12 Year Old Stole Mom’s Credit Card, Jetted Off to Bali

A 12 year old boy got into a fight with his mother. He didn’t just storm off into his room, or run away to a friend’s house. He “borrowed the family credit cards, tricked his nan into giving him his passport and booked himself a flight to Denpasar, Bali.”

He figured out that he could fly on multiple Australian airlines, alone, without a letter from mum and dad.

The only boxes he needed to tick was having a valid passport, and a student ID.

So, after telling his parents he was off to school, Drew packed up a backpack along with his scooter and took a train to the airport.

The boy used check-in kiosks, proceeded through security, and took a flight to Perth in Western Australia where he’d connect on another airline to Bali. When he didn’t make it to school, his mother reported him missing.

On arrival in Bali he “jumped on a Go Jek bike” to the hotel he booked, the All Seasons. Reportedly he got a “cheap deal” on the whole thing, which is admirable that he was concerned about cost when using stolen credit cards and angry at his parents.

He told hotel staff his sister would arrive after him, and he spent four days on holiday before his mother arrived to collect him.

Here’s what purports to be surveillance video of the whole thing:

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  1. Gary – when you write articles that analyze the industry or share an interesting travel opportunity, there’s nobody better. But when you share trash like this that belongs in the National Enquirer – which seems to be showing up more often lately (i.e. your articles about airplanes dropping poop in driveways, or having affairs in airport lounges, or bodily fluids in soap dispensers, or planes drawing penises in the sky), it makes me not want to read you anymore. It would be awesome if we knew that every headline of yours we click would be newsworthy, because so often you’re the very best 🙂

  2. I thought it was interesting and a far cry from most of the other bloggers that simply post “See Me”

    Good work Gary keep it up. Maybe another one “Millie the traveling Dog”

  3. Loved this one, Gary. And I sent a link to my daughter, who keeps posting on Facebook about how much backtalk she gets from my 9 year old and 20 month old grandsons, under the heading of “It could be worse…”. Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. Interesting that the kid could pull it off . And there was air travel involved so it qualifies as appropriate for an air travel blog .

  5. A kid who dreamed up and executed this excursion is not a rookie. I’m curious how the parents handled him once they found him. Relieved he was alive and safe? Furious at his antics? Impressed with his resourcefulness? All of the above? How close has he come to doing something this outrageous before?

  6. The title was pretty self-explanatory, so whoever doesn’t like the story can simply skip it, or click it.

    Keep these interesting stories coming! 🙂

  7. I love this story. As a mother it gives me heart palpatations but I think I would be secretly proud if one of my kids managed to pull this off!!

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