1500 American Miles for $30 in Restaurant Spend

Pizza in Motion details a new American AAdvantage mileage bonus for dining at participating restaurants.

Once upon a time it was Transmedia, and then iDine, and now Rewards Network, but I’m still stuck calling it iDine. You register a credit card with Rewards Network, linked to a particular co-branded frequent flyer program, and when you pay a bill at a participating restaurant with that credit card miles will post to your account.

Just signing up earns 1 mile per dollar in most programs, creating an online profile earns 3 miles, and dining 12 times in a year (becoming elite) with a single program means you’ll earn 5 miles per dollar.

The American program has a particularly good joining bonus currently — 1500 bonus miles after you sign up, create an online profile, and complete your first $30 dine within 30 days of joining. The offer should be valid through the end of the year.

You can also double dip with the get ahead bonus (registration required). If you spend $75 at program restaurants before March 31, 2012 and complete your dining reviews within 30 days dining you’ll then earn 2 bonus miles per dollar for each subsequent dollar spent at their restaurants through April 30 (provided that you review those dines as well).

It used to be that you could only go to a restaurant once in a month to earn miles, and anything after your first visit wouldn’t earn anything. Many restaurants now allow multiple visits to earn points, though some do not. It’s a legacy of this old restriction that i’m a member of most dining programs — I would sign up one card with one program, another card with another program, and that would allow me to earn miles multiple times a month at a single place.

But this legacy has paid off nicely, because each program runs their own bonuses all the time. I can get a bonus promotion, register for it, and take advantage of it — sometimes it makes the most sense to credit to US Airways, sometimes American, etc.

And don’t forget that multiple people can split a check and get multiple dining credits at a single meal.

Other programs have similar bonus offers as well, a good place to find these is Gary Steiger’s Free Frequent Flyer Miles website.

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  1. I don’t mind giving out some information but when it requires a phone number I’ll pass. I don’t need any more solicitations.

    1500 isn’t enough for me.

  2. I received the email and signed up after realizing that I’d be eating in one of their participating restaurants this weekend. The bonus makes it worthwhile, but the regular earn rate is too low to influence my restaurant selection. I wonder if it’s evem enough to make me check to see who’s participating! But by signing up, I figure I’ll get a few additioanal points “accidentally” when I happen to dine in one of their restaurants and put it on my main AMEX card.

  3. Hi Gary;

    Do you have different cards registered with different airlines? Otherwise, I’m not sure how you credit it with one vs. another.

  4. The title of this post should be edited. Shouldn’t it say 1500 miles for $30- new accounts… I was expecting some promo,that I had missed.

  5. I’ve been a member of many of these for years, and I can’t remember any of them ever calling me. If you don’t want to give your real number, make one up, or just use 555-1212.

  6. Gary mentioned that you can find the other programs on my website. They are in the Other Programs I Like > Dining section.

    I have never had a soliciting phone call from iDine.

  7. So here’s a way to make this deal sweeter. Why not sign up for all three programs: United, AA, Delta dining programs, and register the same card, say, the Chase Sapphire Card. United has a 50 spend minimum, AA has a 30 spend minimum, and Delta has a 75 spend minimum. If you, then, dine somewhere and put $75 on the Chase Sapphire card, wouldn’t you get 1000 miles from United, 1500 from AA, and 1500 from Delta? Seems like a deal that’s worth it.

  8. Unfortunately, the small city where I live only has three restaurants that participate, and all three suck. Wish I had better options!

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