1500 Free Points and Married Man Fakes Hijacking Threat to Avoid Taking Vacation With Online Girlfriend

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  1. Okay, the restroom thing — I’m not going to blame the airline _or_ the passenger. Nor will I blame the FAA as they do the most important job in flying which is to keep us safe. But, I would like to see an expert review of any evidence that emergency use of the bathroom during takeoff/landing is materially unsafe.

    Keyword being materially — I can buy that it’s not preferable to be using the bathroom at that time. But can we quantify the risk? Is this risk worth taking to allow emergency uses?

    It’s like when pilots ask FA to take jumpseats during turbulence and a passenger rings the call button, FAs will say, “the pilots have told us to be seated, but if this is an emergency, please ring again.”

  2. FYI, there are some much better links which more fully explain the Delta / restroom situation. It appears the aircraft was holding at #3 for over 30 minutes. Another source mentioned that during this scenario, when a passenger goes to the restroom while holding in the taxiway, the pilot can opt to exit the queue, turn around around and take a new place in line, and start the procedure all over again. In this case the pilot chose not to do so and instead returned to the gate.

  3. More authoritarian nonsense. If someone needs to go the restroom they should be warned if it’s unsafe and then not bothered if they choose that instead of going in their seat. The absolute absurdity of this is that if he went in the seat he would have been held harmless althoughly grossly embarrassed, while doing the right thing to risk his safety by using the restroom gave FA’s and apparently a pilot the chance to flex their authority.

    Please document all of these cases with video so those who want to be little dictators instead of use common sense are properly humiliated for life on the internet. In the worst case (which I have seen) where they threaten removal or arrest “if you say another word” they’ll not be able to show their face in public, similar to how any lawmaker in the modern nations would be if he voted to cut off 20+ million people’s health care resulting in immediate 50,000 deaths a year. This is how the modern generation gets even with auithoritarian corporations and lawmakers, expose them globally to where they are booed everywhere they go for life!

  4. Emergency use of the restroom. Give me a break . Let’s be honest here he either had too much water, soda, beer or coffee to drink. Or got to the airport late and was hurried to get on board and thought he was special. Not buying it. Anyone who has flown before knows the rules.

    They are in place for everyone’s safety and security. In this case I agree 100% with Delta. And trust me I have personal issues with them so there no bias on my part here.

  5. @idiot:break

    When someone says they have to go to the bathroom urgently, we take their word for it and don’t question them like some hick eyeing the revenuer wonderin what he’s up to. A huge number of men have BPI with frequent urination and not being able to hold it as common symptoms. I was once on a flight two days after bladder surgery with medical instructions that I could not hold anything at all. This is not your business at all so keep your nosey fat face out of it.

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