Is the 100,000 Mile Opportunity Closing, or Closed?

I remember staying up late with friends 23 years ago to watch the excellent Kenneth Branagh / Emma Thompson film Dead Again. It was probably my favorite film that year (although in some ways I think that Point Break has endured better).

Spoiler alert.

Husband and wife were together in a past life. Branagh and Thompson have vivid memories of this past life, shown in black and white. These memories come in bits and pieces, revealing that the husband may have killed the wife. These leads to tremendous fear in the present. It is revealed at the end that their current roles are reversed, however, and the former husband is now the wife and vice versa.

The Citi Executive card’s 100,000 mile signup bonus is dead.. again.

The Citi American Airlines Executive card’s 100,000 AAdvantage mile signup bonus was the very best signup bonus out there ever since it appeared at the beginning of January.

And it topped my list of card offers that wouldn’t last. Indeed, it didn’t… for a short bit.

Two weeks ago the landing page for the offer disappeared but a direct application link still worked.

A couple of days ago it started working again but as of this writing it no longer is.

But questions remain:

  • Will it come back to life?
  • This offer is now my lost love. Will waiting for its return kill me?

In the meantime, that leaves the 75,000 mile offer for the card as the biggest one around.

Here are the other great credit card signup offers that will not last.

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