someone, and then place it on a public display to slander without consent.
    2) Google/YouTube is breaking FEDERAL LAW appending ads, profiting, and enabling instant slander. From that, they stick it in their search results for Global access to hurt people.

    If you don’t like someone reading your computer screen, shut it off. In fact, those seats can’t even fit a god damn laptop anyway.

    F’N bastards. And oh yeah, James Grande was watching porn in FAA airspace, which is another felony.

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