12 New Hyatt Promotions, See If You’re Eligible For Points, Free Nights And Suite Upgrades

There’s no current first quarter promotion from Hyatt that all members can take advantage of across their brands. However Hyatt is running a series of targeted promotions. You can check whether you’re eligible, and offers include free night certificates, suite upgrade awards, bonus points and triple points.

Links for the various offers for stays through March 19 helpfully compiled by Miles Earn and Burn:

– Category 1-4 certificate after two nights
– Category 1-4 certificate after three nights

– Suite upgrade award after five nights, and another after another five
– Suite upgrade award after ten qualifying nights, and another after another ten

– 3x points for every two night stay, max 30,000 points
– 3x points for every qualifying three night stay, max 30,000 points
– 2x points for every qualifying two night stay, max 30,000 points
– 2x points for every qualifying three night stay, max 30,000 points

– 2,000 bonus points every two nights, max 20,000 points
– 3,000 bonus points every three nights, max 15,000 points
– 5,000 bonus points every five nights, max 25,000 points
– 10,000 bonus points every ten nights, max 30,000 points

I’m not actually eligible for any of these. It seems that I give Hyatt too much business, and should probably give them less. They don’t feel the need to be generous with me. They’re probably trying to win back business from people that haven’t kept up.

Loyalty programs really don’t want to spend money marketing to people to earn business they are going to get anyway. That’s why they do targeted promotions. Another reason is to test different strategies. By giving people different offers they can see which offer performs better, moving the needle to earn more customer business. In my case Hyatt figures they’ve got me with their existing program, why give me even more points?

Ironically this principle is the opposite of how revenue-based programs award points as part of their base structure. Hotel programs are generally revenue-based for points-earning, and at least offer a revenue-based or partially revenue-based path towards elite status, while many airlines have gone to just measuring spend to earn status. That means giving points and status for business they’d earn anyway (for instance, because of a corporate contract or because of a monopoly on a non-stop route) rather than incentivizing greater wallet share, shifting business from one chain or airline to another.

Regardless, it takes a few moments, you might as well click links to the various promotions to see if you’ve been targeted and can earn more on any Hyatt stays you may have – or even may wind up falling into unexpectedly – and of course the odds are very low you’d remember to come back and check later.

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  1. Why cant they just post the promo to your account? I tried the first two and wasn’t eligible, not interested in the others.

  2. I got 2k points per night. I’m happy with that. We have a week stay in Hawaii coming up and this will be a nice bonus.

  3. I got the 2 Nights = 1 Night Cert for Cat 1-4. I’m considered a “natural Globalist” for 2+ years in that I got it with 60 nights (not the 30 x 2 Promotions etc), but actual Hyatt Stays this last year were closer to 15 nights and I believe all of them on points of free night Certificates. I have Personal and Business CC’s and hit the 15k/50k thresholds on each respectively.

    P2 got the 2x points after 3 nights. She has both CC’s as well but relatively limited spend (nowhere near either threshold) and only a handful of nights at Hyatt last year.

    Perhaps the targeting is either random or more linked to paid stays than your overall count of nights?

  4. Zip, Nadda, a big zero for moi. I might move my upcoming HR Mexico City to airbnb.

  5. Got the 10 nights for a suite award. With my travel patterns I’m not going to go out of my way for that. Award/5 nights would probably have hooked me.

  6. My mom got a double elite qualifying for each night stayed (has a Hyatt Visa, but doesn’t have any stays credited)

  7. Earn up to 40,000 points total. 5 nights = 5k, 10 nights = 6k, 15 nights = 7k, 20 nights = 10k and 25 nights = 12k. I would have rather been targeted for the double elite night credits followed by the category 1-4 certs.

  8. I used to have Hyatt and love it and put unfortunately due to the 5 24 rule I cannot get a hyatt card anymore?

    Any ideas on how to get back on their good graces and get the Hyatt personal card?

  9. Hey Gary, based on what I have seen, there appear to be 20+ various targeted promos (I’ve counted at least 23) so you may have been targeted for one of the ones not on your list.

    Earn 1,000 Bonus Points per qualifying night, up to 10 nights, for a total of 10K Bonus Points
    Earn 1,500 Bonus Points per qualifying night, up to 10 nights, for a total of 15,000 Bonus Points
    Earn 1,500 Bonus Points every two qualifying nights, up to 20 nights, for a total of 15,000 Bonus Points.

    Not sure if I can publish links here (so I won’t) but I’m happy to send them over if you want them (or you can check TFM)

  10. I got the offer shown here: https://world.hyatt.com/content/gp/en/targeted-offers/str90.html
    Max of 90k bonus points after 45 nights. 2k bonus points per night.

    This seems to be one of the most generous offers I’ve seen. I’m losing globalist for the first time in years at the end of February. This offer has me thinking of ways to do the cheapest possible mattress runs to get my status back.

    I could check for off-peak dates at Cat 1 hotels for 1.5k pts per night net, meaning 67.5k pts to manufacture 45 elite night credits. Or I could use what’s left of my Globalist status and corresponding MGM status to get as many $20-$30 nights at MGM properties racked up with the added benefit of the extra points. If only I could find a cheap way of doing it in only 1 or 2 stays. I don’t have the time to keep checking in to hotels over the next 2 months.

  11. @ Gary L
    This new Hyatt targeted business behavior which is CRAP is all imported from from the former Starwood regime.Have to assume its folks like Mark Vondrasek coming to Hyatt and bringing in the penny pinching Lacek Group consulting company that advised SPG for many years with heavy targeted marketing practices.The shift kind of started before the pandemic and only eased up during the pandemic when business slumped to new lows.
    One of the top 5 reasons I left SPG was over aggressive targeted marketing.
    Now they are acting exactly like Starwood SPG all over again.
    Hyatt has become more and more just like the others sadly.
    As a result I’ve cut my business with Hyatt dramatically after many years.

    Hyatt was a first class act years ago reasonably so up until Jeff Zidell departed.
    I didn’t always agree with everything Jeff did during his tenure but Hyatt has never been this crappy in its history.
    Where a room is 148 dollars a night plus tax at Centric Fisherman’s Wharf in SF yet to redeem points for a single night its now 23000 points off season.WTF??!!

    The seasonal pricing scheme was imported from SPG too and IMO has somewhat ruined the program to a fair degree.Hope it works well for them.No longer is Hyatt my go to travel partner.Greed did them in.I’m a full equal opportunity player now.

  12. Zero, zip, nada. I’ve stayed 1 night in 1 Hyatt hotel in the last 2 years. Is that too much activity to qualify?

  13. Data point: Zip-Zilch for me, as well. I’ve been Globalist for 7 of last 9 years, both organic and pandemic-lite. I”m currently in midst of Globalist challenge — the one that was offered to current G’s as well. I’m at 13 of the 20 nights needed by Feb 28. I’ve gotten about 12 nights via MGM since the tie-in started, the rest all Hyatt. I do not have the Hyatt CC (but I will get it once 5/24 eligible in April).

    I also tried the targeted offers listed in the comments. Would love to see Ziggy’s 23-and-counting list!

    Thanks to @dwondermeant for the sobering insider-baseball recap. I still feel well treated as a Globalist wherever I’ve gone over the past year — honoring published benefits sets Hyatt WAY apart from the others, IMO — but I’m with you on the incomprehensible, IHG-like award pricing.

  14. UPDATE: Went on over to Ziggy’s list, and on the 19th try, success. 10K points for each 5 nights, 50K max. That’ll work for me! Thanks to Ziggy and Gary for the legwork. ‘Ppreciate it!

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