14 Year Old Girl Forced to Share Room With Strangers and the Country Anthony Bourdain Won’t Visit

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  1. Seems like the mother of the girl cheaped-out and didn’t pay for unaccompanied minor coverage. Then the worst happened and it ended up biting the daughter on the ass.

  2. Larry:
    You’ve got him confused with Donald Trump, who also might have grabbed the girl on the plane given the opportunity.

  3. Wait a second: this mother let her 14-year-old travel unaccompanied from Romania to the Budapest airport and is now complaining that her kid had to share a hotel room after her flight got cancelled?

    Um, OK.

    I just recently had to help some family members take public transport from Eger, Hungary to the Budapest airport (less than half the distance this girl travelled by herself, and no border crossing), and it was fairly complicated. This would be like putting your kid on a bus to the Port Authority terminal in NYC for their int’l flight out of JFK. If you were a foreigner and didn’t speak the language! So perhaps the mom shouldn’t be complaining to much about Air Canada.

  4. Air Canada has a long track record of leaving kids stranded and alone. The fact they got a child a room is actually odd. Normally they leave them in the airport as they can’t check into the room.

    AC is a good airline if you are flying business class or spend the extra and buy the “on your way” add on for actual customer service when things go IRROPS you are screwed.

    Good airline when things are operating normally, abysmal when things go wrong.

  5. iahphx, we have no idea what sort of conversation the mother and daughter may have had about the return to Saskatoon. She may have badgered her mother into letting her return alone. Have you had or do you have a teenage daughter?
    I wonder why the youngster was unable to change Canadian currency into forints or euros; perhaps the exchange office was closed.
    I also wonder why she didn’t text her mother the flight number, departure time and ETA of her replacement flight, especially since she texted her mother about the cancellation, etc. Perhaps because she’s a teenager?
    Finally, we don’t know about the girl’s conversation(s) with AC personnel. What did she say; how did she say it?

  6. Yes, the mom should have paid for minor status, but what airline puts minor girls in hotel rooms with strangers???? WTF is wrong with these airlines. Where is the common sense?? The “nice couple” that paid for her taxi – no one knows anything about them. The absolute worst could have happened and thankfully didn’t.

  7. @ Vazir Mukhtar — Yes, I have raised teenage daughters who were very well travelled, but there’s no way I’d ever put a 14-year-old on a bus from a foreign country to a major city in another country where they needed to connect to airport transport and then take an int’l flight. All while not speaking the local language! Just think of what could go wrong. Having to share a room with a nice couple after a flight cancellation would seem like one of the better misfortunes in such a scenario!

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